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8 hours ago
最前线 | 阿里计划收购韵达至少10%股份,中国快递6巨头仅剩顺丰“独自为阵”
yunda  alibaba  logistic  china 
5 days ago
Bytedance is taking over the attention economy
Much about Bytedance’s recommendation algorithm is unknown. However, its ability to capture, parse, and stitch together data about news articles, short videos, and games users are interested in is incredibly valuable. This creates all sorts of targeting and retargeting potential for savvy advertisers. Industry chatter (in Chinese) and interviews with a handful of local companies suggest that advertisers believe Bytedance is more cost-effective than Baidu or Tencent.
bytedance  digitaladvertising  digitalmarketing  china 
4 weeks ago
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