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WeWork refuses to close as coronavirus cases mount (, 3/23/2020)
The Architect's Newspaper is the most authoritative voice on architecture and design in the United States.
wework  coronavirus 
5 days ago by davidkoren
Hannah Mercer on the predatory culture surrounding investors waiting to pounce, compared to the supportive…
WeWork  from twitter_favs
20 days ago by freerange_inc
WeWork confirms under-fire Bjarke Ingels is no longer chief architect (Architects Journal, 1/29/2020)
Bjarke Ingels is no longer employed as chief architect for WeWork, the shared office space giant has revealed amid mounting criticism of the Danish architect
BIG  bjarkeingels  wework  jairbolsonaro 
20 days ago by davidkoren
WeWork Real Estate Exec Resigns, Says Lease Model 'Not The Right Alignment' (Bisnow, 3/3/2020)
Lawrence Gellerstedt helped WeWork ink more than 1.5M SF of deals in the Southeast during his tenure.
wework  leasemodel  realestate  operator  lawrencegellerstedt  coworking 
26 days ago by davidkoren
Rebekah Neumann's search for enlightenment fuelled WeWork's collapse • Bustle
Moe Tkacik:
<p>WeWork’s bailout by its largest investor, SoftBank, may permanently obscure the ugliest details behind its demise. But if the epidemic of self-delusion surrounding WeWork’s potential can be traced to anyone, it is Rebekah. Media accounts tended to depict Rebekah as a cartoon Yoko who brainwashed Adam into giving her titles like “strategic thought partner” and a staff she charged with such inane tasks as disassembling her phone, painting all the pieces white, and reassembling it again. But even though Rebekah’s name was absent from WeWork’s original literature — leading to accusations that the company rewrote its history to make her a co-founder — the business bore the hallmarks of her thirst for enlightenment and mystic milieu. It was Rebekah who, according to the couple’s own mythology, transformed Adam from a chain-smoking pretty boy with such profound dyslexia he could barely read his text messages into the shamanic figure who wooed so many overconfident white guys in Silicon Valley. Perhaps more importantly, a close friend says, it was she who at some point during the financial crisis of 2008-2009 — when other heiresses were plowing their money into gold, Caribbean tax shelters, battered too-big-to-fail bank stocks, industrial foreclosure flippers, and this new thing called Bitcoin — bet her own net worth on Adam.</p>

Yes, she is the sister of Gwyneth. It's the most amazing profile, but one has to feel that she provides the most amazing fuel for the fire. Tkacik did a great job finding the people to recount the stories.

BRB, just getting my telephone dismantled and the pieces painted white.
wework  paltrow 
27 days ago by charlesarthur
WeWork: how the ultimate unicorn lost its billions | Financial Times
“The difference between Elizabeth Holmes and Thomas Edison is the light bulb,” says Rayport....Lawyers agreed that SoftBank could oust Neumann as chief executive only if he committed a violent crime and was jailed in a common law jurisdiction.
5 weeks ago by yorksranter
Here's What To Expect At WeWork With Sandeep Mathrani In Charge (Bisnow, 2/9/2020)
All eyes are on what WeWork's incoming CEO can do to salvage coworking's largest operator from its near-collapse last year.
SandeepMathrani  WeWork  coworking  realestate 
7 weeks ago by davidkoren
WeWork is getting rid of free beer. How are WeWorkers taking it?
the kegs seemed very poorly maintained. It was always lukewarm and flat and possibly skunked
wework  beer  bubble2 
8 weeks ago by yorksranter

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