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As Facebook shows off its "election war room," a massive WhatsApp scandal hits Brazil • Buzzfeed News
Ryan Broderick in Sao Paolo:
<p>Brazil's biggest newspaper, Folha, released a bombshell report on Thursday that local marketing firms have been buying bundles of phone numbers and using them to mass-WhatsApp voters anti-leftist propaganda. The report was released the same day that WhatsApp's new CEO, Chris Daniels, published a piece in Folha, writing, "We have a responsibility to amplify the good and mitigate the bad."

Thursday morning, also, appears to have been the time when Facebook allowed access stories from American journalists such as CNN covering Facebook's new "election war room" to publish. The timing of the embargo — an agreement between news organizations to publish news provided by a source at the same time — the investigation by Folha, and Daniels' op-ed throw into question exactly how Facebook intends to monitor fake news and hyperpartisan misinformation, especially in a WhatsApp-dominated country like Brazil.

“We know when it comes to an [election], every moment counts,” said Samidh Chakrabarti, head of civic engagement at Facebook, who oversees the war room, told the Verge during their tour of the facility. “So if there are late-breaking issues we see on the platform, we need to be able to detect and respond to them in real time, as quickly as possible.”

Misinformation on WhatsApp has been a huge concern for Brazilian journalists and fact-checkers. About 40% of the country's 207 million people are using the app. Its messages are encrypted, which means it's virtually impossible to monitor exactly how political actors are using the app.</p>

The problem with WhatsApp is that it can spread information, and misinformation, virally, far faster than text messages could. It's like weaponised Ebola when it comes to viral spread.
facebook  democracy  whatsapp 
yesterday by charlesarthur
Twilio API for WhatsApp Pricing | Send messages, alerts and notifications on WhatsApp using Twilio WhatsApp Messaging API.
Send and receive WhatsApp messages globally with the Twilio API for WhatsApp to build apps for alerts and notifications, customer support, user verification and two factor authentication using your favorite programming language or directly through a simple REST API.
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yesterday by johnsdr
Brian Acton on leaving Facebook
WhatsApp founder talks about privacy, Facebook corporate stance
whatsapp  facebook  tootme  privacy 
7 days ago by nelson
How iCloud helped convict Paul Manafort
Paul Manaforts WhatsApp chats, which otherwise would’ve been encrypted, were easily attainable by FBI agents as part of his unencrypted iCloud backups.

Despite what Fox News says, Apple is required by law to hand unencrypted iCloud data over to law enforcements. Building a version of iOS with a backdoor in it is a totally different request.
icloud  apple  whatsapp  paul-manafort  fbi-vs-apple  mueller-investigation 
7 days ago by irace
This Election Offered A Window Into WhatsApp's Wild, Sometimes Fact-Free World
Benevenuto said that attempting to track misinformation on WhatsApp has been extremely hard, due to the social network's encryption, but he said the fake news his monitor collected became increasing politicized as the election drew closer.

Over the weekend, the monitor was able to record groups sharing the rumor that Bolsonaro supporters would be turned away from polling stations if they wore any merchandise supporting the candidate. On both Saturday and Sunday, several versions of the rumor were among the top five most shared posts across the 350 public groups.
whatsapp  fakenews  Research  brazil  elections  t 
9 days ago by paulbradshaw
Attackers use voicemail hack to steal WhatsApp accounts – Naked Security
WhatsApp then offers to call the victim’s number with an automated phone message reading out the code. Because the victim is not accepting calls, the automated message is left as a voicemail.

The attacker then exploits a security flaw on many carrier networks, which provide generic telephone numbers that users can call to access voicemail. The only credential required to hear the voicemail is a four-digit PIN, and many carriers set this by default to something simple like 0000 or 1234. These default passwords are easily discovered onlin
voicemail  1918  whatsapp  security 
11 days ago by yorksranter

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