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How to teach Git | Rachel M. Carmena
An alternative way to teach Git
very good visuals!!!
1 hour ago
surveyjs/surveyjs: JavaScript Survey and Form Library
JavaScript Survey and Form Library. Contribute to surveyjs/surveyjs development by creating an account on GitHub.
vue2surveys  vue2forms 
2 hours ago
nadeesha/saul: Annotation-based javascript unit tests
nice simple testing approach, but pretty old and not being actively maintained -- Annotation-based javascript unit tests :rocket:. Contribute to nadeesha/saul development by creating an account on GitHub.
testing  javascripttesting 
How to start a Node.js project | Phil Nash
automate initializing a startup node project. Pretty efficient
2 days ago
Requarks/wiki-v1: Stable version (1.x) of Wiki.js
Stable version (1.x) of Wiki.js. Contribute to Requarks/wiki-v1 development by creating an account on GitHub.
3 days ago
Storing and Using the Last Known Route in Vue | CSS-Tricks
There are situations where keeping a reference to the last route a user visited can come in handy. For example, let’s say we’re working with a multi-step
vue2stepper  vue2wiziard  vue2formwizard 
3 days ago
Faster async functions and promises · V8
Faster and easier-to-debug async functions and promises are coming to V8 v7.2 / Chrome 72.
async  await 
3 days ago
Git Explorer
GitExplorer: Find the right git commands you need without digging through the web
3 days ago
Aliasing module paths in Node JS | Arun Michael Dsouza
how to config node for alias to avoid using full paths in js files to import from modules
3 days ago
Removing JavaScript’s “this” keyword makes it a better language. Here’s why.
this is of course the source of much confusion in JavaScript. The reason being that this depends on how the function was invoked, not where the function was defined. Methods are functions that are…
3 days ago
How to Drastically Reduce Estimated Input Latency and Time to Interactive of SSR Vue.js Applications - Markus Oberlehner
Learn how to solve the problem of a very high Estimated Input Latency of pre-rendered Vue.js or Nuxt.js powered Single Page Applications
3 days ago
Learn How To Build A Data-Driven Search UI With Vue.JS
ReactiveBase and vuejs to build an indexed search app
3 days ago
Reactive Window Parameters in VueJS – James Wee – Medium
Wouldn’t it be nice if browser window parameters were reactive and you can do things like watching window.scrollY or window.innerWidth values in your whole application? Parameters like (but not…
vue2scrolling  vue2windowreactive 
3 days ago
flatlogic/sing-app: 💥Free and open-source admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 4 💥
💥Free and open-source admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 4 💥 - flatlogic/sing-app
vue2admin  admintemplate 
5 days ago
Watch for Vuex State changes! - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
How to watch for Vuex State changes whenever it makes sense using, and Vuex.subscribe!
vue2  vuex 
5 days ago
Vue.js Dropdown
different from Ankrym tooltips and popover
vue2tooltips  tooltips  popover  vue2popover 
6 days ago
vue-bootstrap4-table - vue-bootstrap4-table
table component w/ filtering and customizability -- multi column filtering!!
7 days ago
Vue table component with virtual dom
table component w/ vdom for fast scrolling on large tables
7 days ago
Vue Admin Template
new admin template -- vuetify, and looks good -- check out its widgets ...
admintemplatedesign  admintemplate 
7 days ago
I Hate JavaScript’s for loops. Let Me Tell You Why.
RunKit notebooks are interactive javascript playgrounds connected to a complete node environment right in your browser. Every npm module pre-installed.
loops  forloop  javascriptforloops 
7 days ago
How To Master Async/Await With This Real World Example
Along with writing this article, I have also created a YouTube video!
