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Eight tools you need for backlink generation - Search Engine Watch Search Engine Watch
Backlinks are links from another website that point to your website. Getting backlinks from websites with high domain authority that are relevant to your niche will help you rank higher on Google searches and grab your audience’s attention.
3 hours ago
Miller Lite Brings the Bud Knight Back to Life (Sort of) - WSJ
Brewers are fighting for market share amid a two-decade slide at the hands of wine and spirits. Beer’s share of U.S. alcohol sales fell to 45.5% last year from 56% in 1999, while spirits grew to 37.3% from 28.2% and wine edged up to 17.2% from 15.8%, according to the Distilled Spirits Council.
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Strategy needs good words – canalside view
Get good at words

Strategy as I said at the beginning, is the art of getting other people to do something.

And without the right words in the right order there can be no strategy.

Curiosity, insight, rigour, listening skills, creative instinct… they all matter. Of course they do.

But at the end of the day they are rendered impotent if you are not good with words.

I find it no accident or coincidence that the best planners I have worked with have all been great writers.

You are only as good as your words.

So get good at words.


5 There is only momentum or useful description

Many years ago a practitioner of improv theatre explained to me that there is only Movement or Colour.

Movement is about moving the narrative forwards.


Actor #1 : “The house is on fire!”

Actor #2 : “I’m calling the fire brigade!”

That’s Movement.

Colour does not move the narrative forwards – but it does add context and detail:


Actor #1 : “The house is on fire!”

Actor #2 : “I’m scared!”

That’s Colour.

There are only two questions to ask of every single sentence that you write.

They are rollercoaster rides because strategy concerns itself with changing the status quo, with moving from one state to another, and with obstacles, conflict, resistance, and competition.

So think about the structure, beats and cadence of your narrative:

The story can be boiled down to just five elements:

We’re facing the combined Franco-Spanish fleet.

We have to destroy the enemy fleet.

We’re massively outnumbered and if we lose we’ll be under French rule in a matter of weeks.

Their gunners are less well-trained than our more experienced captains and gunners

“No day can be long enough to arrange a couple of Fleets and fight a decisive Battle according to the old system.. .With the remaining part of the Fleet formed in two Lines I shall go at them at once… I think it will surprise and confound the Enemy. They won’t know what I am about. It will bring forward a pell-mell battle and that is what I want.’
(Solution. In Nelson’s own words).

Strategy is as much about what we choose not to do as it is what we do.
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Why did Shoes of Prey fail? Because it listened to customers - SmartCompany
There are two key reasons for this.

Firstly, when you ask people about future behaviour, they answer as if they are responding for a stranger. This psychological distance makes it difficult for them to accurately empathise with their future self, leading them to be overly optimistic about the likelihood they may or may not do something.

‘Would you customise a shoe that’s right for you?’ ‘Of course! It’s what I’ve always wanted!’

Secondly, when you ask people a question, typically they answer using their ‘system two’ brain. System two is deliberate, fact-loving and logical thinking.
psychology  research  planning 
Why liberals and conservatives look so strange to each other
But the most interesting of Haidt’s main points, I think, is this: there’s more to morality than harm and fairness, which are the traditional bases of most moral beliefs. There are, in Haidt’s model, 6 moral foundations:

Care: Kindness and protection for the vulnerable
Fairness: The need to maintain justice in order to reap the benefits of partnerships

And then four less obvious ones:

Liberty: Freedom from manipulative power and government
Authority: Ensuring hierarchies work effectively by demanding a sense of obligation
Loyalty: The importance of shared ideals to ensure strong, cohesive groups
Sanctity: A sense of what is pure in order to protect against contamination — including in the form of taboo ideas

These six ‘beliefs’ are what we intuitively use to help us decide on what is right and wrong in any given situation. The really important bit, as I understand it, is that all of them are adaptive: that is, they are present in our morality because they have previously conferred evolutionary advantages on us. In short, they exist for good reasons, and needn’t represent some flaw. For instance: our sense of care arises because, as a species, we produce few young; therefore we have an innate sense of protecting the vulnerable. (Compare that to reptile species, who might produce dozens of offspring, and then see who makes it — cold-blooded in more ways than one.) On the other hand, our sense of loyalty has helped us to organise into coherent groups with shared aims: groups in which we know that others have our backs.

