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Tencent enters Japan's cloud, chasing Amazon and Microsoft - Nikkei Asian Review
BEIJING -- Tencent Holdings, one of China's dominant tech conglomerates, is going to Japan to challenge Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud computing ma
tencent  cloudcomputing  china  japan 
july 2019 by JINYONG86
银联商务:800 万商户“上云”之路_36氪
牵手百度智能云“上云”之后,银联商务还发现自己的 800 万商户同样存在着“上云”的需求,联手百度智能云打造金融级云服务将迎来辽阔商机。
baidu  ai  cloudcomputing  unionpay 
july 2019 by JINYONG86
After Strategy Reboot, JPMorgan Going Deeper in Cloud — The Information
Lori Beer, global chief information officer at JPMorgan Chase, says the bank has learned a lot during its transition to using services from outside cloud computing providers such as Amazon Web Services. Armed with this knowledge, Ms. Beer said in a recent interview, JPMorgan will soon give the ...
banking  ai  blockchain  cloudcomputing 
may 2019 by JINYONG86
Is Software Eating the World? – OneZero
As creators of technology, we need to ask whether our progress is antagonistic to the place that we call home.
cloudcomputing  renewable 
april 2019 by JINYONG86
Google to launch cloud service in Jakarta in 2020 - Science & Tech - The Jakarta Post
The Google Cloud Region is expected to tap into the Indonesian market, particularly start-ups and enterprises that boast low latency and high performance cloud-based data and workload.
google  cloudcomputing  indonesia 
april 2019 by JINYONG86
Demand Soaring for Amazon AI Services? Not So Fast — The Information
Big cloud computing providers have said customers are clamoring for their artificial intelligence services, which help companies with everything from translating text into speech to automatically recognizing images to fraud detection. Just this week, an investment analyst raised his share price ...
SAAS  cloudcomputing  aws  amazon  sagemaker 
april 2019 by JINYONG86

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