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Fredric Jameson: Future City. New Left Review 21, May-June 2003.
After the dilapidation of urban modernism, what kinds of city and what forms of architecture await us? The author of The Seeds of Time considers their flowers in the dizzying work of Rem Koolhaas, the mega-developments of the Pearl River Delta and the conceptualization of ‘Junkspace’. Breaking back into history with a battering-ram of the postmodern?
cities  worldbuilding  capitalism  economics  criticism 
yesterday by basemaly
NPC Generation v 0.5 - For the Amar RPG
The tools above will only make sense to you if you know what roleplaying games (RPGs) are. It is a usefull asset to the Amar RPG.
roleplaying  games  fantasy  worldbuilding  generator 
7 days ago by basemaly
interfluidity » Authority
Descriptions of hard and soft power as means of coordinating human behavior. A compelling perspective.
society  culture  authority  philosophy  ethics  worldbuilding 
8 days ago by dogrover
Discover Fascinating Vintage Maps From National Geographic's Archives
More than 6,000 maps from the magazine's 130-year-long history have been digitally compiled for the first time.
maps  resources  worldbuilding 
15 days ago by basemaly
List of fantasy worldbuilding books
A list of nonfiction books relevant to thinking about fantasy worldbuilding.
writing  fantasy  worldbuilding  twitter 
18 days ago by papatangosierra

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