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The Silver Bullet – Metal Machined Handles – Lockfall Laboratories
The legendary Silver Bullet disc detainer pick.


Rear Tension
Highly visible markings in a 360 around handles
High strength tool steel pick tips
Designed for nearly every central Disc Detainer (DD) lock. Generally any centrally designed DD lock where the tips fit, the SB can pick it. The shape of the tensioner and tips have evolved very slightly over several years to pick the widest range of locks
Picks locks:

Abloy Disklock (non-Pro)
Abus+ Cores (all current generations)
Kryptonite (Evolution Mk2, Evolution Mk3, Fahgettaboudit “New-U”, Series 2)
HSS Gerda
Baton (central design)
IFAM High Security (central design)
Soho and MANY other Chinese DD locks
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13 hours ago
Hunchly - OSINT Software for Cybersecurity, Law Enforcement, Journalists, Private Investigators and more.
The Only Web Capture Tool Designed For Online Investigations
Never Forget to Screenshot Again
Hunchly automatically collects, documents, and annotates every web page you visit.
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ToolDmiTcat < Dmi < Foswiki
Twitter Capture and Analysis Toolset
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Vortimo for OSInt
What is Vortimo?
Vortimo is software that organizes information on webpages that you’ve visited. It records pages you go to, extracts data from it and enrich the data that was extracted. It augments the pages in your browser by allowing you to tag objects as well as decorating objects it deems important. It then arranges the data in an UI. Vortimo support switching between cases/projects seamlessly. You can also generate PDF reports based on the aggregated information and meta information.

Who should use Vortimo?
Vortimo can be used by anyone that uses a browser to research a topic. This includes investigators that are profiling individuals or companies, intelligence analysts using open source intelligence (OSINT), IT security personnel or even academics doing domain specific research. Vortimo collects and organises information that came from your browser – so it does not matter if you’re browsing the web, using social networks or visiting your company’s intranet.
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Download Twitter blob videos with youtube-dl • lorenzo milesi
Suppose you would like to download a Twitter embedded video for future usage. Some of the videos are just mp4 files, and they can be easily downloaded by looking at the page source and directly open the link.

But sometimes you see something like this:
<video preload="none" playsinline="" style="width: 100%; height: 100%; position: absolute; background-color: black; transform: rotate(0deg) scale(1.005);" poster="" src="blob:"></video>
What is that? A blob video? Don’t get mad, the lazyweb always comes in rescue.

Open the tweet in another page, open the browser console (typically F12 or ⌘ + ⇧ + i) and click on the Network tab. You will see all the resource fetched for the page, and among them there should be a m3u8 file. What is that? Simply a multimedia playlist!

Right click on the m3u8 file and select Copy URL. Now go to console and feed that url to youtube-dl.
It will fetch the playlist, download all the video segments and merge them with ffmpeg. It takes few seconds, and the result is the whole video, usually saved as mp4.

You can also download the Twitter videos via VLC Mediaplayer: just copy the m3u8-file from the network tab into the "Convert/Save" option in VLC.
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OBS Studio: open source software for video recording and live streaming | Hacker News
OBS is commonly used for video game streaming, but it's a great tool for any scenario where you need to take live audio and video from different sources and display them at the same time or transition between them.
I've been using it to make a corny music interview show with my local musician friends during the coronavirus shelter in place. Whereas a lot of my fellow musicians are streaming from their phone, I'm able to connect a mixer to my computer and stream the show with really good audio quality.
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How to Keep the Party Crashers from Crashing Your Zoom Event - Zoom Blog
When you share your meeting link on social media or other public forums, that makes your event … extremely public. ANYONE with the link can join your meeting.
Avoid using your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) to host public events. Your PMI is basically one continuous meeting and you don’t want randos crashing your personal virtual space after the party’s over. Learn about meeting IDs and how to generate a random meeting ID (at the 0:27 mark) in this video tutorial.
Familiarize yourself with Zoom’s settings and features so you understand how to protect your virtual space when you need to. For example, the Waiting Room is an unbelievably helpful feature for hosts to control who comes and goes. (More on that below.)
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5 days ago
Our Essential List of Free Software for Remote Work – Purism
Purism has been working remote since we started in 2014. Here’s our list of essential free software for remote work, all can be self hosted or used via various hosted options
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7 days ago
Taking Back What Is Already Yours: Router Wars Episode II
Before diving into these requests, I want to give some information about TR-069 protocol. TR-069 is mainly used by Internet Service Providers to configure your modems/routers remotely. It’s possible to set passwords, configure Wi-Fi, even upgrade firmware via TR-069 protocol. Here is a crash course about TR-069(source). So basically it’s a backdoor your ISP installed in your router! And unlike most of the other routers, in HG253s it isn’t possible to disable TR-069. This is very invasive and unacceptable. It may seem necessary to apply security patches published by your ISP but the user should be able to disable it whenever she wants.
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7 days ago
Pro-Lok Standard Impressioning Tool - Product Details | Craftmaster Hardware
Pro-Lok Standard Impressioning Tool
SKU # PT/LT700

Impression tool for pin tumbler and wafer locks using a true centerline action. Easy to grip, fits hands comfortably, securely holds the head of the key.

This item is only sold to Locksmiths & Security Professionals. Proof of qualification will be required.
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7 days ago
8" Pippin File #4 cut :: .:: Keypicking :: Anything And Everything For Locksmiths, Hobbyist Lock Pickers, Locksport, Lock Picking, lockpicks, cutaways and Security. Simply The Best Lockpicking Forum Around! •
Re: 8" Pippin File #4 cut
The only Swiss cut #4 pippin files of any al length I could find was the 6", cheapest was from That is the one I personally use. All the 8" I have seen have been cut 2# or cut 0#.

According to their website:
They do not (any longer) make an 8" swiss cut 4# pippin file. If you want an 8" file, have to settle for a cut 2#. Advantage is faster cutting, but you loose that excellent finish for impressioning.

Some people use a cut 2# for impressioning, and others say a pippin file is unnecessary and use a round swiss cut file. I prefer the pippin file due to the knife edge, which is great for marking the impression locations, so when I flip the file over for the round edge, the file does not skip around. The flat edge can be angled to clean up the canyoning when the bitting is deeper, while still maintaing a rounded bottom. Of course my bottom is too rounded, so I should exercise more.
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8 days ago
Lock Picking 101 Forum • How to Pick Locks, Locksport, Locksmithing, Locks, Lock Picks.
Hank Spicer was once an extremely successful locksmith. He passed away many years ago. He taught many classes on impressioning, primarily automotive. He named his classes: "Filing For Dollars." One of the issues he regularly commented on was the tendency of locksmiths to file toooooo cautiously. Hank's method was that if you got a mark, go to the next full depth. If you needed depth keys, a code machine or just a micrometer, that was OK. He also warned to minimize the number of wiggle-jiggles of the impressioning blank as too much was not productive.

This strategy can be easily applied to automotive, padlocks, file cabinet locks or almost any standard type of wafer or pin tumbler where you can be reasonably sure that it is pinned with original length pins.

However, Buggs41 is correct in advising caution where a lock shows a lot of wear. The pins can be shorter than per specification due to wear. In practice we often make a duplicate key work like new by raising the cuts by ten thousandths of an inch if the owner cannot be persuaded to rekey.

Also, even if a lock is pinned to factory spec. keys, the pins used may be different to compensate for different lock brands.

The heavier the mark is, the closer you are to the correct depth.
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8 days ago
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