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This MIT PhD Wants to Replace America's Broken Voting Machines with Open Source Software, Chromebooks, and iPads
Adida is adamant that he is not trying to remake America’s voting system—the new voting machines will not allow for online voting or use the blockchain or anything like that. They will have a paper trail, which is still the best way to secure an election while preserving ballot secrecy, he said.
technology  voting  opensource 
november 2018 by Gwendoux
Close Your Browser Tabs. You Won’t Miss Them.
As a writer, I know a lot of other writers, and I hear a common refrain among the writerly set—they have billions of tabs open, each with a potential new thing to read that they hope to get to someday, but might not ever see.
technology  tabs  browser 
september 2018 by Gwendoux
Chatbots were the next big thing: what happened?
Chatbots weren’t the first technological development to be talked up in grandiose terms and then slump spectacularly.
bots  technology  UI  UX 
june 2018 by Gwendoux
Welcome to the automated warehouse of the future
Warehouses are being revolutionized by AI and robotics, and British supermarket chain Ocado is at the forefront of this change. We went inside the company’s new facilities to see how technology is affecting how you shop online.
robot  ia  technology 
may 2018 by Gwendoux
The House That Spied on Me
The larger pattern that emerged about the smart home was that all of the devices phoned home daily, even if they hadn’t been used, telling the companies that made them, “Hey. I’m still here. I’ve still got power. Have any updates for me?”
privacy  security  surveillance  Technology 
march 2018 by Gwendoux
Everything is too complicated
All of that is exciting — I love gadgets and am one of the few crazy people that think CES is incredibly fun! — but I want to take a half-step back before it all begins and point out something obvious: most people have no idea how any of these things work, and are already hopelessly confused by the tech they have.
technology  UX  people 
january 2018 by Gwendoux
Silicon Valley Techies Still Think They're the Good Guys. They're Not
As we discussed the latest sexual harassment scandal, he posed a question: Will anyone ever write another positive story about a tech startup.
I said probably not.
technology  culture  siliconvalley 
december 2017 by Gwendoux
Trop connectés, trop sollicités : des grands noms de la Silicon Valley protestent en se déconnectant
Au sein de la Silicon Valley, plusieurs trentenaires limitent volontairement leur propre usage des réseaux sociaux pour dénoncer une culture de l'attention permanente à base de « j'aime » et de notifications. Ils la jugent potentiellement dangereuse pour la société.
technology  FOMO  GAFAM  social 
october 2017 by Gwendoux
Does Slack allow your boss to spy on you?
It would probably surprise many Slackers that Slack is an acronym, and its full name would make Orwell proud: Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge
privacy  Productivity  technology 
may 2017 by Gwendoux
How I Let Disney Track My Every Move
It’s kind of like signing up for Facebook with the hope that you can connect with far off friends, only to realize several years later that the social network has been gobbling up your online activity in order to sell ads. You agreed to this deal. Nevertheless, you probably didn’t comprehend every detail buried in the fine print.
privacy  technology 
april 2017 by Gwendoux
WordPress Without Shame
But not every nail needs a fully-custom hammer. During our CMS conversations, inevitably I am the person in the room who brings up WordPress. Then, my teammates put on their most patient facial expressions and listen to me make the argument.
cms  team  technology 
october 2016 by Gwendoux
The Humans Hiding Behind the Chatbots
Behind the artificial intelligence personal assistants and concierges are actual people, reading e-mails and ordering Chipotle.
bots  article  technology 
july 2016 by Gwendoux
Shipping Rust in Firefox
So I’m pleased to mark an important milestone: with Firefox 48, Mozilla will ship our first Rust component to all desktop platforms, and with Android support coming soon.
firefox  technology 
july 2016 by Gwendoux
Facebook is wrong, text is deathless
Because nothing has proved as invincible as writing and literacy. Because text is just so malleable. Because it fits into any container we put it in. Because our world is supersaturated in it, indoors and out. Because we have so much invested in it. Because nothing we have ever made has ever rewarded our universal investment in it more. Unless our civilization fundamentally collapses, we will never give up writing and reading.
text  technology  future 
june 2016 by Gwendoux
No UI is the New UI
Let this be a fair warning against complacency. As UI designers, we have a tendency to presume a UI is the solution to every new design problems. If anything, the AI revolution will force us to reset our presumption on what it means to design for interaction. It will push us to leave our comfort zone and look at the bigger picture, bringing our focus on the design of the experience rather than the actual screen. And that is an exciting future for designers.
technology  UI  UX 
november 2015 by Gwendoux
7 Important Reasons to Unplug and Find Space
Technology has some wonderful benefits. I use it almost every day. And I would never, ever argue against the responsible use of it.
