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xkcd: 10 Questions with Randall Munroe |
Some of the xkcd comics aren’t just funny and interesting; they’re very moving. They deal with deep themes like time and death. Do you think of xkcd as art?
art  interview  xkcd 
20 hours ago by jchris
xkcd: Bad Code
"it just looks bad because it's a spreadsheet formula"
code  xkcd  weekly 
8 days ago by twwoodward
xkcd: Hyphen
"Man, that's a sweet ass-car"
xkcd  humor  comics 
10 days ago by PCjabber
xkcd: The Difference
Normal people vs scientists

-- Alt text --
How could you choose avoiding a little pain over understanding a magic lightning machine?
xkcd  humor  comics 
11 days ago by PCjabber
XKPasswd - Secure Memorable Passwords
password  generator  xkcd  service  online  free  security  useful 
12 days ago by taffit

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