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Accueil - mode course - The Sun Trip
A rally of solar-powered ebikes. No plugin charging allowed. The route is from France to China.
cycling  touring  ebike  lifegoal 
5 weeks ago by DaleStrumpell
Cosmo Connected
$69 helmet- or seatpost-mounted light with turn signals, app connectivity and notifications in case of fall.
cycling  bicycles  safety  lighting  apps  iphone 
12 weeks ago by DaleStrumpell
NBC Sports Gold Cycling Pass
$30/year for coverage of many international races including Tour de France.
january 2019 by DaleStrumpell
Dog tags with personal medical information. Good for cyclists
bicycles  cycling  travel  medical  emergency  clothing 
january 2018 by DaleStrumpell
Bike Route Toaster - Welcome to
" is a course creation application primarily aimed at Garmin Edge/Forerunner owners although other users without a GPS may also find it useful for planning rides."
cycling  gps  maps 
september 2014 by DaleStrumpell
The BikeSpike uses a combination of GPS technology to locate your bike and cellular technology to share that location in real time. This allows you to see where your bike is at any point in time via the web application or the mobile application, whether it is safely locked in the garage or flying down the street between the legs of a bike thief.
cycling  security  gps 
august 2014 by DaleStrumpell
Motorcycle and Bicycle GPS Trackers - Products
ides in your bicycle steerer tube and looks just like a regular topcap
Long life rechargeable Lithium battery
Sends you an SMS if it detects movement
Track your stolen bicycle online
Securely fastened
bicycles  cycling  security  gps 
august 2014 by DaleStrumpell
Building a touring bicycle
Some good tips on installing and maintaining a Rohloff hub.
bicycles  cycling  rohloff 
october 2013 by DaleStrumpell
Santa Rosa Cycling Club - Ten Great Rides
The Alexander Valley ride is excellent. Good map and cue sheets.
travel  cycling  maps  sonoma 
december 2012 by DaleStrumpell
Maplets - a comprehensive maps app for iPhones and iPads
An iOS viewer and downloader of online maps such as produced by city and state agencies for specific services and locations, for example, transportation systems, national and state parks and local bicycle routes.
ipad  iphone  apps  maps  cycling  travel 
december 2012 by DaleStrumpell
Busch & Müller E-WERK (361)
European vendor for the converter that attaches to a hub generator.
cycling  usb  battery  charger 
august 2012 by DaleStrumpell
Clarijs Cycle Bags
Panniers, bags, etc. made in the Netherlands.
cycling  bags  panniers 
november 2011 by DaleStrumpell
Topeak® Cycling Accessories — Products - Super Tourist DX Tubular Rack (w/o Spring)
Rack mounts panniers below top surface, lowering center of gravity. also allows for wide trunk bags. Part of Topeak's MTX mounting system.
october 2011 by DaleStrumpell
Welcome - YAKKAY - brainwear for smart people
Bike helmet with cool covers to look like hats and caps. Just a few U.S. retailers.
cycling  shopping  clothing  helmets  sanfrancisco 
october 2011 by DaleStrumpell VDO MC1.0 Altimeter/Cycle Computer: Sports & Outdoors
High-end bike computer with altimeter. Recommended on Crazy Guy.
cycling  touring 
october 2011 by DaleStrumpell
Clothing for cyclists including the lightning vest.
shopping  clothing  cycling 
september 2011 by DaleStrumpell
Maps | East Bay Bicycle Coalition
"West of the Hills" bike map available from local bike shops.
cycling  maps  eastbay  berkeley  oakland 
august 2011 by DaleStrumpell
Biking in the Napa Valley
A few useful links. List of bike shops. 
cycling  travel  maps  napa 
august 2011 by DaleStrumpell
GMapToGPX » Communications From Elsewhere
Convert Google Maps Data to GPX<br />
<br />
Version 6.4j: 2011.07.12<br />
<br />
The Google Maps API is great, but it doesn’t have an easy way to export data in GPX format. This bookmarklet is my attempt at a hack to get information out of Google Maps and into GPX, suitable for loading on a GPS.<br />
<br />
This bookmarklet can create a GPX file based on driving directions, an address search or a local search. The GPX file will contain a route, a single waypoint, or up to ten waypoints, respectively.
