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Identifies dots per inch (dpi) awareness values. DPI awareness indicates how much scaling work an application performs for DPI versus how much is done by the system.
windows  graphics  programming 
2 hours ago by insertrealname
block facebook
A Powershell script that adds Rules to your Windows Firewall to block all facebook ip´s. All ip's from facebook listed here are added to an Inbound and Outbound rule and will be blocked.
All IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges included.
automation  windows  network  facebook  block 
4 hours ago by mikael
Pritunl Client - Open Source OpenVPN Client
Free open source cross platform OpenVPN client.
openvpn  client  windows 
7 hours ago by sphere2k
Transfer Windows License
Instructions on how to transfer a Windows license to a new computer.
technology  computer  windows 
9 hours ago by kizilbash
Grids for Instagram desktop app arrives on Windows
Instagram does facilitate a utilitarian sort of desktop interaction, but a very handsome app called Grids came along for the Mac a few months ago that made viewing Instagram a whole lot more pleasurable. Now, PC users can share in the delightful experience, as Grids has now launched a version of the same app for Windows.
windows  macos  software  photography 
11 hours ago by andyhuey
Windows absichern | c't | Heise Magazine
Mit Bord­mit­teln zum si­che­ren Rech­ner
Wer sei­nen Win­dows-PC vor di­gi­ta­len Be­dro­hun­gen schüt­zen möch­te, kann be­lie­big viel Geld in­ves­tie­ren, etwa in Vi­ren­scan­ner, Fire­wall, Ver­schlüs­se­lungs­soft­ware und so wei­ter. Doch not­wen­dig ist das nicht: Alles, was man an Schutz be­nö­tigt, hat Win­dows 10 in­zwi­schen an Bord.
heise  ct  windows  tips  security  howto  administration 
14 hours ago by torben
Welche Reparaturfunktionen Windows von Haus aus mitbringt | c't | Heise Magazine
Wenn Win­dows klemmt, will man nicht müh­sam nach den Ur­sa­chen for­schen, son­dern es soll ein­fach wie­der gehen – eine schnel­le Lö­sung ist ge­fragt. Genau dafür ent­hält Win­dows et­li­che Me­cha­nis­men, die mit we­ni­gen Klicks die häu­figs­ten Pro­ble­me zu­ver­läs­sig be­sei­ti­gen.
heise  ct  windows  tips  administration  debugging 
14 hours ago by torben
Volatility Workbench - A GUI for Volatility memory forensics
Volatility Workbench is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the Volatility tool. Volatility is a command line memory analysis and forensics tool for extracting artifacts from memory dumps. Volatility Workbench is free, open source and runs in Windows. It provides a number of advantages over the command line version
volatility  dfir  windows 
20 hours ago by whip_lash

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