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How the UK transformed its electricity supply in just a decade | Carbon Brief
This is the story of the policy decisions and other developments behind the UK electricity sector’s decade of transformation.
electricity  supply  supply_chains  climate  climate_change  climate_policy  maps  carbon  uk 
17 days ago
Historicizing the Self-Evident: An Interview with Lorraine Daston - Los Angeles Review of Books
Jack Gross interviews historian of science Lorraine Daston about her early work on rules, which has become newly salient in the age of algorithms.
History_of_science  history_of_technology  history_of_capitalism  interview  phenomenal_world 
17 days ago
Small N's and Big Conclusions: An Examination of the Reasoning in Comparative Studies Based on a Small Number of Cases on JSTOR
An increasing number of studies, particularly in the area of comparative and historical research, are using the method of agreement and method of difference pro...
causality  causal_inference  causal_mechanisms  statistics  methodology  history  social_science 
17 days ago
Trade, Merchants, and the Lost Cities of the Bronze Age* | The Quarterly Journal of Economics | Oxford Academic
estimate ancient city sizes and offer evidence in support of the hypothesis that large cities tend to emerge at the intersections of natural transpor
trade  economic_history  history  history_of_capitalism  markets  cities  zipfs_law 
27 days ago
Macroeconomic frameworks | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
Despite decades of research, there still is no consensus over whether neoclassical, New Keynesian, or other frameworks accurately capture the underlying sources and mechanisms of economic fluctuations. The column uses new empirical data on demand shocks to evaluate the predictions of these models for labour share, labour wedge, wage and price response, and multipliers. Each
economic_theory  macroeconomics  macro_effects  macro_frameworks  modeling 
27 days ago
The Guardians - Hardback - Susan Pedersen - Oxford University Press
The First World War threw the imperial order into crisis. New states emerged from the great European land empires, while Germany's African and Pacific colonies, and the Ottoman provinces in the Middle East fell into allied hands. Britain, France, Belgium, Japan, and the British dominions wanted to keep the new states, but Woodrow Wilson and the millions converted to the ideal of self-determination thought otherwise.
history  institutional_design  institutions  imperialism  empire  international_relations  IR 
27 days ago
White World Order, Black Power Politics by Robert Vitalis | Paperback | Cornell University Press
In White World Order, Black Power Politics, Robert Vitalis recovers the arguments, texts, and institution building of an extraordinary group of professors at Howard University, including Alain Locke, Ralph Bunche, Rayford Logan, Eric Williams, and Merze Tate, who was the first black female professor of political science in the country.
imperialism  racism  IR  international_relations  institutions  institutional_design  US 
27 days ago
Between Power and Principle: An Integrated Theory of International Law on JSTOR
Over 50,000 international treaties are in force today, covering nearly every aspect of international affairs and nearly every facet of state authority. And yet ...
international_relations  IR  realism  states  law  legal_theory  legal_history 
27 days ago
Causes of War - Jack S. Levy, William R. Thompson - Google Books
Written by leading scholars in the field, Causes of War provides the first comprehensive analysis of the leading theories relating to the origins of both interstate and civil wars. Utilizes historical examples to illustrate individual theories throughout Includes an analysis of theories of civil wars as well as interstate wars -- one of the only texts to do both Written by two former International Studies Association Presidents
international_relations  IR  history  history_of_capitalism  war  war_finance  realism  stat 
27 days ago
The Twenty Years' Crisis, 1919-1939 - Reissued with a new preface from Michael Cox | E.H. Carr | Palgrave Macmillan
E.H. Carr's Twenty Years' Crisis is a classic work in International Relations. Published in 1939, on the eve of World War II, it was immediately recognized by friend and foe alike as a defining work in the fledgling discipline. The author was one of the most influential and controversial
international_relations  IR  history  history_of_capitalism  war  war_finance  realism 
27 days ago
Power relations and the labour share of income in China | Cambridge Journal of Economics | Oxford Academic
Abstract. The labour share of income in China substantially declined from the mid-1990s to the late 2000s. We analyse the effect of power relations among the s
labor_market  labor_share  income_inequality  power_resource  china  inequality  labor_relations 
8 weeks ago
When a Disappointment Helped Lead to a Nobel Prize - The New York Times
The winners of this year’s Nobel in economics did pioneering field experiments that sometimes didn’t work as expected.
rcts  research  experimentation  causality  public_policy  policy_making 
8 weeks ago
A unified theory of public basic research | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
We do not know how much basic research is desirable from a national and global perspective, and in which industries. This column describes the insights from a new multi-country, multi-industry framework with international trade. It shows that global investments in basic research are too low, too heavily concentrated in industrialised countries, and not sufficiently targeted
research  research_institute  public_sector  public_policy  research_and_development  investment 
8 weeks ago
I confess that I have never understood why Bayesian statisticians would ever report just a single set of "results". One of the key insights of the Reverend Thomas Bayes was that the data gives you a map between what you thought before and what you should think now. Thus I would think that the Bayesian tradition would be to report this map—not just what the posterior mean is for one set of prior beliefs, but other things as well, like how different your prior beliefs would have to hav...
statistics  bayesian_statistics  causality  causal_inference  priors 
8 weeks ago
Aaron Benanav, Automation and the Future of Work—2, NLR 120, November–December 2019
Concluding his two-part analysis of technological development and global labour-market dysfunction, Aaron Benanav rebuts the automation theorists’ call for Universal Basic Income with a counter-proposal. Can we invent the future by working backwards from the world we want to build?
unemployment  automation  employment  history_of_capitalism  future_of_work  UBI  job_guarantee  jobs  workers 
8 weeks ago
The Financialization of Housing: A political economy approach, 1st Edition (Hardback) - Routledge
Due to the financialization of housing in today’s market, housing risks are increasingly becoming financial risks. Financialization refers to the increasing dominance of financial actors, markets, practices, measurements and narratives. It also…
financialization  finance  housing_policy  housing  housing_markets  political_economy  political_science 
8 weeks ago
Guano, Credible Commitments, and Sovereign Debt Repayment in Nineteenth-Century Peru | The Journal of Economic History | Cambridge Core
Guano, Credible Commitments, and Sovereign Debt Repayment in Nineteenth-Century Peru - Volume 69 Issue 2 - Catalina Vizcarra
credit  debt  history_of_capitalism  finance  development  institutions  crisis 
8 weeks ago
Should Gifted Students Be In Separate Classrooms?
Earlier this year, the New York City School Diversity Advisory Group, a group of leaders, researchers, educators, and community members, convened by mayor
segregation  school_choice  education  educational_opportunity  education_finance  rural_america  rural_education 
8 weeks ago
Walter Benjamin’s Last Work
Samantha Rose Hill considers the continent-spanning turmoil that has marked the publication of Walter Benjamin's "Theses on the Philosophy of History."
philosophy  history  critique  theory 
8 weeks ago
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