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Many thanks for the support & joining us on the journey to create eto.
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2 days ago by TomRaftery
Sextant Wines | Estate Winery & Tasting Room
I really enjoyed the 2015 Pinot Noir Paul Brallier brought us when he visited. Where can I get more?
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5 days ago by JJLDickinson
Restaurants Downsize Wine Lists to Make Best Price, Variety - Bloomberg
Last year, for the first time, the annual World of Fine Wine restaurant wine list awards included a category of “micro” lists.

“They’re a worldwide phenomenon,” says super-sommelier Rajat Parr, who’s spent the last six years traveling to co-write his new book A Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste. He recently designed a 75-item wine list for San Francisco’s just-opened Trailblazer Tavern, a Hawaiian comfort food haven and part of the Mina Group.

The shorter-is-better trend is also a huge boon for drinkers. Micro lists are less intimidating and easier to navigate, for sure. Also, there’s no room for error. “The micro list should exist just like a best hits playlist, with every option the best of its kind for value,” says Brandon Borcoman of New York’s Charlie Bird, the competition’s North American winner.

As with any new trend, its parameters are still being set, and the exact definition of a micro list is debatable. It’s short, yes, but no one agrees on what the maximum number of selections or pages should be. Master sommelier Matt Stamp of Napa’s Compline has a rule of thumb: “It’s a list on one page, with type in a font I can read!”
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11 days ago by toddmundt
How South Africa gave chenin blanc a good name
South Africa has always produced more white wine than red, and chenin has been the Cape Winelands’ calling card since the days when it was known as steen...ranging from the crispest, most chablis-like young whites to luxuriant wines you could compare to a meursault.Chenin is also at the heart of the so-called Cape White blends, which are arguably the country’s most exciting wines. Typically, chenin will make up the majority of the blend, but other grapes such as chardonnay, semillon, viognier and verdelho may be included, too.
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11 days ago by thomas.kochi

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