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Creating a Design System: The Step-by-Step Guide
A full guide based on real projects and case studies. See the complete 9-step process.
11 days ago
The 8 competencies of user experience: a tool for assessing and developing UX Practitioners
A UX practitioner demonstrates 8 core competencies: User needs research; Usability evaluation; Information architecture; Interaction design; Visual design; Technical writing; User interface prototyping; and User experience leadership. By assessing each team member's 'signature' in these eight areas, managers can build a fully rounded user experience team. This approach also helps identify the roles for which each team member is most suited alongside areas for individual development.
13 days ago
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
splunk coronavirus dashboard
22 days ago
Coronavirus Dashboard
by the teenager in Washington
tools  Data 
29 days ago
Music site rebecca liked
Music  Radio 
4 weeks ago
Rachel Ignotofsky Design
Illustrator of books about women
6 weeks ago
Sabbaticals for creative professionals in national parks
6 weeks ago
The Light Phone
phone with minimal apps. No social media
11 weeks ago
Uncovering the Jobs to be Done
Intro + Live Interview | Jobs-to-be-Done
Interview technique
UX  research 
december 2019
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