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I’m very excited to join the launch event for Strategy on Monday! See you there 🙋🏻‍♀️🌍✨…
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4 days ago by edsonm
We have challenged game Dev students to pitch. It is about to start :)

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18 days ago by lisov
Engaging with the YouTube Generation - Young Cultural Journeys Report 2018 - Museums + Heritage Advisor
YouTube was the most referenced platform in the qualitative elements of our recently published research. It came in third place across the quantitative, behind Snapchat and Instagram.  As Snapchat is a peer to peer messaging platform, contact might feel unprofessional and inefficient due to the short lifespan of the content. Instagram can bridge the gap between quick and friendly follower engagement but was less accessed by those in disadvantaged areas. YouTube is universal. In our research, YouTube was the most popular platform for 58% of 10-11 year olds.
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18 days ago by stacker
Young People’s Cultural Journeys Arts Connect June 2018
This report shares rich and robust insight into the lives of digitally native young people, their journeys and attitudes to arts and culture – as they define it – and its place in their lives.
Commissioned by Arts Connect,
the Bridge Organisation for
West Midlands, the research was undertaken by Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, the largest cultural strategy agency in the UK, and one of the UK’s most creative, participatory arts organisation, We are Frilly.
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18 days ago by stacker
Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media
Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media

“Still, refuseniks such as Johnson may not be outliers for ever. In a world in which everyone is online, renouncing social media is a renegade, countercultural move: as quietly punk as shaving your head or fastening your clothes with safety-pins. Morgan has become a svengali for classmates wanting to escape. “My friends come to me and say: ‘Tyreke, I don’t have social media any more,’ and I go: ‘Why? I thought that’s what you guys do.’ And they say: ‘Thanks to you, because of the things you said and the stuff you’re doing.’ It’s quite cool.””

“Teenagers not ready to quit entirely are stepping back for a while. Dr Amanda Lenhart, who researches young people’s online lives, conducted a survey of US teenagers, asking them about taking time off social media. “We found that 58% of teenagers said they had taken at least one break from at least one social media platform. The most common reason? It was getting in the way of schoolwork or jobs, with more than a third of respondents citing this as their primary reason for leaving social media. Other reasons included feeling tired of the conflict or drama they could see unfolding among their peer group online, and feeling oppressed too by the constant firehose of information.””
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22 days ago by craigryan
Keire Johnson en Instagram: “Shout out @finhan_ for making this after watching Minding the Gap! What I take from this piece (personally) : The paper bag over the…”
"Shout out @finhan_ for making this after watching Minding the Gap!
What I take from this piece (personally) : The paper bag over the skater's face to me represents how skateboarding suppresses all the negative emotions you can feel growing up and acts almost as a cloak of some sort.

When you take the bag off after skating, all of the bullshit comes back to you. Skateboarding cures heartache however it has limited powers. It can't cure everything.

That's where other creative outlets come in.
Music, art, dance, writing, and ect.
I am luck enough to have multiple outlets but I recommend finding a creative outlet that works for you. It's good for you.
Thanks again @finhan_"
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23 days ago by robertogreco

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