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The Constraint kind ;;; ; ;;; Constraint Kinds for GHC -> Constraint families ;;; ;;; Constraint kinds and associated types ;;; ;;; The Constraint kind ;;; Constraint Kinds ; Reified dictionaries ;;; ; Using RankNTypes and ConstraintKinds to create an if statement that acts on constraints ;;; ; Liskov Substitution for Constraint Kinds ; ; Tools for programming with ConstraintKinds in GHC ; ;;; What Constraints Entail ;;; Why can't I make a kind from a type class? (ConstraintKinds) ;;; Constraint Kinds, ambiguous type variables ;;; type equalities ;;; Data.Constraint - dict as paramaeter for function? ;;; Reading values into types in a typeclass (ConstraintKinds) ;;; ConstraintKinds ;;; Programmatically create new instances using core-to-core plugins ;;; ;;; Constraint with existential type-variable ;;; ;;; Opaque constraint synonyms ;;; ; ;;; constraint tricks ;;; :- ;;; Collection of Type Class and Constraint Tricks ;;;
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january 2019 by FTS
Quantified Class Constraints ;;; ;;; ;;; ;;; How to derive Generic for (some) GADTs using QuantifiedConstraints ;;; ;;; How QuantifiedConstraints can let us put join back in Monad ;;; ;;; lens ;;; QuantifiedConstraints formulation of Profunctor optics ; Uniform concrete optics ;;; ;;; Could Coercible be extended to work on constraints? ;;; Coercible ;;; example ;;; ;;; QuantifiedConstraints and the trouble with Traversable ;;; QuantifiedConstraints: Can't quantify constraint involving type family ;;; Punching a big hole through a newtype ;;; Why can't quantified constraints be more general ;;; Who Cares About GHC 8.6? ;;;
january 2018 by FTS
GHC/AdvancedOverlap - HaskellWiki
Choosing a type-class instance based on the context Proposal: Instance apartness guards ;;; Resolving overlap of instances with type families ;;; OverlappingInstance workarounds

Avoid overlapping instances with closed type families Instance chain groups (disallow overlapping instance)
june 2017 by FTS
On Type Class Instance Selection ;;; Understanding Instance resolution and constraints ;;; is UndecidableInstances okay to use? ;;; When is UndecidableInstances safe? ;;; UndecidableInstance and makeClassy ;;;
may 2017 by FTS
rodrigogribeiro/mptc: type inference for haskell
Type Inference for Haskell with Multi-parameter type classes without extensions ambiguous types ;;;
april 2017 by FTS
lexi-lambda/hackett: (Very) WIP implementation of a Haskell 98-like Lisp in Racket Type Systems as Macros ;;; Dependent Type Systems as Macros ;;; ;;; ; Rascal is now Hackett, plus some answers to questions ;;; ;;; local type inference ;;; ;;; Type tailoring is a technique for adding domain-specific type checkers to a typed host language. Using the Type Systems as Macros approach to building typed languages ;;; ; Realizing Hackett, a metaprogrammable Haskell ;;; Hackett progress report: documentation, quality of life, and snake ;;; ;;; A space of their own: adding a type namespace to Hackett ;;; Reimplementing Hackett’s type language: expanding to custom core forms in Racket ;;; Alexis King - Hackett: a metaprogrammable Haskell ;;; Inside Racket Seminar 7. Alexis King on Hackett ;;; (seventh RacketCon): Alexis King -- Hackett, a Haskell for Racketeers ;;; Hackett: a metaprogrammable Haskell ;;; typeclasses are (compile-time functions) from types to expressions ;;; fundeps ;;;
haskell  racket  macro  typeClass 
january 2017 by FTS
higher-kinded type & type class Higher-rank and higher-kinded types ;;; Higher-rank types in Standard Haskell ;;; ;;;
november 2016 by FTS
Haskell API evolution
Data.Default {- RULE - } ;;; template-default ;;; ;;; "Don't use typeclasses to define default values"? ;;; Haskell for all: Defaults ;;; ; First-class modules without defaults ;;; extensible records ;;;
monoid  typeClass  api-design 
july 2016 by FTS
Typeclasses are bad
No modularity; forces big dependency lists on any library that defines a type, or any library that defines a class
july 2016 by FTS
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