You can follow along and code while watching. I advise you to first read the article, and then code along with the video…
async  await 
7 days ago
How to Manage Mixins in VueJS – blog | Level Up Your Coding
When your Vue project starts to grow, you might find yourself copying and pasting the same data, methods, and watchers over and over again if you have similar components. Sure — you could write all…
vue2mixins  mixins 
7 days ago
Vue Glide
Vue component on top of the Glide.js
vue2carousel  carousel 
7 days ago
Understanding the Virtual DOM
breakdown and description - useful
virtual-dom  vir 
7 days ago
Simple CSS Animation Tutorial – JavaScript Teacher – Medium
Figure 1: Soon as .animateClass is assigned to an element, animation will start playing. The class has a link to animationName. It must match the name specified by @keyframes rule. This animation is…
7 days ago
CSS Grid for Designers – Times Open
For years, designers have been using grids to bring order to pages. Grids as a design tool are associated with the Swiss who formalized it as a way of thinking about layout in the 1940s, according to…
8 days ago
Make it beautiful with strict rules!
a curry function - poor man's Ramba which curries all its functions for you
functionalprogrammingcurry  currying 
9 days ago
Improve your asynchronous Javascript code with async and await
If you had the chance to observe modern Javascript code — chance are high you have seen the async and await syntax somewhere. Async/await is arguably one of the best-received new addition to the…
async  await 
10 days ago
Managing Wildcard Subdomains with Vue-Router – blog | Level Up Your Coding
There are many use cases in which a web app will need to use wildcard subdomains — most common examples are apps when users have their own subdomain (e.g. However, vue-router…
10 days ago
Effortlessly documentation done right.
10 days ago
How to Create Snippets for VS Code – blog | Level Up Your Coding
This article is geared towards JavaScript and TypeScript so the code examples will be written in mentioned languages. However, the article describes snippet creation in a general way so even if…
10 days ago
egoist/lit-vue: 🔥 Vue SFC goodies directly in JavaScript files.
🔥 Vue SFC goodies directly in JavaScript files. Contribute to egoist/lit-vue development by creating an account on GitHub.
vue2lit  vue-lit 
13 days ago
Responsive Blog Card Slider
Wow a card w/ a slider to reveal more cards!
css  card  cardcss 
14 days ago
enquirer/enquirer: Stylish, intuitive and user-friendly prompts.
Stylish, intuitive and user-friendly prompts. Contribute to enquirer/enquirer development by creating an account on GitHub.
cli  cliprompts 
15 days ago
Vue.js best practices ✓ – Riccardo Polacci – Medium
After researching for a while in the VueJs docs and the web, I’ve created a list of best practices and style guides for a more correct or commonly accepted way of using VueJs. The points below are…
15 days ago
learn-json-web-tokens/ at master · dwyl/learn-json-web-tokens
:closed_lock_with_key: Learn how to use JSON Web Token (JWT) to secure your next Web App! (Tutorial/Example with Tests!!) - dwyl/learn-json-web-tokens
jwt  authentication 
15 days ago
An Introduction to Flutter: The Basics –
I’ve been hearing about how amazing Flutter is and I’ve decided to try it out to learn something new. I wished to have more topics to discuss with colleagues. It started by watching, then reading…
15 days ago
KidkArolis/jetpack: 🚀 Jetpack – webpack made more convenient.
🚀 Jetpack – webpack made more convenient. Contribute to KidkArolis/jetpack development by creating an account on GitHub.
webpack4  jetpack 
15 days ago
Vue Chart Component with Chart.js – risan – Medium
Chart.js is an amazing chart library for JavaScript. It’s modern and performant; built on top of the HTML5 canvas. It includes 8 different chart types which super easy to extend and configure. On top…
vue2charts  chart 
17 days ago
Mental Models I Find Repeatedly Useful – Gabriel Weinberg – Medium
Update: Since this post came out, I co-authored a book about it called Super Thinking. Get notified about book updates here (currently scheduled to come out in May, 2019). Around 2003 I came across…
cognitivebias  mentalmodels 
17 days ago
Dart vs Swift: a comparison – Coding with Flutter – Medium
Dart and Swift are my two favourite programming languages. I have used them extensively in commercial and open-source code. The following comparison is made across the main features of both languages…
dart  flutter 
19 days ago
Lessons Learned From a Year of Fighting With Webpack and Babel
Is your single page app not working on some browsers? Is your webpack build time taking ages? This article should help.
webpack4  babel 
19 days ago
How to add end to end tests to your project with Cypress
In this post, I will walk through the process of adding Cypress end-to-end tests to an existing project. There are pros and cons to all testing methods. End to end testing is the closest to actual…
19 days ago
Our first neural net!
