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Tencent Quietly Offers a Cut of WeChat's Revenues to Apple
nched Mini Programs for WeChat in early 2017. These streamlined versions of mobile apps ran within WeChat, and effectively gave Tencent a mobile app ecosystem which was detached from iOS and Android.

WeChat's total number of Mini Programs topped one million in 2018, making it roughly half the size of Apple's App Store in China. Tencent stated that daily active users (DAUs) for those Mini Programs rose 45% annually to 300 million last quarter.
tencent  apple  paywall  china 
9 weeks ago by JINYONG86
智​氪分析 | 腾讯广告,能否成为腾讯收入新动能?

digitaladvertising  digitalmarketing  tencent 
september 2019 by JINYONG86
Charted: WeChat’s astronomical growth abroad — Quartz
A data caveat has given some insights into a question Tencent never addresses—How fast does its all-encompassing app WeChat grow overseas?
wechat  tencent 
august 2019 by JINYONG86
后移动支付时代:微信支付不再以 Kpi 论增长
tencent  wechat  wxg 
august 2019 by JINYONG86
最前线 | 微信内测“Pc端打开小程序”,小程序互联网时代才刚刚开始
miniapp  wechat  tencent 
august 2019 by JINYONG86
Tencent enters Japan's cloud, chasing Amazon and Microsoft - Nikkei Asian Review
BEIJING -- Tencent Holdings, one of China's dominant tech conglomerates, is going to Japan to challenge Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud computing ma
tencent  cloudcomputing  china  japan 
july 2019 by JINYONG86
Tencent-backed Douyu raises $775 million in US IPO · TechNode
The deal is so far the largest Chinese IPO in the US in 2019, eclipsing Luckin Coffee's which raised $645 million.
douyu  esports  tencent  ipo 
july 2019 by JINYONG86
tencent  china  ponyma  allenzhang 
july 2019 by JINYONG86
Can Spotify Lite Help Spotify Capture India’s Tier 2, 3 Markets
Spotify India rolled out its Spotify Lite app in a move aimed at attracting users who own basic smartphones & have poor internet connectivity.
spotify  tencent  gaana  music  streaming  india 
july 2019 by JINYONG86
The top e-wallets in the Philippines
GrabPay is battling with homegrown players that are, in turn, backed by China’s tech giants.
payment  wallet  philippines  grabfinancial  grabpay  gcash  paymaya  alibaba  tencent  gojek  antfinancial  globe  ayala 
july 2019 by JINYONG86
jackma  ponyma  alibaba  tencent 
july 2019 by JINYONG86
tencent  advertising 
july 2019 by JINYONG86
Briefing: Tencent, Paytm to invest $100 million in Indian streaming service · TechNode
Tencent has been eager to expand its video-streaming operations outside of China.
tencent  mxplayer  streaming  video 
july 2019 by JINYONG86
Standards of Facial Recognition
This is a fight among three powerful strategic alliances over technical standards in identity authentication. As the writer states, “the focus area of conflict and competition…is the standardizati...
ai  facialrecognition  china  alibaba  tencent 
june 2019 by JINYONG86
Briefing: Tencent appoints new heads of digital banking and fintech units · TechNode
The leadership shuffle comes as fintech becomes an increasingly important business unit for the Chinese internet giant.
tencent  fintech  virtualbank  reorg 
june 2019 by JINYONG86
chengwei  wangxin  zhangyiming  bytedance  tencent  huawei  ponyma  renzhengfei  meituandianping  didichuxing 
june 2019 by JINYONG86
最前线 | 微信调整公众号分成比例,分成收入不设上限_36氪
wechat  advertising  tencent 
june 2019 by JINYONG86
After "Honour of Kings" failure abroad, Tencent retools overseas strategy - CNA
When Tencent Holdings Ltd made its first big foray overseas with an adaptation of its blockbuster mobile game "Honour of Kings" in the summer of ...
tencent  game  international 
may 2019 by JINYONG86
Briefing: Tencent partnered with 17,000 companies for WeChat Work ecosystem · TechNode
WeChat Work is playing catch up with Alibaba’s mobile workplace tool Dingtalk, which had 400 million users as of September.
tencent  2b  enterprise 
may 2019 by JINYONG86
最前线 | 腾讯教育正式成立,整合了不同事业群的教育业务_36氪
tencent  edutech 
may 2019 by JINYONG86
Sea triples 'adjusted revenue,' closes in on profitability
It announced a substantial increase in its adjusted revenue for its digital gaming business over the previous quarter.
seagroup  shopee  tencent 
may 2019 by JINYONG86
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