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California bans salary history requirements | MetaFilter
"The new law, banning employers from asking about salary history, goes into effect Jan 1, 2018. AB 168 also requires employers to provide the pay scale on request - no more, "tell us what you made before, and we'll tell you if you might be a candidate for the position.’"
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yesterday by handcoding
How's My SSL?
Check out the sections below for information about the SSL/TLS client you used to render this page.
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yesterday by ahall
Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe from Your Yard Work
While there’s nothing wrong with Fido taking a nap in the garden while you’re pruning, lawn care tasks like fertilizing can be a little risky with pets around.
yard  work  landscaping  maintenance 
yesterday by Adventure_Web
Le “citizen developer” : quelle est sa place dans l’entreprise actuelle ?
Dans une époque dominée par la transformation digitale et l’agilité, la réponse apportée aux équipes en matière d’application est devenue un vrai casse-tête pour de nombreuses entreprises ou start-up.
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yesterday by Gwendoux
Feminism and the refusal of work: an interview with Kathi Weeks – Political Critique
the refusal of work is directed against the system of (re)production organized around, but not limited to, the wage system. There are three points worth emphasizing here. One is that the refusal is directed not to this or to that job, but to the larger system of economic cooperation that is designed to produce capital accumulation for the few and waged work that is supposed to support the rest of us. Second, this notion of refusal doesn’t privilege any one specific form of response, like the work stoppage, but rather designates an aspiration to mount a radical critique of work that could be inclusive of a much longer list of possible stances and actions. Finally, I would also describe the refusal of work as a collective political project over time instead of an individual ethical mandate. The goal is to transform the institutions and ideologies that tether us to the existing world of work, waged and unwaged, which requires the political organization of collectivities. Most individuals as such are not able to simply walk away from employment, so that is not what we are talking about.
work  labour  anti-work  refusalOfWork  autonomism  feminism  UniversalBasicIncome  precarity  exploitation  interview  dctagged  dc:contributor=WeeksKathi  economics 
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