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foxbenjaminfox/vue-async-computed: Async computed properties for Vue.js
Async computed properties for Vue.js. Contribute to foxbenjaminfox/vue-async-computed development by creating an account on GitHub.
vue2computed  vue2asyncComputed 
Execution context and the call stack — visually illustrated by a slice of tasty cake
Global Scope is created internally by JavaScript as var window = Window() (rough equivalent) behind the veil. Global Scope acts as the first automatically created Execution Context roughly at the…
eventloop  javascriptexecutioncontext  javascripteventloop 
2 days ago
Webpack with Babel 7 – oREDi – Medium
Prerequisites: This article presumes that the reader has an understanding behind the choice of using Webpack, Babel and ES6 for web applications. It also assumes a basic understanding of how to use…
webpack  babel 
2 days ago
Mocking global objects in vue test utils – ITNEXT
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
vue2testing  unittesting 
2 days ago
How to build a simple Vue CLI plugin – ITNEXT
If you’re using Vue framework, you probably already know what Vue CLI is. It’s a full system for rapid Vue.js development, providing project scaffolding and prototyping. An important part of the CLI…
3 days ago
The Best Way To Save People From Suicide - The Huffington Post
detailed article on suicide and its prevention through communication and contact
3 days ago
Five years of PostCSS: State of the Union — Martian Chronicles, Evil Martians’ team blog
Andrey Sitnik on the past, the present and the future of PostCSS: a state of the union address on the 5th anniversary.
3 days ago
nystudio107 | An Annotated webpack 4 Config for Frontend Web…
excellent, detailed explanation of setting up webpack 4 for dev production -- really all you need!
webpack  webpackannotated 
4 days ago
Adding Vue.js to an Existing Project – Blunt Jackson – Medium
Let’s say you have an existing web application that is not taking advantage of any existing reactive frameworks or technology, and you want to start incorporate some of that sweet, sweet…
vue2  vue2addtoproject 
4 days ago
Type Vue without TypeScript – Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
getting the benefit of types without using typescript when writing vuejs
vue2  vue2typescript  typescript  typechecking 
4 days ago
Unfair Advantage - The Sun Magazine
very interesting read on anti-trust monopoly at and how it wields its power 
4 days ago
Curry and Function Composition – JavaScript Scene – Medium
With the dramatic rise of functional programming in mainstream JavaScript, curried functions have become common in many applications. It’s important to understand what they are, how they work, and…
functionalprogramming  javascriptfuntionalprogramming 
4 days ago
yunhan0/koa-vue-fullstack: A lightweight boilerplate for a universal webapp based on koa, mongodb, node, vue, and webpack
A lightweight boilerplate for a universal webapp based on koa, mongodb, node, vue, and webpack - yunhan0/koa-vue-fullstack
vue2  vue2koa  koa 
4 days ago
sindresorhus/execa: A better `child_process`
A better `child_process`. Contribute to sindresorhus/execa development by creating an account on GitHub.
nodejs  childprocess  spawn  execfile 
4 days ago
skerit/janeway: 🌌 A Node.js console REPL with object inspection and many other features
🌌 A Node.js console REPL with object inspection and many other features - skerit/janeway
terminal  console 
4 days ago
How to use NodeJS without frameworks and external libraries
nice straightforward code showing the core structure of a node server with its controller and service modules
express  nodejs  node 
4 days ago
Understanding Asynchronous JavaScript — the Event Loop
JavaScript is a single-threaded programming language which means only one thing can happen at a time. That is, the JavaScript engine can only process one statement at a time in a single thread. While…
eventloop  javascripteventloop 
4 days ago
Visualize your data with Facets – Towards Data Science
understand your data using Google's facets - explore directly in chrome
datavisualization  facets 
5 days ago
Learn about the npx Package Runner – Elijah Manor – Medium
Last week my latest course was launched entitled, Execute npm Package Binaries with the npx Package Runner. npx is a tool that comes baked in npm (if you have version 5.2 or above), that…
5 days ago
Deep Dive Into The New Vue Devtools v5.0 – Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
Earlier this month the Vue devtools version 5.0 beta was released, bringing amazing new features to the already debugging powerful tool. Some of the new features include performance profiling, route…
5 days ago
Git aliases I can't live without – Michał Konarski
some really good git aliases - not too fancy but useful
git  gitaliases 
5 days ago
Functional JavaScript — Functors, Monads, and Promises
explanation w/ tutorial on using functors and monads and promises - best explanation of functor as mappable ...
ramda  functionalprogramming 
5 days ago
The Absolute Easiest Way to Debug Node.js — with VSCode
How to debug Node.js projects the easy way, with the help of VSCode.
vscode  debugging  nodejsdebug  debugger 
6 days ago
chrisvfritz/vue-monolith-example: Simple example of how to structure a monolithic Vue application
Simple example of how to structure a monolithic Vue application - chrisvfritz/vue-monolith-example
vue2  vue2monolith 
7 days ago
How to unit test your first Vue.js component –
In Build Your First Vue.js Component we made a star rating component. We’ve covered many fundamental concepts to help you create more complex Vue.js components. Yet, there’s one crucial point you…
vue2testing  unittesting 
7 days ago
What if the Placebo Effect Isn’t a Trick? - The New York Times
in depth review of placebo effects and biological basis?