However, that being said, it is becoming increasingly obvious that our world is developing an unhealthy attachment to it:
technology  life  work  balance 
september 2015 by Gwendoux
How well does your browser support HTML5?
And that is just wrong. It goes against all that is feature detection. If a feature is not supported, it should not be detectable. That is how feature detection should work. It allows the website to fail gracefully and provide an alternative. Or simply as a web developer make the decision to make this not visible to the user at all. Allowing to user to click the upload button and showing an error message after the fact is the worst thing you could do.
browser  device  technology  support 
september 2015 by Gwendoux
The Changelog#172: GitUp, Git UX, and More with Pierre-Olivier Latour
Our guest this week is Pierre-Olivier Latour. He joins the show to discuss his history as a software developer – everything from creating Quartz Composer and working at Apple to his new project GitUp and the user experience of Git.
podacast  technology  git  apple  picture  cloud 
september 2015 by Gwendoux
Safari isn’t the problem, but the lack of browser choice in iOS is
As a vendor of dominant mobile operating system, Apple, should make a real browser choice possible in iOS in order to ensure fair competition and innovation. Any other major operating system (Android, Windows, OSX, Linux) has a free browser choice, and iOS should be no different.
apple  technology  browser 
july 2015 by Gwendoux
Safari is the new IE
Even when Apple does implement newer APIs, they often do it halfheartedly. To take an example close to my heart, IndexedDB was proposed more than 5 years ago and has been available in IE, Firefox, and Chrome since 2012. Apple, on the other hand, didn’t release IndexedDB until mid-2014, and when they did, they unveiled a bafflingly incompetent implementation that was so bad, it’s been universally derided as unusable. (LocalForage, PouchDB, and YDN-DB, the major IndexedDB wrappers, all ignore Safari’s version and fall back to WebSQL.)
browser  technology  future 
june 2015 by Gwendoux
It's Official: Everyone Has the Same Plan for Tech's Future
You can prefer one design or another, but that will be the only thing separating iOS from Android and Android from Windows. They’re just skins at this point. You’ll have access to all the same apps, all the same services.
mobile  platform  technology 
june 2015 by Gwendoux
Futures of text
A survey of all the current innovation in text as a medium
chat  technology  text  UI  UX 
march 2015 by Gwendoux
Millions of Facebook users have no idea they’re using the internet
Indonesians surveyed by Galpaya told her that they didn’t use the internet. But in focus groups, they would talk enthusiastically about how much time they spent on Facebook. Galpaya, a researcher (and now CEO) with LIRNEasia, a think tank, called Rohan Samarajiva, her boss at the time, to tell him what she had discovered. “It seemed that in their minds, the Internet did not exist; only Facebook,” he concluded.
culture  facebook  internet  technology 
february 2015 by Gwendoux
Never trust a corporation to do a library’s job

As Google abandons its past, Internet archivists step in to save our collective memory
google  technology  culture  archive 
january 2015 by Gwendoux
I can't stop comparing everything to Black Mirror
In the same way that we refer to Blade Runner as shorthand for gritty dystopian cityscapes, Gattaca for worries about corporate use of genetic information, and Terminator for ominously powerful AI, Black Mirror has become shorthand for a certain type of contemporary internet-age creepiness.
technology  security 
january 2015 by Gwendoux
Why you should not use Uber (the car ride brokering company).
Because I reject technology that mistreats me, I will never order or pay for an Uber car. I hope there will always be taxis I can use. But what about you?
privacy  technology  service 
december 2014 by Gwendoux
Mozilla’s Add-on Policy is Hostile to Open Source
Mozilla prides itself on being a champion of the open web, and largely it is. But one policy continues to increasingly grate: their badly-managed add-on review program.
emberjs  software  technology 
november 2014 by Gwendoux
Photography, hello — Software ate the camera, but freed the photograph by Craig Mod
The piece was originally titled the subtly more intimate, “Cameras, Goodbye.”1 It's meant to be a eulogy for a relationship with an old friend that had largely ended, but the end of which I had yet to fully acknowledge. Because, in short: I love cameras a whole lot, but I love photography even more. And in an effort to explore what the networked lens means for photography, I seemed to have largely, unknowingly, left cameras behind. Could a smartphone really be the best photographic tool for me? This question was both frightening and intriguing.
photography  technology  opinion  story 
february 2014 by Gwendoux
Fanboys - Have you ever loved something so much it hurt?