What’s not surprising is that liberals and conservatives differ in how much they rely on each of each of those foundations. What’s perhaps more surprising is the extent of the difference: liberals rely on just the first three of those foundations; conservatives use all six.
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Project Idaho: Varied responses to education outcomes | KBOI
"If you're critical of anything it appears to come from a negative perspective. I think the reality is if we're going to make a genuine effort to improve we have to know where we are," Quarles said. "If we don't begin to make bold leadership commitments and then hold ourselves accountable to new expectations that gap is going to continually get wider and you'll have larger swaths of Idahoans not even being able to get a foot in the door once they complete their educational path."
planning_JKAF  idaho  education 
3 days ago
Boisean runs 100 straight miles for others with disabilities | Idaho Statesman
“Our society tends to isolate people who can’t keep up or do swim team because they are different. We need to integrate that society — and that’s what I am involved in with Challenged Athletes Foundation,” Stewart said. “I don’t want to see anyone left out. I want to see equal opportunity, equal access to all kinds of things. When we see other people going through trials and tribulations that take them to the highest level, even if it’s just swimming across the pool one time, we can be motivated by that. We can all become better.”
idaho  planning_CAF 
3 days ago
Sea Shepherd Print Advert By Tribal, DDB: Plastic Seal, Plastic Turtle | Ads of the World™
simple plastic bag seems harmless, but it can represent extreme suffering – and even death – for thousands of animals in the oceans. Depicting this unfortunate truth through strong images, Sea Shepherd, an NGO focused on the conservation of marine wildlife, is launching a plastic awareness campaign.

3D ads have been created in partnership between Tribal Worldwide São Paulo and DDB Guatemala, that bear the caption, "The plastic you use once tortures the oceans forever."

The ads show different marine animals such as seals and turtles in extreme agony after coming in contact with plastics from items used in our daily lives and generally discarded without any special care. The 3D production was developed by Notan Studio.
animals  creative_executions_print  environment 
5 days ago
iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. | Communication Arts
Highlights: The site features beautiful, sophisticated imagery of cannabis with the goal of showing an investor market a new perspective on weed. Cannabis imagery was shown alongside corporate imagery to illustrate the presence and potential of this field within an investors’ market. Through imagery, we elevated the brand in order to position it as a leader in transforming the cannabis market. The beautiful photography is complimented by animated infographics to draw attention to the impressive data representing the scale of its operations.
5 days ago
Penny’s Coat & Dorothy’s Dress – The Uncool - The Official Site for Everything Cameron Crowe
As far as Penny Lane goes, she was this young girl who was laughing on the outside and crying on the inside. It had to be that when she put that coat on, that was her sanctuary, her cocoon. I wanted it to be something that she could wrap herself up in. And my inspiration for the shape was a 1920’s opera coat because it has a broader collar and a swingy bottom. When she goes up that ramp and she looks back to William, I wanted there to be some detail in the back, so I added some pleats. I just wanted it to be her safety blanket. The collar, I’m sure you’ve read somewhere, was a rug from Urban Outfitters that I cut up and it had to be the right color to bounce the light off of her face. I worked closely with John Toll, our cinematographer, to get it just the right shade, so when the light bounces off of her face and she looks so innocent and she looks like she believes in the happy ending, whereas inside she’s like, “Please let there be a happy ending.”
producer  wardrobe 
5 days ago
Emotional labor: a guide for men — Quartz at Work
What is emotional labor?

If you poll a dozen people on their definition of emotional labor, you’ll likely get close to a dozen different answers. Once upon a time, the phrase had a very narrow meaning (more on that in a minute) but these days it generally (and, to some, frustratingly) refers to what you might describe as “shit someone does that goes unrecognized.”
workplace  emotion 
6 days ago
Media Strategy Report 2019: Insights from the WARC Media Awards | WARC
Page 9:
-One third of shortlisted campaigns had budgets up to $500k (largest amount of shortlists)

-More than half of shortlisted campaigns had campaign durations of 3 to 6 months
warc  media  media-strategy 
7 days ago
A new 'wearout' standard for a new era of advertising | WARC
If the aim of media planning is to maximise purchase intent, the new research indicated that “media planners should strive for an average frequency of beyond 10 exposures.


“Affective approaches using humor, engaging storylines, or attractive sources,” the authors wrote, “will be effective at breaking through the clutter and capturing consumers’ attention when consumers have seen the advertisement only one or two times, on average. Emotional approaches designed to trigger problem recognition particularly would be effective in this stage.”