9 days ago
Node.js & Express Fundamentals by egoing (Part 1 of 4: Intro)
🌲 This is the first part of my summary of egoing’s “Node.js Fundamentals & Facebook Social Login” tutorial. I attended it at the Facebook Innovation Lab in Korea on Oct 10 & 11, 2018. GitHub page…
express  nodejs 
9 days ago
Authentication and Authorization in GraphQL (and how GraphQL-Modules can help)
In this article we’ll go through all the different ways of implementing authentication and authorization, the benefits and downsides to each one, and offer a solution that we believe is the best
authentication  authorization  graphql 
9 days ago
Vue API calls in a smart way - Community Blog
repository pattern for axios api calls - this looks appealing as a flexible api calling method
vue2api  axios  repositoryPattern 
9 days ago
Monitoring and auto-starting Node.js services on Windows Server - Ptarmigan Labs
very good, concise description of pm2 on windows, start stop install as a service
10 days ago
node.js - Windows: Auto start PM2 and node apps - Stack Overflow
there's a nice, concise sequence of steps to load and start pm2 on windows
10 days ago
Easy Service Workers with Workbox.js - Frontend News #7
a set of tools for creating service workers w/ precaching, runtime caching, caching strategies, background sync
serviceworker  pwa 
12 days ago
oscarmorrison/md-page: 📝 create a webpage with just markdown
📝 create a webpage with just markdown. Contribute to oscarmorrison/md-page development by creating an account on GitHub.
12 days ago
nystudio107 | Using VueJS + GraphQL to make Practical Magic
a layed out example of vue2 with graphql using the CraftCMS
vue2  graphql 
15 days ago
A personal review of automated testing tools in the JavaScript world
In this post, I will talk about my experiences with test automation using tools that support JavaScript. In the first part of the post, I will talk about tools for test automation of the graphical…
testing  javascripttesting 
17 days ago
Getting Started with Vue Plugins | CSS-Tricks
In the last months, I've learned a lot about Vue. From building SEO-friendly SPAs to crafting killer blogs or playing with transitions and animations,
vue2plugins  plugin  vue2leavecomment  leavecomment 
17 days ago
SmallData | Blog | Copying objects in Javascript
In this article we will look at the various ways an object can be copied in Javascript. We will take a look at both shallow and deep copying. While shallow copying is rather straightforward, deep copying is more tricky. Currently, there is a HTML5 specification for a deep copy algorithm but it is not publically available yet. Until then, use a well-known library. If the source object has a well-known structure either: use JSON serialization and deserialization, or roll your own algor...
javascript  javascriptcopy 
17 days ago
glennreyes/graphpack: ☄️ A minimalistic zero-config GraphQL server.
☄️ A minimalistic zero-config GraphQL server. Contribute to glennreyes/graphpack development by creating an account on GitHub.
graphql  graphiql 
17 days ago
10 SQL Tricks That You Didn’t Think Were Possible – Java, SQL and jOOQ.
Listicles like these do work - not only do they attract attention, if the content is also valuable (and in this case it is, trust me), the article format can be extremely entertaining. This article will bring you 10 SQL tricks that many of you might not have thought were possible. The article is a…
sql  tips  sqlTips  neteeza 
18 days ago
Deep Dive into VuePress: Craft a Clean Documentation & Blog
For an upcoming side project of ours, we decidedly wanted some of that docs' magic. This post is an account of that process. You'll learn what VuePress is, what's so great about it, and how to…
19 days ago
Build a progressive web app using Vue CLI 3 – PLint-sites – Medium
Blog PWA - Home.vue. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
vue2pwa  pwa 
19 days ago
Create compelling Documentation with Github Pages – Thomas Reinecke – Medium
In this article, you will learn how to use Github pages as a new home for your project documentation. This document describes the GIT Playbook project hosted on GitHub. A live demo of a Playbook runs…
vue2  githubpages 
19 days ago
ignoreintuition/v-chart-plugin: Easily bind a chart to the data stored in your Vue.js components.
