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Paul Lato Wines - Syrah & Grenache Newsletter
This wine while youthful and exuberant, will continue to evolve into something even more stunning over the next decade.
Cellar potential 10+ years.
wine  lato  purchased 
5 days ago by markphilly
Oak Barrel Care Guide | MoreWine
tl;dr: store 1g citric acid 2g K-meta/liter of liquid

~50g citric acid/100g K-Meta
beer  brewing  barrel  sulfite  wine 
11 days ago by thcipriani
How a California cult created one of the country’s great wineries — and then lost it - San Francisco Chronicle
That is Apollo, the world headquarters of the Fellowship of Friends — legally classified as a religious group, known to many as a doomsday cult. Apollo is the sanctuary where, since 1970, the Fellowship’s members have sought enlightenment through the fine arts: ballet, opera, painting. And wine.
wine  cult  weirdness  ballet 
11 days ago by yorksranter
All About The Vendemmia- The Harvest of the Grapes
September is the month of the Tuscan vendemmia, or the harvest of the grapes. Learn more about the great hundred-year-old tradition that is the first step to producing their world-famous wine.
grapes  wine  italy 
12 days ago by Adventure_Web

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