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Yoga for friends on Vimeo
This is "Yoga for friends" by Susanne Minke on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
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Yoga for Everyone: A Beginner's Guide - Well Guides - The New York Times
It’s time to roll out your yoga mat and discover the combination of physical and mental exercises that for thousands of years have hooked yoga practitioners around the globe. The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to reap the benefits. Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Don’t be intimidated by yoga terminology, fancy yoga studios and complicated poses. Yoga is for everyone.
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Lezioni di Yoga online | Fai Yoga dove vuoi, quando vuoi!
Lezioni Yoga on line, corsi e programmi per la tua pratica quotidiana: Scegli una lezione, srotola il tappetino... e inizia a praticare.
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Ashtanga Yoga—Accountability, Acceptance and Action in the Arena of Sexual Appropriateness and Hands-On Assists by Kino MacGregor | Kino MacGregor - Online Yoga Classes, Author, Yogi, Ashtanga Teacher
As a lifelong student of Ashtanga Yoga I leave this process more committed than ever to the system of Ashtanga Yoga and to the daily devotional practice of asana six days a week grounded in the principles of the yamas and niyamas. My heart will have to grow big enough to hold the paradox of remaining forever faithful to the Ashtanga Yoga method, working to heal the negative effects of some of KPJ’s actions and effecting positive change both in the world at large and in the Ashtanga Yoga community that is my yoga home. After speaking with the highly trained professionals in the field of rape and trauma therapy, I’ve compiled four constructive pillars to effect change in the yoga world and it is my hope that the Ashtanga Yoga community becomes a leader in this reformation. This is the beginning, not the end of the dialogue:

1. Listening— Deeply and honestly listening to the hurt and/or individuals is vital. The ability to acknowledge any wrong-doing or harm that was experienced while providing a stable base within the community is crucial. We must create a safe space where victims of abuse feel supported in sharing their experiences while at the same time we bring our attention to constructive actions for positive change that can be implemented. I’m not sure what the best forum for this is and I wonder if it could it be online, at a yearly gathering of students at KPJAYI in India or something else entirely? I propose that we set up a yoga hotline where victims of sexual assault can report abuse and get the tools needed to heal and potentially pursue legal action if they choose to do so.

2. Responsibility and Accountability—There must be full transparency from the top where leaders take responsibility for mistakes made. The effort to acknowledge mistakes should ideally be done with measure and balance to both account for harmful actions and refrain from engaging in an implosion of self-punitive hate. In other words, we must be absolutely clear about what happened, one’s own role in it if any, while walking a fine line that does not employ a scorched-Earth paradigm of destruction. The focus must remain on the members who were hurt in the past or might still feel hurt and instituting remedies to safeguard against those same mistakes ever happening again.

As my experience shows, Yoga Alliance is a flawed forum for accountability in the yoga world. Perhaps the online community itself can provide a much-needed structure, or perhaps it is time for an alternate governing body to be founded in the yoga world with community, responsibility and accountability structures put in place from the start.

One thing that I’m certain of is that having white men at the center of a support system for abuse perpetrated upon women feels entirely flawed.

3. Action— Taking definite and concrete action to correct the problem is a must within an organization. Ashtanga Yoga has both a structure and a community centered around the Institute in Mysore. I find it unrealistic that without some accountability structures, whether through online community forums or a governing body that upholds moral and ethical standards, teachers (or human beings in general) will self-regulate. It could be argued that there is a necessary consequence that must be acted out in order for justice to be served and a governing body would need to execute that judgement. In the United States we have due process of law for exactly this reason. In spheres of influence that choose to enforce punishment outside a court of law, action taken by organizations could result in the firing of people who made the mistakes or in other forms of punitive measures. In our case KPJ has passed, so his behavior is now history and he cannot be “fired” even retroactively. However, those individuals who feel strongly about KPJ’s behavior and continue to teach under his name may find themselves in a difficult situation. Some restorative actions include referring to KPJ as KPJ instead of KPJ , removing potentially triggering photos of KPJ from practice and sharing and discussing openly the stories of victims. Along these lines, let me absolutely clear—I formally denounce the behavior described in vivid detail by the many women who have bravely come forward with their stories as inappropriate and out of alignment with what I believe yoga or basic human decency to stand for. Touching of genitalia and dry-humping has no place in the safe space of the Yoga Shala. Once we get clear on the mistakes of the past, perhaps we can work to create a new culture around Ashtanga Yoga now lead by R. Sharath Jois and work together to ensure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated.

4. Acceptance—For some this may mean living with a paradox. Many of KPJ’s students, myself included, may need to accept the fact that not everyone benefitted from KPJ the way that they did and that in fact many were hurt and traumatized by his actions. Some of those negatively effected in a direct and personal way may decide to change their path or loose faith in yoga in general. It is crucial that these individuals are not judged, but instead offered healing and love. For those who stay, we must recommit ourselves to the eternal and arduous process of reform and evolution.

I always say that when we practice yoga we have the possibility to change our world. This, in my opinion, is a case in point. By practicing yoga you have the ability to take a stand for the type of yoga world you want to live in. If there are an abundance of sexual assault stories in the yoga world, I am sorry to say that it is because there are an abundance of sexual assault stories in the world at large. Yoga exists within the larger societal context in which it operates. While we strive to be better and evolve, it would be naive to assume that yoga operates from entirely different standards than society. This is not an excuse but rather a call to even more sweeping action. Until we address the systemic issues in our society which perpetuate abuse and violence no real permanent change will happen. We will, in essence, chop off the head of one monster only to have it replaced by another. But if we support reform and change from within the systems that we play an active role in, we can create small incremental change in organizations and cultures that are receptive and open to healing and change. It is my belief and experience that the Ashtanga Yoga world is one such organization and culture, which is both open and receptive to change and evolution. Carrying the baton of Ashtanga Yoga in the world means embodying the eight limbs and living with as much moral and ethical integrity as possible. To be a yogi means to be a force of healing in the world and right now that healing must be focused within our own community. If we move forward with both intelligence and sensitivity we will be a model for yogis in the future.

Note: Feel welcome to share this article in its entirety. No excerpts given, no quotes taken or permissible to use without my full consent. If you’d like to publish an excerpt of this article please contact me via email.
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I had a fab personal practice this morning. is a personal thing and we start where we are, with what w…
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5 days ago by stuartberry1 The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling (8601300326580): Cope, Stephen: Books The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling (8601300326580): Cope, Stephen: Books
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6 days ago by exhirschi Yoga and the Quest for the True Self (9780553378351): Cope, Stephen: Books Yoga and the Quest for the True Self (9780553378351): Cope, Stephen: Books
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Yoga by Monica Filip - Home
Yoga by Monica Filip, Bucharest, Romania. 2.1K likes. Profesor de Yoga acreditat US Yoga Alliance�Profesor de Yoga acreditat pentru copii
Profesor yoga...
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