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Editor’s note: Mark Frankel, a social media editor at BBC News, recently finished a Knight Visiting Nieman Fellowship here at Harvard to study how journalists can best uncover and report on stories sourced from audiences on “dark social” apps, message boards, and other private, invitation-only platforms. What follows is an abridged version of a full report on his findings.

Colleagues of mine at BBC News, for example, have created closed Facebook groups around hyperlocal niche topics (such as on a campaign against tree-felling in Sheffield) and around much broader interest (for example, for people who use the U.K.’s National Health Service).
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3 days ago by paulbradshaw
What's Up with WhatsApp: The Widespread Use of WhatsApp in Political Campaigning in the Global South - Our Data Our Selves
This article reveals some of the many ways WhatsApp is being deployed as a major part of the political process in countries including Brazil, Colombia, Kenya and Malaysia.
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5 days ago by SimonHurtz
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RT : WhatsApp gets suspicious link detection to fight spam and dodgy websites by: Hadlee Simons
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6 days ago by ataliba
WhatsApp adds new broadcast-only mode for groups
Labels and managers have run WhatsApp mailing lists, which can be useful, but using the app’s ‘Groups’ feature has been trickier given the ability of any member of a group to post – and potentially clutter the conversation. Now there’s an option to avoid that. “Today, we’re launching a new group setting where only admins are able to send messages to a group,” announced WhatsApp yesterday.
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9 days ago by motiveunknown
GitHub - tgalal/yowsup: The python WhatsApp library
Yowsup is a Python library that enables you to build applications which use the WhatsApp service. Yowsup has been used to create two clients: 1) An unofficial WhatsApp client Nokia N9 through the Wazapp project which was in use by more than 200K users; 2) Another fully featured unofficial client for Blackberry 10.
--- for google messaanger
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9 days ago by Spark
RT : Important step to foster more research on an extremely under-researched platform: .
Why it matters: In 201…
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10 days ago by ckatzenbach
Horrified by terrible acts of violence, must work together: WhatsApp tells Modi government • The Wire
Anuj Srivas:
<p>In the past few months, a string of mob lynching incidents, allegedly prompted by rumours sent over WhatsApp, has turned the Centre’s attention to the issue of fake news and misinformation on the digital platform…

…On the issue of educating Indians on how to stay safe online, WhatsApp has promised the IT ministry that it plans on running “long-term public safety ad campaigns in India” and “news literacy workshops”.

“Already in India, the fact checking organization Boom Live is available on WhatsApp and has published numerous important reports on the source of the rumors that have contributed to the recent violence,” the letter notes.

“This kind of work gives everyone a better understanding of the problematic fake news circulating on WhatsApp, and how it relates to misinformation being shared on other platforms. In addition, it’s a helpful resource right within WhatsApp where people can get answers about content they’ve been sent. It’s why we’re looking at how best to ramp up these efforts in India going forward,” it added.

The company also points out that its ability to intervene heavily is limited because of the nature of the service’s end-to-end encryption. Also, the company insists that while WhatsApp messages can be “highly viral”, most Indians don’t use it to forward messages.

“Many people (nearly 25% in India) are not in a group; the majority of groups continue to be small (less than ten people); and nine in ten messages are still sent from just one person to another,” the letter states.</p>
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11 days ago by charlesarthur
What's Up with Whatsapp: The Widespread Use of WhatsApp in Political Campaigning in the Global South
If you're in the Global South, it's not news that WhatsApp plays a a massive role in the everyday online communications of users throughout Africa, Asia, and South America. As a key tool for both chatting with friends and accessing news, WhatsApp has naturally come to play an important role in election campaigns in these parts of the world. In a new report released today, Tactical Tech took a look at why WhatsApp is so popular in the first place, how the app is utilized (and shaping the process) in democratic campaigns in Brazil, Colombia, Kenya and Malaysia, and why it matters.

According to their research, Tactical Tech found that "information delivered via WhatsApp has greater impact than other platforms because it has more penetration and appears to come from a reliable – or known – source. Unlike having 5,000 friends on Facebook, many of whom you don’t know in person, WhatsApp messages come as personal, individual messages from specific contacts [Tactical Tech notes that WhatsApp groups are limited to 256 people max]...WhatsApp dominates in the Global South in part due to the fact that many countries in the region have limited internet access. Several factors play a part in this: many countries, for instance, face a lack of net neutrality, meaning that telecoms can block or slow down access to certain sites or platforms. In addition, users may have to pay high costs to access the internet, and a critical lack of infrastructure may mean that internet access simply isn't available. All these factors make WhatsApp a particularly effective and powerful tool for access and communication within those populations."

Tactical Tech says that "part 2" of their WhatsApp research, covering "the consequences of WhatsApp use in the Global South," will be released soon.
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12 days ago by dmcdev
WhatsApp groups can now be restricted so only admins can send messages | VentureBeat
- which could take out a lot of SMS gateway offerings for marketers, enterprises etc
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15 days ago by renaissancechambara

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