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2 days ago by grzbielok
How NowThis coordinated social media and field reporting to safely cover a week-long protest | Video
learned that you can't cover a protest by yourself – rumours ran high, and we had to make very quick decisions," she said.

Her team made sure to stay in groups of two or more. They didn't have press badges, so there was nothing to prevent them from being arrested, and for safety it was often necessary to have someone on the lookout while another was going live.

"We used WhatsApp to coordinate with each other and the publishing team – notifications let us answer questions easily and take direction from the newsroom, from speaking louder in the live streams to coordinating safety, telling each other where we were," she said.
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3 days ago by paulbradshaw
has discreetly confirmed that all your payment information, account number, UPI PIN will be shared with t…
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10 days ago by kamal

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