Easily bind a chart to the data stored in your Vue.js components. - ignoreintuition/v-chart-plugin
vue2charts  vue2graphs  charts  graphs 
21 days ago
The guide to write universal, SSR-ready Vue components |
As a Vue developer, you may have heard the term server-side rendering. Even if you are not using a framework like Nuxt.js it is important to know how to write universal SSR-ready components. And guess what, it isn't even hard!
ssr  vue2ssr  serversiderendering  vue2serversiderendering 
21 days ago
5 Tips to Write Better Conditionals in JavaScript ― Scotch
if else, if else if, switch are typical but this post shows how to do it other ways -- array.includes for multiple criteria and more ...
javascriptconditionals  javascriptarrayfunctions 
21 days ago
Master Vue.js by mastering common problems – Roland – Medium
Many times, when we learn a new technology we end up with some problems and some times we found solutions at stack overflow. There, many great developers share awesome solutions and best practices…
21 days ago
Vue JS hooks and React JS Hooks at a glance – Shuvo Habib – Medium
Counter React Hook. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
21 days ago
Summary of Advanced VueJS Features by Evan You (Part 1 of 7: Reactivity)
🌲 This is the first part of my summary of Evan You’s “Advanced Vue.js Features from the Ground Up” on FrontendMasters. Let’s start by writing a very simple program. We have a variable a which has a…
23 days ago
JavaScript "Prototype Chains" – J.Lim – Medium
Prototype Chains (PC) are a mechanism for making objects that resemble other objects. A property on an object with the same name as a property further up the PC "masks" the property higher up.
javascript  javascriptprototypes 
23 days ago
What You Need to Know about Vue CLI 3
Learn about the new features of Vue CLI 3 and how you can benefit from upgrading today.
23 days ago
Vue.js Authentication System with Node.js Backend | Jscramber Blog
In this tutorial, we'll explore different authentication types for JavaScript applications and build a Vue authentication system with a Node.js backend.
vue2authentication  authentication 
25 days ago
How to manage cookies in VueJS – codeburst
The web has moved fast in the last few years. It’s one of the reasons why I switched from being an iOS developer to being a web developer. React was probably one of the earliest and most influential…
cookies  vue2cookies  httpinterceptors  interceptors 
25 days ago
Optimistic Offline-First Apps With Vuex – Daily Now – Medium
Optimistic Offline-First Apps With Vuex. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
vue2  vue2vuex 
25 days ago
30 Seconds of CSS
A curated collection of useful CSS snippets you can understand in 30 seconds or less. From foundational elements such as clearfix to gradient text color and gradient cursor tracking to CSS easing and far beyond.
25 days ago
Understanding and Using CSS Positions | Zell Liew
short summary on css positioning w illustrations
css  csspositioning 
25 days ago
Web Scraping With Express And Puppeteer – Josh Hicks – Medium
Today we’re going to be building an app that will scrape two websites for anything that matches a certain keyword. The two websites will be and Here we’ll be looking for…
25 days ago
How to Write Accessible JavaScript – DailyJS – Medium
You’re wrapping up a web project and just as you’re putting the finishing touches you get sent a list of accessibility errors forwarded to you by your project manager. Inadequate color contrast…
accessibility  aria  javascript 
25 days ago
Vue.js Authentication System with Node.js Backend | Jscramber Blog
In this tutorial, we'll explore different authentication types for JavaScript applications and build a Vue authentication system with a Node.js backend.
authentication  vue2authentication 
25 days ago
Understanding JSON Web Token Authentication – Bits and Pieces
We will start with a basic explanation of JWT, then look at its structure, and finally create a simple server that will take some data and insert it into a JWT. A JSON Web Token (JWT) is a safe…
jwt  webtokens 
25 days ago
How to build a Vue CLI plugin - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
This article describes how to build a simple Vue CLI plugin from scratch and publish it to npm
vue2cli  vue2cliplugin  plugin  vue2plugins 
27 days ago
Practical application of reverse-engineering guidelines and principles
nice step by step on reverse engineering a js framework using a simple app
debugging  reverseEngineering 
27 days ago
Testing real world VueJs apps – ITNEXT
These are the main topics that we will cover in this post:

Test page components
Stub the backend API using fake data
Stub Vue router
Test the interaction with Vuex actions
Mock nuxt asyncData hooks
vue2  vue2testing  unittesting 
28 days ago
Authenticate a Node ES6 API with JSON Web Tokens ― Scotch
Learn how to effectively use JSON web tokens to authenticate in nodeJS APIs
authentication  webtokens  jwt 
28 days ago
How to Import a Sass File into Every Vue Component in an App | CSS-Tricks
If you're working on a large-scale Vue application, chances are at some point you're going to want to organize the structure of your application so that
vue2sass  sass 
29 days ago
MyChip/MyChip.vue at master · nickp34/MyChip
Experiments with Vue/Vuex/Vuetify. Contribute to nickp34/MyChip development by creating an account on GitHub.
vue2reusablecomponents  componentsreusable 
29 days ago
Reusable Vue / Vuetify components – Nick Pate – Medium
Reusable components used in large scale applications provide flexibility and future proofing of your code. It also helps to adhere to the DRY Principle. The following simple example is one way of…
vue2reusableComponents  componentsreusable 
29 days ago
GraphQL Context & Services – Eric Clemmons – Medium
Having used GraphQL for quite some time, two of my favorite patterns are: “GraphQL Context & Services” is published by Eric Clemmons
4 weeks ago
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