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Electronic library. Download books free. Finding books
Z-Library is one of the largest online libraries in the world. We aim to make literature accessible to everyone. Our site contains over 3 400 000 books.
books  ebooks  bookz 
4 days ago
Releases · TeamShinkansen/hakchi2 · GitHub
Tool that allows you to add more games to your NES/SNES Classic Mini
SNES  NES  Classic  Nintendo  Emulation  GBA  Gameboy 
24 days ago
Coziness in Games: An Exploration of Safety, Softness, and Satisfied Needs
Coziness is a common aesthetic in popular games such as Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley, yet it is rarely discussed within design circles. Our group of designers did a deep dive to understand:
games  videogames  aesthetics 
september 2018
Find Users based on missing Email Domains
$mail | foreach {get-mailbox -Identity $_.mailbox -Filter {EmailAddresses -notlike "*"}}| select displayname,emailaddresses
powershell  exchange 
june 2018
[no title]
"If you want to grant access to the pages section of the backend administration section of the CMS for a custom role, you need to set the permissions accordingly and turn off a filter, which was introduced in our latest version of the CMS. The filter is configurable and can be found here:

Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> Pages -> Sitemap filters ->Admin ->Parameters -> IsFrontendPageManagementFilteringEnabled

If the filter is turned on ( set to "true" ) the users will be restricted and will not see the Pages node. Turning it off will let the users to be able to access the pages."
sitefinity  work 
june 2018
G20 "Semiotic" Keyset -
January's Keyset of the Month is Semiotic, a G20 PBT sublimated keyset in WAN brought to you by Zslane. If you are a fan of Ron Cobb's Semiotic Standard or Simon Deering's emergency destruct system panel key graphics from Alien then you'll surely recognize the inspiration for this keyset.
keycaps  keyboard  alien 
may 2018
The Trek Collective: Trek-lit reading order
As the continuity of Star Trek novels grows the question is ever changing, but if you're wondering: "What do I need to read before Articles of the Federation?" or "...Destiny?" or "...The Fall?", here are the answers.

If you're a bit lost navigating the sometimes complex web of interconnectivity between the various Star Trek novels in the modern continuity, this is the resource you need. TrekBBS user Thrawn found a most elegant solution, with his brilliant Star Trek Lit-Verse Reading Order Flowchart. Now on the version five, Thrawn and I guide you through the world of Star Trek fiction.

Whether you're a fan of TNG, DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise the chart below will show how they spin off into New Frontier, Titan, IKS Gorkon, Vanguard, or Seekers, and crossover into Destiny, Typhon Pact, The Fall, Mirror Universe, and more; letting you chart your own path through the Trek-litverse. Once you've got to grips with the flow chart you might also find some of my lists a useful reference too.
startrek  st  trek  tng  literature  books  reading  order 
may 2018
Alien/Predator films (release order) - IMDb
Love all, some, or none, there is no denying these two particular sets of film (and crossovers!) have been notable to the audience and Fox. Here are the list of films released under the banners of Alien and Predator.
alien  predator  LV426 
may 2018
NVIDIA Control Panel Missing - GeForce Forums
It's not that hard to fix, I did in a few minutes after noticing it.

It just not launching, so just follow these steps:

1. Go to "C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Display.NvContainer".

2. Right click on "NVDisplay.Container.exe" and select copy.

3. Press Windows key+R and run "shell:startup".

4. It should open "C:\Users\naoda\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" now paste "NVDisplay.Container.exe" as a shortcut in that folder.

5. And finally, right click on "NVDisplay.Container.exe" shortcut you just made and go to properties, now in the Shortcut Tab go to advance and check "Run as Administrator" press ok, now go to the Compatibility Tab and check "Run This Program as Administrator", now hit Apply then okay.
windows  nvidia  geforce  controlpanel 
may 2018
Dock the Report Data Pane in Report Designer (SSRS) | Microsoft Docs
To display the Report Data pane
In Design view, on the View menu, select Report Data, or use CTRL+ALT+D.
sql  visualstudio  vs  microsoft  rdl  report 
march 2018
Stage 9 | A virtual recreation of the Star Trek TNG sets in Unreal Engine 4
This aim of the Stage 9 project is to recreate the entirety (inside and our) of the Enterprise-D from Star Trek The Next Generation in Unreal Engine 4 with a focus on attention to detail.
march 2018
ZARk [tumblRipper]
TumblRipper is a tool designed to backup your blog's images with just a few clicks.
backup  download  software  tumblr  rip  images 
january 2018
Shotcut - Home
free, open source, cross-platform video editor.
video  editor  software 
january 2018
GitHub - Jonno12345/TileIconifier: Creates tiles for most Windows 8.1 and 10 start menu icons
Creates tiles for any Windows 8.1 (Largely untested) and Windows 10 (Build 10586 and above) Start Menu icon.
windows  icon  programs  software  app 
october 2017
RUNNING SOLO - an Android: Netrunner variant | Android: Netrunner | BoardGameGeek
This is a set of rules to enable solo play as a Runner against an automated Corporation deck.
tabletop  games  netrunner 
september 2017
Fate Token Set (36) - Campaign Coins
This is a set of 36 of our bronze Fate Tokens, made under official license from Evil Hat Publishing for the Fate roleplaying game.
fate  fae  tokens  coins  game  rpg  pnp 
august 2017
The World’s Greatest Screen - Hammerdog Games
It’s a fully customizable game screen! It’s perfect for RPGs or any game where you have to track a lot of information.
rpg  pnp  gaming  d&d  fate  fae 
august 2017
MVC 4, AntiForgeryToken and Claims | brockallen
Using Html.AntiForgeryToken in MVC 4 has changed slightly from the previous version if you’re building a claims-aware application. In prior versions User.Identity.Name was included in the anti-forgery token as a way to validate the <form> being submitted, but in MVC 4 if the identity is IClaimsIdentity (WIF) or ClaimsIdentity (.NET 4.5) then the anti-forgery token attempts to put one or more claim values into the anti-forgery token.
mvc  c#  web  code  work  security 
july 2017
Getting Started With Web Forms Scaffolding in ASP.Net
We can scaffold the Model class in the Web Forms application with the use of Web Forms Scaffolding. It generates automatically views for the Insert, Default (Read), Edit and Delete Views in the application. This support is added in the Web Forms application with which we can scaffold a model and it'll generate Web Forms pages for inserting, editing, reading and deleting the model.  c#  code  programming  work 
july 2017
Sharepoint User Email Address is showing incorrectly?
If you can access the database, you can update the email address for the user in the following tables:
work  sharepoint  email  users 
june 2017
Where to get Jingo digital audiobook in the US? : discworld
Reddit user explains how he may be responsible for Discworld novel Jingo not having its audiobook availible in the US anymore.
pratchett  discworld  audiobooks  reddit 
june 2017
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