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Didi offers virtual banking services in Brazil amid intensified rivalry with Uber · TechNode
Many adults in Brazil don’t have a bank account and were unable to receive payments as Didi drivers.
didichuxing  brazil  banking  fintech 
july 2019 by JINYONG86
Briefing: Tencent appoints new heads of digital banking and fintech units · TechNode
The leadership shuffle comes as fintech becomes an increasingly important business unit for the Chinese internet giant.
tencent  fintech  virtualbank  reorg 
june 2019 by JINYONG86
Blockchain in retail banking: Making the connection | McKinsey
Caution is understandable in the use of blockchain in retail banking. But there is value to be gained through the right approach.
blockchain  banking  fintech  mckinsey 
june 2019 by JINYONG86
India's Paytm to acquire insurance marketplace: sources
If the deal goes through, it would make Paytm a direct competitor to the country’s largest online insurance marketplace PolicyBazaar.
paytm  insurance  fintech  india 
june 2019 by JINYONG86
3 promising fintech verticals in Southeast Asia
Depending on where you are in the world, the term ‘fintech’ can conjure up lots of different mental images
fintech  sea 
may 2019 by JINYONG86
This e-credit card allows Filipinos to buy big-ticket items online with easy instalments
In addition to BillEase, the startup also offers Balikbayad, a lending platform for overseas Filipinos, and Loan Ranger, a short-term instant credit platform
fdfc  fintech  philippines  sea 
may 2019 by JINYONG86
The dark side of Indonesia’s online lending boom
But according to a report by consumer watchdog Indonesian Consumers Foundation, fintech lenders RupiahPlus and Akulaku – both OJK-licensed – were among the five lenders that received the most complaints. The other three are Pinjam Kilat, Dr. Rupiah, and Uang Cepat.
p2p  fintech  indonesia  akulaku 
april 2019 by JINYONG86
最前线 | 美团生意贷2.0上线,进一步朝to B的业务延伸_36氪
meituandianping  fintech 
april 2019 by JINYONG86
Tencent partners with two banks in cloud business push · TechNode
Despite lackluster performance by its online gaming segment, Tencent's cloud computing business saw strong growth in 2018.
tencent  fintech  csig 
april 2019 by JINYONG86
Indonesia’s e-wallet race is heating up. Here are the main players
Go-Pay and Ovo are the current leaders, but the battle is far from over.
indonesia  payment  fintech 
april 2019 by JINYONG86
akulaku  fintech  indonesia 
april 2019 by JINYONG86
「Akulaku」是来自印尼的虚拟消费平台,成立于 2016 年。公司以虚拟信用卡起家,之后开始自建电商平台,其平台拥有自营手机,也有第三方供应商供货,SKU 超过 300 万个。另外,Akulaku 还从 3C 商品拓展到了虚拟缴费场景,目前已经成为印尼最大的线上消费金融服务提供商
akulaku  fintech  indonesia 
april 2019 by JINYONG86
How Millennial Ethics Are Reshaping Fintech
With $30 trillion in future spending power, millennials are reshaping the investing and fintech spaces to better align with their ethical values.
esg  fintech 
april 2019 by JINYONG86
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