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WooCommerce Stock Synchronization -
A great solution for multisite WooCommerce sites or seperate WooCommerce sites.
woocommerce  plugin  multisite  wordpress 
8 hours ago by Baardbaard
Meow Analytics
Meow Analytics is very light and only adds the Google Analytics code to your website. That’s it! If you are tired all those Google Analytics related plugins trying to do too much and forcing you to subscribe to something you do not want, you will love it. Meow Analytics can display some of your analytics data as well. In this case, this access will be only between your WordPress and Google Analytics.
9 hours ago by matthewmcvickar
Quick question - I'm exporting posts in a specific category, and it's not including any subcategories. I…
WordPress  from twitter
15 hours ago by bdusablon

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