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Aeotec Z-wave stick Gen5 on Synology installation - Configuration / Z-Wave - Home Assistant Community
Thank guys!! Problem solved!!. And I didn’t have to launch another container because when stopped you can access to ‘edit’ and change privileges to high and that did the trick!! My zwave stick is now up and running. Thank you marthocoo, squirtbrnr and tinkerer even if I thought it was permissions related, I could have been DAYS to solve it, appreciate it sincerely!.
Z-Wave  Aeonlabs  domotica  Synology  NAS 
20 days ago by dominomaster
(83) NEW Inovelli Next Gen Z-Wave Plus S2 In Wall Smart Switch in SmartThings and Hubitat Elevation - YouTube
EW Inovelli Next Gen Z-Wave Plus S2 In Wall Smart Switch in SmartThings and Hubitat Elevatio
Inovelli  Z-Wave  Plus  S2  In  Wall  Smart  Switch  SmartThings  and  Hubitat  Elevatio  4th 
6 weeks ago by kilroy2
HUSBZB-1: GoControl QuickStick Combo | Nortek Security & Control
The Model HUSBZB-1 is a USB stick that houses both a Z-Wave and Zigbee radio. Designed for OEMs that want to provide dual functionality.
zigbee  z-wave  usb  dongle  hardware 
9 weeks ago by Vaysman
Z-Stick Z-Wave USB antenna • Aeotec
Make your computer the heart of your Z-Wave network. Aeotec’s Z-Stick packs all the tools you need to create and manage a Z-Wave network all within one...
z-wave  usb  dongle  hardware 
9 weeks ago by Vaysman
Schlage Z-Wave Home Keypad Lever, Aged Bronze, FE599NX CAM 716 ACC 716, Works with Alexa via SmartThings - Door Handles - ;;;
As an example of just how useful these things are, we have this installed at a vacation home 100 miles away. This past week, the temperatures plummeted and I was very worried about the pipes freezing. I called a neighbor and asked him to check on the house and to leave the faucets on a trickle to prevent them from freezing. In the time it took him to walk over to our house, I was able to provision a code on my iPhone which worked perfectly. We will also be able to use it to set up codes remotely for guests who want to borrow the house, housekeepers, handymen, plumbers, and others without having to distribute and collect physical keys. All of that convenience and peace of mind is worth the price of the lock, in my opinion.
Schlage  Z-Wave  Home  Keypad  Lever  Aged  Bronze  FE599NX  CAM  716  ACC  Works  with  Alexa  via  SmartThings  -  Door  Handles  Amazon  smart  lock  locks 
april 2019 by neerajsinghvns
Dumbass Home 2.0
So, you want to bring a little more cyberpunk to your life. The light should lead your way when you're sneakin' to piss at night; a coffee machine should start automagically with morning alarm. Smart Нome, Internet of Things or whatever they call teapots with microcontrollers this year. I call it "Dumbass Home" because it simply fits better.
home-automation  smart-home  diy  zigbee  z-wave 
march 2019 by mwishek

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