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You have… no idea how much this post made me go oO. As a French, I was taught cursive from first grade onwards. I had tests to make sure my lower cases p/g/y/z/q etc went low enough under the line.

I went on to freak out at @shadow-spires to have an explanation and the fact that it’s not much/not at all taught anymore in the States… the Skype convo is a proof of how much I do not compute this.

From a practical point of view, in this technology filled area, I can get it but… it’s such a DEEP part of my culture, of my everyday life… I’ve wrote motivational letters for jobs in cursive. I write to my friends and family from my vacations in cursive. Every letter of thanks is in cursive. Every single essay I’ve ever handed in has been in cursive and was given back commented and graded in cursive.
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Martin Amis, Style Supremacist | The New Yorker
is Martin Amis good or a dipshit? For all of my reading life I'm yet to be able to resolve this question. More information required. [edit: I am increasingly convinced that Martin Amis is a knight of the latter court.]
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