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Looking For Nothing In Gwalior – Kevin Standage
earliest known use of zero in an Indian temple.
zero  mathematics 
7 days ago by btbytes
10 Ways To Own Your Cybersecurity In 2020
"Vault away passwords to critical systems and data. In the privileged access world of Cybersecurity operations in any organization, password vaults have become commonplace. Password vaults are similar to password managers many people use for their personal devices, web applications, and sites they regularly visit. In the case of a password vault, privileged credentials are checked in and out by admins, with each password automatically rotating to ensure greater randomization."
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8 weeks ago by jonerp
The Life and Death of Plasma - Dragonfly Research - Medium
It was August 2017. The price of Ether was near an all time high, the Ethereum blockchain was exploding with usage, and the chain was buckling under the ever increasing demand. Researchers and developers were frantically searching for new scalability solutions. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  ethereum  knowledge  plasma  rollup  zero  zk  zk-snark 
8 weeks ago by ChristopherA

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