Fanboy-ism is not just a phone thing, of course. There are Star Wars fanboys, and video game console fanboys, and comic book fanboys. Before the word even entered the pop lexicon there were fanboys: Grateful Dead tape-traders, ham radio enthusiasts, orchid nuts, and a million other things. But smartphone fanboys are different: They are noisier. They are more aggressive. And they seem, at times, truly out of their minds, or at the least to have seriously lost perspective
january 2014 by Gwendoux
Daring Fireball: Thoughts on Google Glass
My problem with Google Glass is primarily not about the basic concept of eyewear with a built-in HUD, or even the camera, but with the actual design and execution of Glass. It is ugly and clunky and ridiculously expensive for what it does. To me, that’s everything. Same thing with all existing smartwatches — the problem isn’t the idea, it’s the actual execution. There are no points for being first to market with a bad product. It’s a cool lab demo that they’re presenting as a finished product.
glass  technology 
december 2013 by Gwendoux
Smart Watches and Computers On Your Face
But why do we need “smart” watches or face-mounted computers like Google Glass? They have radically different hardware and software needs than smartphones, yet they don’t offer much more utility. They’re also always with you, but not significantly more than smartphones. They come with major costs in fashion and creepiness. They’re yet more devices that need to be bought, learned, maintained, and charged every night. Most fatally, nearly everything they do that has mass appeal and real-world utility can be done by a smartphone well enough or better. And if we’ve learned anything in the consumer-tech business, it’s that “good enough” usually wins.
mobile  technology 
december 2013 by Gwendoux
Technology hasn’t Changed Us
I get so sick and tired of people saying that technology is “ruining us”; saying that all these mobile phones are somehow undermining this incredible human interaction we had all the way back in the 199o’s.
social  technology 
december 2013 by Gwendoux
Building The Front Page Of The Internet: Reddit's Alexis Ohanian – ReadWrite
Ohanian went on to help launch the travel site Hipmunk and the social enterprise site Breadpig. He is an outspoken advocate for an open Internet, and last year blacked out Reddit's front page in protest against Hollywood-backed bills that would have allowed the U.S. government to unilaterally blacklist alleged pirate sites from the Internet. (Congress abandoned the legislation following widespread Internet protests.)
itw  technology 
october 2013 by Gwendoux
Spotted: Sergey Brin wearing Google Glass specs as he blends in on NYC subway - The Next Web
That a man as fabulously wealthy as Brin uses the train to get around is quite amusing. With his winter hat, beard and plastic bag, he looks just like a regular guy. Albeit one rocking a $1,500 set of glasses.
january 2013 by Gwendoux
[whatwg] WHATWG on Google+
Welcome to the new web, a web without RSS or ATOM feeds. A web you
cannot easily read without JavaScript because somewhere in the page
header there is a „<style> body { visibility: hidden; } </style>” later
getting unset by a script that the platform owners want you to run.
technology  web 
december 2012 by Gwendoux
The Magazine Issues in New Era of Writing - The Industry
It’s not very often that a product or service redefines the market in which it resides. However, Marco Arment has done exactly that with his latest project, The Magazine. The Magazine is a subscription-based application that delivers stories; stories that bring technology and writing to a crossroad. Marco specifically states in his foreword, though, that at times it will go beyond technology at times when he feels it fits his vision for The Magazine.
app  ios  magazine  content  technology  writing 
october 2012 by Gwendoux
Ten Moments that Changed the Web
The talk is titled “Ten Moments that Changed the Web” and you’ll find the slides as well as the presentation audio linked from the first slide. (Audio quality is rough as my recording was a bit impromptu and took the audio from a Flipcam.)
history  technology  webdesign 
september 2012 by Gwendoux
State of the Browser 2012 –
"The bad news is that we’ve all been building tunnels. The good news is Paul has been working on a bridge solution."
technology  web  brower  webapp  app 
may 2012 by Gwendoux
5by5 | The Talk Show
"The Talk Show features discussion about technology, Apple, Mac, iPhone, iPad, movies, directors, and the Web. It’s America’s favorite podcast."
apple  iphone  podcast  technology 
march 2012 by Gwendoux
Polyglot persistence at Pinterest: Redis, Membase, MySQL • myNoSQL
"We use python + heavily-modified Django at the application layer.  Tornado and (very selectively) node.js as web-servers.  Memcached and membase / redis for object- and logical-caching, respectively.  RabbitMQ as a message queue.  Nginx, HAproxy and Varnish for static-delivery and load-balancing.  Persistent data storage using MySQL.  MrJob on EMR for map-reduce."
server  diagram  technology 
february 2012 by Gwendoux

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