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Charting the Way Forward - Musing about law, books, and politics
Harvard Prof. Levitsky, in this lecture explains that the U.S. is passing through a difficult transition to a true liberal democracy. GOP is losing numbers, and is scared. "Paranoid style" of politics. Constitutional Hardball. Anti-Hardball Reform.
democracy  hardball 
11 weeks ago
From 170k to 200k subscribers in 2019: How Gazeta Wyborcza, one of Poland’s leading newspapers, did it | What’s New in Publishing | Digital Publishing News
Five keys to increasing subscriptions and improving retention:

Introduction of ‘family access’
The ability to read ‘printed’ Gazeta Wyborcza online
Sharing unlocked articles with friends
Making the Wyborcza mobile app available to all subscribers
Making the vast majority of individual subscriptions auto-renewable.
december 2019
I'm a fighting liberal
Important piece on liberals vs conservatives from Steve Gilliard
liberal  conservative  Politics 
december 2019
Top 3 Lessons from a Decade of Entrepreneurship
Shane Melaugh --
The Solo Myth
The Buffett Effect
Stuck or Not?
entrepreneur  business 
december 2019
Universal Basic Income Calculator
Calculator to see the impact of UBI on your household, based on plan and income
UBI  universal_basic_income  economics 
september 2019
This 10-Minute Routine Will Increase Your Clarity And Creativity
Ask questions of your subconscious before you go to sleep, then journal immediately upon waking (instead of looking at your phone)
Creativity  problem-solving 
august 2019
[no title]
Memorandum of understanding between DHS and DOL regarding ICE coordination with DOL investigations
ICE  DHS  immigration  labor 
august 2019
2019 06 23 backgrounders | Axios Visuals
The vetting documents from the Trump transition team
vetting  politicians 
june 2019
(Why) The Resistance is Losing – Bad Words – Medium
Authoritarianism rises in societies with broken social contracts, that are failing the average person. That’s America, where average incomes have shrunk in real terms since the 1970s. Broken social contracts reflect failed institutions. They mean that democracy isn’t working — political institutions aren’t working. They mean that real economic value isn’t being created and shared — financial institutions aren’t working. They mean that human potential is stuck and withering — social institutions like media and education and healthcare aren’t working. Thus, a social contract in its entirety comes to be broken.
resistance  authoritarianism  social_contract 
june 2019
You’re Probably Not Ready to Retire — Psychologically - Barron's
Excellent article on strategies for transitioning into retirement and what to do once there.
may 2019
A Jesus Who Builds Walls
John Pavlovitz.

“The only conclusion I can come to, is that we were never following the same Jesus—or at the very least we aren’t any longer. These Christians are following a Jesus who is foreign to me, a Jesus who builds walls.”
Christianity  Christianists  immigration 
march 2019
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