By contrast, “when advertisers are targeting consumers who have seen a campaign three to 10 times on average, they should use messaging focused on the features and benefits of the brand.

“They should try to set the brand apart from its competitors and offer consumers proof that the product is indeed the best on the market.

“This especially is true in a media environment that is characterized by consumers being exposed to many more messages on a daily basis through many new forms of media.”
media  mediaspending  mediahabits  campaignplanning 
7 days ago
Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Better Known, but Image Skews Negative
Two months into her new job on Capitol Hill, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become a much more recognizable figure to Americans. Half of U.S. adults were unfamiliar with or had no opinion of her in September after her seismic primary win over the summer, but that figure has shrunk to 29% today. But the increased visibility has not improved her overall standing with Americans. Whereas the public had mixed views of Ocasio-Cortez in September, her image now tilts slightly negative, with 31% viewing her favorably and 41% unfavorably.
politics  people 
7 days ago
Major Strategic Priorities for Banks and Credit Unions in 2019
Banks will be concentrating on business relationships, with commercial loans and deposits as major areas of emphasis. Credit unions, however, will focus on consumer relationships, with greater importance placed on products like auto loans and checking accounts.
planning_ICCU  banking 
7 days ago
Episode 729: When Subaru Came Out : Planet Money : NPR
This wasn't a time of tolerance for LGBT Americans. It was the era of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. In a few years, Bill Clinton would sign the Defense of Marriage Act, which barred same sex couples from being recognized as spouses. And yet, Subaru executives signed off on ads aimed at lesbian consumers. They did it in very precise, clever ways that became a template for many of the ad campaigns you see today... if you know how to look for it.
brand_subaru  automotive  LGBT 
7 days ago
Searing Bands of White Light Mark the Ocean’s Rising Tides in a Coastal Community | Colossal
The site-specific installation uses sensors and LED lights to show where the water will flow during storm surges if the Earth’s temperature continues to rise. Searing white lines mark this rising water level on the sides of buildings, hover over bridges, and extend across other susceptible areas across the museum campus and surrounding community.
7 days ago
Social Video Ad Spending Will Grow 44% by 2021 - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
We forecast that social video ad spending in the US will reach $14.89 billion in 2021, growing 44% from 2019. It will then account for 30.4% of total video ad spending.
onlinevideo  youtube  Facebook 
7 days ago
Snapshot: Few Americans Vegetarian or Vegan
Animal rights activists have long encouraged Americans to adopt a plant-based diet by becoming vegetarians (abstaining from eating meat) or by becoming vegan (rejecting all animal products). However, fewer than one in 10 Americans adhere to such diets, with 5% in the U.S. now saying they are vegetarians and 3% reporting they are vegans. These numbers are little changed in recent years.
8 days ago
A Three-Day Expedition To Walk Across Paris Entirely Underground
The tunnel we dropped into was narrow and low, with walls of raw, clammy stone. I slung my pack around to my chest and crawled on all fours, my back scraping against the rocky ceiling, while cold water sloshed around my hands and knees, soaking me to the skin. The stone gave off an earthy, almost pastoral aroma, like rain-soaked chalk. Our headlamp beams flitted in an arrhythmic strobe. So abrupt was the feeling of departure from the surface, we might as well have been at the bottom of the ocean. The honking of cars on the street, the rattle of the tram on avenue du Général Leclerc, the murmur of Parisians smoking under the awnings of brasseries — all were stamped out.
cities  adventure  writing 
8 days ago
Understanding Campaign Audiences Across TV + Digital
TV remains the primary driver of audience reach in cross-platform ad campaigns, with the average number of impressions from TV being nearly 8x greater than impressions from digital campaigns that focused on reaching the 18-49 demographic(1). Interestingly, Nielsen found that digital ads brought an incremental 16% to the total reach of campaigns aimed at people between the ages of 18-49(2). Connected TV devices are also growing contributors to campaign performance. In a separate study, Nielsen found that connected TV brought an incremental reach of 3% on top of linear TV and digital ads among audiences 18-49(3).
media  tv  onlineadvertising 
9 days ago
Warby Parker Green Room | Warby Parker
Our store on Melrose features a green-screen-powered studio where anyone can shoot 15-second films on otherworldly backgrounds (for free!) and leave with a clip for cherishing and sharing.


