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BitChute -- Turd Flinging Monkey: News: Hypergamy Officially Confirmed (Morning Constitutional)
New York Post: Don’t ditch a potential husband over his income -- 'There’s some irony that in our “girl power” moment, women still want men who earn more money, and have more education, than they do. -- ... But women who don’t see a man as marriage material because of his income are seeing it wrong. Marriage is a stabilizing force, and married men are the highest-earning group of adults — more than single men, more than anyone. -- With good reason. A married man has something to work for in a way one who’s single does not. Add children to the mix, and guys will find hungry mouths to feed to be a big motivator to earn.'
men  sacrifice  women  hypergamy 
4 hours ago by adamcrowe
RT : 440 pairs of women's shoes were hung on one of the city walls in . This is the number of
Istanbul  women  murdered  from twitter
10 hours ago by nicferrier
AMY ANNELLE | ENTER, stranger, and hear the haunts of nature | The Great Unveiling : wild geese from the west
"The Evil Devil Blues" by Johnny Temple (1935), adapted by Amy Annelle
Johnny Temple's "The Evil Devil Blues" was his adaption of Skip James' "Devil Got my Woman"
I'd rather be dead and in my lonesome tomb, lonesome tomb to hear another woman, some woman done taken my room, take my room I'd rather be with the devil than be with man, with that man even when I love thee, man I love, the man I love, he don't pay me no mind, me no mind so I packed my things, goin' further down the line, down the line angel last night I, down last night, I laid down last night and I tried to take my rest, take my rest oh, I'm got to ramblin, like the wild geese from the west, from the west see, there was evil, changed my baby's mind, baby's mind if I'll be your woman, be your woman, if I'll be your woman, I tell you what you will do, you will do you'll cut my kindlin', you will steel my plow, steel my plow You tote my water from the boggy bough, boggy bough angel last night, down last night, I laid down last night and tried to take my rest said "get to ramblin like the wild geese from the west, from the west" who'll cut my kindlin', who will steel my plow? who'll tote my water from the boggy bough?
music  blues  women  lyrics  2010s  cover  songs 
10 hours ago by rgl7194
The Rising U.S. Maternal Mortality Rate Demands Action from Employers
"The business community has a unique opportunity to leverage its health care purchasing power to improve maternity care"
health  healthcare  post  women 
19 hours ago by kwon
Melinda Gates: What she's learned - CSMonitor Sep 2019
In her work overseeing one of the world’s most influential philanthropic organizations, Melinda Gates has discovered what she considers a fundamental truth about development work: empowering women is the key to uplifting humanity.
philanthropy  feminism  poverty  women  CSMonitor  people  profile 
20 hours ago by pierredv
Designing women: Profiles — Page 5
Type + Color + Image. Done so well. Thanks, Korina.
design  women  black  red  grid 
21 hours ago by djtrischler

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