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How to write a super fast link shortener with Elixir, Phoenix, and Mnesia
Elixir, the Phoenix framework, and the Erlang VM allows us to make production ready systems fast, easily, and with very few moving parts. At this point, you can see where we’re going with this…
elixir  phoenix  tutorial 
23 days ago
Performance Tuning Queries in PostgreSQL | Geeky Tidbits
Database performance tuning: developers usually either love it or loathe. I happen to be one that enjoys it and want to share some of the techniques I’ve been using lately to tune poor performing queries in PostgreSQL. This is not meant to be exhausive but more of a primer for those just getting their feet wet with tuning.
postgresql  performance  postgres  tuning  database 
7 weeks ago
How to Solve the Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever
A step-by-step guide to True, False, and Random.
from:Pocket  logic  fun  puzzles 
8 weeks ago
RT : The perfect character backstory doesn't exi-
9 weeks ago
Verifying myself: I am tclevenger on . Qxh0ltJ11ywsSNmXXLJHiGpIRfycnXh6stEM /
december 2019
tclevenger (Troy Clevenger) | Keybase
Verifying myself: I am tclevenger on . Qxh0ltJ11ywsSNmXXLJHiGpIRfycnXh6stEM /
december 2019
Windows Insider - Get Latest Fast Ring ISO image | Tutorials
Information The Windows Insider team has chosen not to release Insider ISO images until some time after a build gets released to the Slow Ring. There have been a few exceptions, but usually ISO images will be available only after a Slow Ring
windowsinsider  -  get  latest  fast  ring  iso  image  windows  10 
december 2019
Learn Blockchains by Building One - Daniel van Flymen - Medium
You’re here because, like me, you’re psyched about the rise of Cryptocurrencies. And you want to know how Blockchains work—the fundamental technology behind them. But understanding Blockchains isn’t…
crypto  cryptocurrency  bitcoin 
october 2019
RT : This is what radiation LOOKS like. Uranium emitting alpha particles through cooled vapor
october 2019
RT : We're celebrating the First Anniversary of !
Follow and retweet this post for a chance to win the foll…
september 2019
RT : The evolution of an error message:

* No error message
* A one-line message
* "Expected: … / Actual: …"
* "Here's w…
july 2019
RT : Stack Overflow releases its own keyboard.
june 2019
RT : Today's weird discovery:
Pilotwings (1991) has a set of demos that play if you don't press any keys, and one of the…
may 2019
RT : Dr. Katie Bouman, who led the creation of an algorithm that helped capture the first ever image of a black hole, te…
april 2019
RT : “Well I’ll just show him!”
march 2019
RT : Speaking of protecting the web: DEFEND MULTIPLE BROWSER IMPLEMENTATIONS!! Last time we had a browser hegemony, it d…
january 2019
RT : Die Hard isn't a Christmas movie because it occurs on Christmas, it's a Christmas movie because it's about a social…
december 2018
Authenticating to Azure AD non-interactively – Vincent-Philippe Lauzon's
I want to use Azure AD as a user directory but I do not want to use its native web authentication mechanism which requires users to go via an Active Directory page to login (which can be branded and customized to look like my own). I just want to give a user name & password…
azure  ad 
november 2018
Using Microsoft Graph API to interact with Azure AD – Vincent-Philippe Lauzon's
In my last article, I showed how to authenticate on Azure AD using a user name / password without using the native web flow. The underlying scenario was to migrate an application using an LDAP server by leveraging an Azure AD tenant. The logical continuation of that scenario is to use the Microsoft Graph API…
azure  ad 
november 2018
AzureAD/azure-activedirectory-library-for-dotnet: ADAL and MSAL authentication libraries for .net
ADAL and MSAL authentication libraries for .net. Contribute to AzureAD/azure-activedirectory-library-for-dotnet development by creating an account on GitHub.
azure  ad  authentication 
november 2018
Google Answers: categorization
I would like to know following methods that when to apply a method,
how they compare in performance. give me the answer such a discussion.
"for example, few documents need to be classify, they are not
multi-modality and simple, so we can apply which method, and why we
choose this this!!"
ai  algorithms  machine-learning 
september 2018
august 2018
RT : I can finally comment on this: it’s out in a hot minute! (Sept 6th)
august 2018
SPO Migration API: Sharing | Microsoft Docs
The per user sharing model in SharePoint relies on both permissions and Shared With data references for an object to be considered shared with an individual.
sharedwithme  sharepoint 
august 2018
look at this flaming pile of shit.
august 2018
Winpeshl.ini file is present, but no command were successfully launched
ok, so I figured this out. When it gets hung at the cmd prompt after the first reboot:

CD to the root (cd\)

Search for RecEnv.exe (dir RecEnv.exe /s)

CD to that directory

run the fire by typing it name exact RecEnv.exe

Setup will now continue!

Don't close the dos windows. It will finish on it's own from here!
windows  reset 
june 2018
RT : I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Olive Garden commercials and then asked it to write an Olive Garden com…
june 2018
RT : Because of , USA Today decided to run a separate version of their website for EU users, which has all the trac…
may 2018
Add Enterprise Keyword field into List using CSOM
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 79 million projects.
sharepoint  csom 
march 2018
bitgamma/boltun: Transforms notifications from the Postgres LISTEN/NOTIFY mechanism into callback execution
boltun - Transforms notifications from the Postgres LISTEN/NOTIFY mechanism into callback execution
february 2018
Water Scum Line Remover - Oxidation Remover - Oxidation Cleaner | Biokleen
Removes the yellow water scum line caused from oxidation on boat hull and chalking on rv. Money back guarantee. Fast, free shipping available.
marine  boat  cleaner 
february 2018
Mildew Stain Remover
Starbrite quality care products since 1973 for: Automotive, Marine, Aviation, Motorcycle, Powersports, Outdoor Power Equipment, ATV, Snowmobile, Home Care, Outdoor Furniture, Farm Implement.
marine  boat  care 
february 2018
ROM Suffix Explanations | 64bitorless
ROM files, unless altered by the uploader, always have special suffixes to quickly denote what the status of the ROM is. Since ROMs are "dumped" from the physical copy into a digital version by different groups (think in terms of modern day "scene" groups for piracy) they can sometimes be of crap quality, be in…
january 2018
Battle Wrest - 60% Hardwood Wrist Rest – Battlestation 10
Improve the ergonomics AND aesthetics of your setup with the new Battle Wrest from Battlestation 10! The problem with wood and cloth wrist rests is that they ar
january 2018
AI Suite 3 fix for Fall Creators Update : ASUS
I along with many others have had issues with AI Suite 3 after the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, not only will it not run but you get popup...
asus  drivers 
december 2017
How to Disable Player vs. Player (PVP) Damage In Minecraft
If you’re tired of accidentally killing your buddy while fighting enemies in close quarters, or your kids are screaming because one of them 8-bit-murdered the other again, this is the tutorial for you. Read on as we show you how to disable player vs. player damage in Minecraft once and for all.
december 2017
ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost
ngrok secure introspectable tunnels to localhost webhook development tool and debugging tool
development  networking  proxy  tools 
december 2017
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