googlemaps  maps  cycling 
july 2011 by DaleStrumpell
Five Great Bike Rides in Portland
These routes in and around Portland vary in difficulty and offer something for everyone in the family
maps  cycling  rides  routes  trails  travel  portland 
july 2011 by DaleStrumpell
deCadence - cycling from HK to the UK
Amazing tour journal with loads of resources, maps, videos.
cycling  blogs  touring  central_asia 
june 2011 by DaleStrumpell
Transit & Trails : Home
Transit and Trails connects you to the Bay Area’s parks and open spaces by helping you Find, Plan and Share your outdoor adventures. You can locate trailheads near you (or any location) and we help you get there on public transportation or get the directions you need to walk, bike, or drive there.
travel  maps  cycling  googlemaps  sanfrancisco 
june 2011 by DaleStrumpell
Ultralite Cot
The patented UltraLite Cot delivers 4-1/2" of sleeping depth that will support 325lbs and weighs only 2lbs 12oz with a Lifetime Warranty. 
travel  cycling  touring  camping 
may 2011 by DaleStrumpell
The Bicycle City : About
The Bicycle City is the story of how an idealistic experiment has helped the war-ravaged city of Rivas find its own path to recovery and normalcy through the introduction of cheap, reliable transportation in the form of the bicycle.
film  documentary  activism  crowdfunding  cycling 
april 2011 by DaleStrumpell is evolving into a home for non-commercial bicycle-related mailing lists and will eventually have indexes to other cycling mailing lists on the internet. At the moment you can browse the existing lists and their searchable archives.
cycling  community  forums 
march 2011 by DaleStrumpell
International Bicycle Touring list
The archives display page for this old-school list serve forum on touring. I haven't found a modern web front end.
cycling  touring 
march 2011 by DaleStrumpell
A collaborative blog about internal geared hubs for bicycles.
cycling  bicycles 
march 2011 by DaleStrumpell
Hincapie Sportswear
A few merino products - MAPP base layers and Merino gloves.
cycling  clothing 
january 2011 by DaleStrumpell
mini bicycling photographer… | Bike Commuters
The author Russ Roca writes: "I’m often known for riding my big front-loading Bilenky cargo bike to photoshoots. However, if I find that getting to a shoot requires a lot of bus and train transfers or if I just want to go incognito, I’ve found the Dahon Speed TR and an Ortlieb Shuttle Bike to be a great combination!"
cycling  activism  photography  transportation 
october 2010 by DaleStrumpell
NYC bike shop carrying very stylish bikes, helmets and bikes - most from Europe.
bicycles  shopping  NewYork  design  cycling 
august 2010 by DaleStrumpell
TrackMyTour » Travel Tracking with your iPhone!
"Use the iPhone app to add waypoints, a photo, and text to your online map whenever you want to highlight a location or just say, “Here I am.” Your friends and family can visit the TrackMyTour website at any time to see your progress. To minimize battery use and roaming costs, your iPhone does not need to be continuously left on. Waypoints can also be stored offline and uploaded at a later time when you have an internet connection." Free
iphone  touring  travel  maps  gps  cycling 
june 2010 by DaleStrumpell
Bike Lights * Wheel Lights * Spoke Lights * by MonkeyLectric
LED lights that mount in wheel spokes to make patterns as you ride.
bicycles  cycling  diy  electronics  lighting 
may 2010 by DaleStrumpell
Ride Oregon
Information about cycling in Oregon.
travel  portland  cycling  oregon 
may 2010 by DaleStrumpell
Gmaps Pedometer
User-submitted maps, overlaid on Google data.
googlemaps  gps  exercise  cycling 
may 2010 by DaleStrumpell
Swift Industries
Hand-crafted bicycle panniers and accessories.
bicycles  cycling  bags  luggage  touring 
april 2010 by DaleStrumpell
Brightspoke = Discover Bikes
Assorted articles on bicycle technology.
cycling  reference  bicycles 
march 2010 by DaleStrumpell
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