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Converse.js: An XMPP chat client which can be integrated into any website
javascript  library  chat  xmpp  jabber  opensource  web  client 
4 days ago by e2b
Opkode - Blog

For the last few years I've been working in my spare time on making a JavaScript XMPP chat client, called converse.js.

Originally the idea was to make a Gtalk like chat client that you integrate in your website, and it can still be used like that.
chat  slack  opensource  federation  XMPP  Javascript 
6 days ago by euler
Slack's bait and switch
We all know the real reason Slack has closed off their gateways. Their business model dictates that they should. Slack's business model is to record everything said in a workspace and then to sell you access to their record of your conversations. They're a typical walled garden, information silo or Siren Server. So they have to close everything off, to make sure that people can't extract their conversations out of the silo. We saw it with Google, who built Gtalk on XMPP and even federated with other XMPP servers, only to later stop federation and XMPP support in favour of trying to herd the digital cattle into the Google+ enclosure. Facebook, who also built their chat app on XMPP at first allowed 3rd party XMPP clients to connect and then later dropped interoperability.

Twitter, although not using or supporting XMPP, had a vibrant 3rd party client ecosystem which they killed off once they felt big enough. Slack, like so many others before them, pretend to care about interoperability, opening up just so slightly, so that they can lure in people with the promise of "openness", before eventually closing the gate once they've achieved sufficient size and lock-in.
chat  irc  xmpp  standards  instant-messaging  blog-posts  business 
6 days ago by mikael
Tell HN: Slack decides to close down IRC and XMPP gateways | Hacker News

Why isn't there a public blog post about this? Why is the "more information" page behind an auth wall?
slack  protocol  evil  history  irc  xmpp 
11 days ago by WimLeers
Dino - Communicating happiness
Dino is a modern open-source chat client for the desktop. It focuses on providing a clean and reliable Jabber/XMPP experience while having your privacy in mind.
linux  app  chat  xmpp  jabber 
25 days ago by e2b
How not to replace email
Argues for federation and collaboration technologies, but that they be developed to interoperate easily and not rely on sudden total adoption. Adoption paths are so important!
adoption  federation  email  googlewave  xmpp  protocol  standards  software  via:mastodon 
29 days ago by npdoty

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