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TechCrunch -- To fight the scourge of open offices, ROOM sells rooms
'...The importance of privacy goes beyond improved productivity when workers are alone. If they’re exhausted from overstimulation in a chaotic open office, they’ll have less energy for purposeful collaboration when the time comes. The bustle could also make them reluctant to socialize in off-hours, which could lead them to burn out and change jobs faster. Tech companies in particular are in a constant war for talent, and ROOM Ones could be perceived as a bigger perk than free snacks or a ping-pong table that only makes the office louder. -- “I don’t think the solution is to go back to a world of cubicles and corner offices,” Meisner-Jensen concludes. It could take another decade for office architects to correct the overenthusiasm for open offices despite the research suggesting their harm. For now, ROOM’s co-founder is concentrating on “solving the issue of noise at scale” by asking, “How do we make the current workspaces work in the best way possible?”'
work  solitude  architecture 
3 hours ago by adamcrowe
The $1000 Genome - A Computational Perspective
I haven't written a lot of domain-specific posts, but some recent news in genomics got me thinking about how high-performance and data-inten...
work  ngs  it  storage  wgs 
11 hours ago by fiamh
BBR, the new kid on the TCP block
A look at Google's delay-controlled TCP flow control algorithm, called BBR.
networking  tcpip  work 
20 hours ago by ahall
What I have learned from eight years of being a remote developer - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
What I have learned from eight years of being a remote developer
{ author: @ivancrneto }
career  development  remote  work 
22 hours ago by tamouse
Mock Http And Files access Javascript unit testing and refactoring
We've all encountered at some point code that needs to do some API calls or read from the file system. It's a super bad idea to actually let the code make the real http requests or read from the file system during unit test. Let's see why and how we can get around these kind of issues.

Mock xmlhttprequest with jest
testing  work  javascript 
yesterday by bfulop

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