Neural Net tutorial -- In this tutorial we learn how to create XOR with Brain.js
22 days ago
Understanding Sass: CSS Made Awesome – Bits and Pieces
While CSS is getting powerful day by day, it still lacks certain features (such as code reuse) that makes it harder to maintain when the projects get bigger and more complex. There are many CSS…
css  scss 
23 days ago
Refactoring UI - Complete Package
the book from Wathan on UI interface tips and tricks. essential!!
refactoringUI  wathan 
24 days ago
Build a Beautiful Website with VuePress and Tailwind.css - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
How can VuePress and Tailwind.css work together to create a really custom-looking site? Learn how here!
tailwind  vuepress 
24 days ago
Learn to fetch asynchronous data and render your Nuxt.js...
Server-side rendering brings invaluable performance and SEO benefits. Nuxt.js makes it so easy to do what few people dare try to tackle on their own. Learn everything you need to know in this...
24 days ago
Airtable API for Developers
Airtable is an amazing tool. Discover why it's great for any developer to know about it and its API
24 days ago
Contribute to snipcart/snipcart-gridsome-airtable development by creating an account on GitHub.
gridsome  airtable  graphql 
24 days ago
Vue.js & GraphQL Tutorial: Tying Airtable Data to a Gridsome App - Snipcart
a tutorial to build a store with snipcart, airtable and vue gridsome
gridsome  airtable  graphql 
24 days ago
Learn Git Branching
an excellent animated git tutorial w/ examples to master as you proceed
git  tutorial 
24 days ago
Implementing the async/await syntax for promise request JavaScript
Recently, I got deeper into the JavaScript language using NodeJS, Express, and ReactJS. One of the confused concepts for me was promises, maybe because the syntax is a little bit complex to…
async  await  promises 
24 days ago
imlinus/Vue-Magic-Grid: 🧙‍♂️🔌 Responsive Magic Grid for Vue
🧙‍♂️🔌 Responsive Magic Grid for Vue. Contribute to imlinus/Vue-Magic-Grid development by creating an account on GitHub.
grid  gridmagic 
24 days ago
bradleyboy/tuql: Automatically create a GraphQL server from a sqlite database
Automatically create a GraphQL server from a sqlite database - bradleyboy/tuql
sqllite  graphql 
25 days ago
Vue.JS Components for building Search UIs – All things #datastreams
Since we launched the first ReactiveSearch components last year, they have been downloaded over 100,000 times and helped save thousands of dev hours. Today, we’re bringing this awesomeness to Vue!
elasticsearch  vue2elasticsearch 
25 days ago
How to understand CSS Position Absolute once and for all
Positioning an element absolutely is more about the element's container position than its own. To be able to position itself, it has to know which parent div it’s going to position itself relative…
css  csspositioning 
25 days ago
Best VSCode shortcuts cheat sheet – gitconnected | Become a Better Developer
Master your IDE. “Best VSCode shortcuts cheat sheet” is published by Matan Abravanel in gitconnected | Become a Better Developer
25 days ago
Building a Simple Virtual DOM from Scratch - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
wow, video and description of building a virtual dom from scratch - useful to understand who front ends work
vdom  virtualdom  virtual-dom 
25 days ago
Donovan's book on css animation!
css  animation 
25 days ago
Refactoring UI: Designing a Dashboard UI on Vimeo
a very nice video on designing an admin dashboard - it isn't code, but rather a step by step refactor illustrating css design principles to improve look
cssadmin  admincss  admintemplatedesign 
25 days ago
(Functional) Object Oriented Programming With Message Passing
There is a great misunderstanding of what object-oriented programming really is and its origins. describes oop and message passing
25 days ago
Sticky header with dynamic height
The demo for the Sticky header with dynamic height. Built with 'position: sticky' and 'lodash debounce'....
css  csssticky 
25 days ago
Free Reusable Vue Slides Deck
wow, exceptional slide deck with nice slides that show various useful layouts for code and for text presentation
slidesvue  slides 
26 days ago
html - How can I achieve a CSS text loading animation over multiple lines? - Stack Overflow
stack overflow answer with a bunch of examples - colorize a sentence of text like you'd see in a progress bar
animation  textanimation 
26 days ago
Letter Animation
moving individual letters of a word in interesting ways
animation  textanimation 
26 days ago
Text animation #4
nice movement of lines of words
animation  textanimation 
26 days ago
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