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PLATFORM, 3 types of animations that improve UI (2017)
Animations that grab the user’s attention, animations to guide your users through your app and show them what to do, and, last but not least, the ones that are visually pleasing and cater for little sparks of delight.
animation  webdesign 
22 hours ago by emerysnyder
Scotch Egg Navigation - Andy Beaumont, 2017-03
With Scotch Egg Navigation, we allow the user to see all the options available at each level of the hierarchy.
patterns  webdesign  navigation  breadcrumbing 
22 hours ago by emerysnyder
The Myth of Invisible Design – Medium (nov. 2016)
Sometimes, making things invisible is downright harmful. Hiding information and controls — even when infrequently used—can be very disruptive.
design  interface  blackbox  users  userfriendliness  ux  webdesign 
23 hours ago by rachaelsullivan
Breaking Out With CSS Grid Layout
We design and develop responsive websites and progressive web apps.
css  grid  layout  webdesign  webdev  responsive 
yesterday by berberich
Designing The Perfect Feature Comparison Table
Let's design a perfect, accessible and helpful feature comparison table that would help customers find a good option and drive conversion.
ux  design  webdesign  webdev  frontend  smashingmag 
yesterday by davidgasperoni
Ben Kamens, Breaking down Amazon's mega dropdown
At every position of the cursor you can picture a triangle between the current mouse position and the upper and lower right corners of the dropdown menu. If the next mouse position is within that triangle, the user is probably moving their cursor into the currently displayed submenu. Amazon uses this for a nice effect. As long as the cursor stays within that blue triangle the current submenu will stay open. It doesn’t matter if the cursor hovers over “Appstore for Android” momentarily – the user is probably heading toward “Learn more about Cloud Drive.”
ux&usability  hacks  example  webdesign 
yesterday by sashabe

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