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Why 'A Domain of One's Own' Matters (For the Future of Knowledge)
Mike talks about the difference between what he describes as the “garden” and the “stream.” The stream are the other threats to the Web, I’d argue – these are Twitter and Facebook most obviously. The status updates and links that rush past us, often stripped of context and meaning and certainly stripping us of any opportunity for contemplation or reflection. The garden, on the other hand, encourages just that. It does so by design.

And that’s the Web. That’s your domain. You cultivate ideas there – quite carefully, no doubt, because others might pop by for a think. But also because it’s your space for a think.
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october 2018 by oddhack
Twitter hashtags are 10 years old - so here are 10 of the most popular - BBC Newsbeat
Before Twitter came along, no-one really knew what the point of the hash key was on the keyboard (except for maybe computer programmers). The social media network transformed its use, making it a way to tag tweets and the hashtag became a thing. Ten years on, the # symbol is used 125 million times on the platform each day.
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august 2017 by dk33per
What Happens Next Will Amaze You, by Maciej Cegłowski
> I refuse to believe that this cramped, stifling, stalkerish vision of the commercial Internet is the best we can do.

Stunning essay/talk by Maciej on the advertising bubble, the dangerous shortsightedness of VC culture, and robots.
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september 2015 by beep
Please Read The Comments
I admit it’s depressing for one who’s invested almost her entire career in online community to throw in the towel on it in this way. I want it to be better. But it’s just not. As a colleague once observed, “I just can’t take another letter from Angry Bad Divorce Guy.”

But that's so many pesky words, isn't it? TL;DR. Allow me to illustrate with a graph that your brain can absorb in milliseconds:
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july 2015 by umrain

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