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Donna Steiner - Seeing as trespass
Before I put my loupe away, I follow a brief ritual; I polish the lens and clean the body. I wipe fingerprints from the metal, fold the two halves one inside the other, set the loupe in its leather case and snap the buckle. I can’t help but notice that it’s a hard devise, all metal and glass; there’s no give, no suppleness to it at all. Even the leather case is sturdy. This will sound sexual rather than intellectual, but maybe it takes a certain hardness to probe what is soft. Maybe that’s just arbitrary – I don’t know. But it’s not difficult to see why the act of looking, of gazing, has metaphorically been compared to rape. No permission is granted; none, in fact, is asked. All of this looking I do – along with its corollary, writing – is an odd privilege. I do it, in part, because I can. And because I can, in a sense, trespass – look where I please, write what I please – my attendant thankfulness can feel paltry.

A teacher once said, to a room full of nonfiction writers, that other people sacrifice their lives for us – our friends, families, lovers, acquaintances, students – they live, they work and love, they mind their own business – and we steal their stories. I’d expand that list to include animals, flora, the whole natural world… For this essay alone, I’ve used a half-dozen plucked flowers, the treasured story of a good friend, the very bones of creatures. Am I a thief, have I committed a criminal aesthetic act, stolen what is not mine? Or do I simply want to share what I see? Look look look look look – and once you do, you might be in it as deeply as I am. The reader is the willing accomplice to the writer.
[I think we have to have a theology of subcreation to get around this. If we are image-bearers of an endlessly creative God, we honor things by examining and describing and creating them. We're just reshufflers, but our touch can be holy.]
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21 hours ago by xianoforange
The LaTeX fetish (Or: Don’t write in LaTeX! It’s just for typesetting) – Daniel Allington
Nails how awful LaTeX is as a source/writing format, proceeds to advocate LibreOffice or Markdown as preferable, which, ok...
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23 hours ago by joeld
Search Engine Optimization: The Essentials
Search engine optimization gets your company noticed!
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Is this my interface or yours? – John Saito – Medium
Remember back in the day when Windows had a My Computer icon? It was a glorious little icon that represented all the stuff you had on your computer—all your programs, all your work, all the digital…
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A Learning Secret: Don’t Take Notes with a Laptop - Scientific American
ps to access lecture outlines and notes that have been posted by professors before clas
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