11 a.m.–7 p.m.
brand_warby-parker  design 
9 days ago
Can This Quirky Kid Give Reebok's Sales A Rebound? 03/12/2019
Called “Storm the Court,” the new 90-second ad stars a young girl who uses NBA-level intensity to stare down a tough crowd, showing off her Aztrek Double shoes, an update to the brand’s 1993 all-terrain classic.
fashion  Sports  creative_executions_Film  brand_reebok 
10 days ago
How Much Do Marketers Care About Brand Safety? - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
Brand safety is a serious concern for 60% of the ad industry professionals GumGum and Digiday surveyed in November 2018. But that's down from 90% in 2017.
brandsafety  fraud 
11 days ago
The Future of Sustainability 2019 • Forum for the Future
Highlights: Forum for the Future deals with research and future projecting on a massive scale. We wanted to find a balance between pushing the boundaries of what browsers are capable of technologically while making this vital content manageable and accessible. So, we went for a minimal design style in a full-screen takeover approach that creates an immersive experience. It is also built as a single-page scrolling site, which creates an uninterrupted reading experience without the need of clicking through chapters.
websiteusability  websites_cool 
12 days ago
The business value of design | McKinsey
We found a strong correlation between high MDI scores and superior business performance. Top-quartile MDI scorers increased their revenues and total returns to shareholders (TRS) substantially faster than their industry counterparts did over a five-year period—32 percentage points higher revenue growth and 56 percentage points higher TRS growth for the period as a whole.
mckinsey  design  creative-effective 
12 days ago
How Are Millennials Banking in 2019? - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
What’s striking about these figures is that, while lots of millennials use digital banking in various forms, nearly half wouldn’t even consider switching to a digital-only bank," said eMarketer principal analyst Mark Dolliver. "That's likely because, though they may use branches less than older consumers, they don't want to forgo the option of going to a physical location. And why should they? The step from ‘digital’ to ‘digital-only’ is a big one, and many millennials will be in no hurry to take it.”
finance  banking  planning_ICCU 
14 days ago
How McKinsey is helping to prove the value of design
While design was once largely thought of as a way of making products more attractive, it is now a way of thinking: a creative process driven by the desire to better understand and meet consumer needs.”


The headline findings may provide the industry with the ‘aha’ moment many have been looking for. McKinsey’s researchers found “a correlation between design best practices and financial performance — those companies scoring in the top quarter of MDI respondents increased revenues and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of their industry peers on an annual basis”. And this wasn’t just a one-off: “Over a five-year period this resulted in 32 percentage points higher revenue growth and 56 percentage points higher shareholder return growth compared with industry peers,” the authors say.


“This suggests that improving your design capability can improve your company’s financial performance whether you are making physical products, digital apps, services, experiences or a combination,” the authors conclude.


1. Firstly, they argue, design is “more than a feeling: it’s analytical leadership”. They point out that “the companies in our index that performed best financially understood that design is a top-management issue, and assessed their design performance with the same rigour they used to track revenues and costs. In many other businesses, though, design leaders say they are treated as second-class citizens.

2. Second, they highlight the importance of starting with the user, and committing to putting their needs first. “The best performing companies in McKinsey’s research break down internal walls between physical, digital and service design. They start with the user, not the spec, and design a seamless physical, service and digital user experience,” the authors say. Despite this, over 40% of the companies surveyed still aren’t talking to their end-users during development,

3. Design also needs to be recognised as a cross-functional talent, not just a single, siloed department. The best MDI performers “convene dedicated cross-functional product and service design teams, with aligned design and business incentives. They protect these teams’ budget to allow for multiple rounds of end-user concept design and testing,”

4. Finally, the report argues that design is “more than a phase: it’s continuous iteration”. Those companies “that continuously listen, test and iterate with end-users outperform their industry peers,”
design  creative_effectiveness  mckinsey 
14 days ago
‘The Architecture of Closed Worlds’ — Story — Pentagram
The exhibition design for Closed Worlds was a closed system in itself, complete with its own custom typeface, CLOSED, display methodology and organizational structure. The book adapts this concept and graphic elements from the show, including the branding, typography and data visualizations. Like the exhibition, the book opens with a timeline of the prototypes, with the typology of each system represented by a symbol based on a simple shape. Each prototype also contains a color-coded bar graph that depicts the life cycle of the various resources within the system. These color graphs reappear on the fore edge of each prototype’s case study, mapping the systems across the pages.
design  pentagram  books 
14 days ago
Effie Worldwide Blog — Winner Spotlight: IKEA & Mother London, “The...
What was your big idea? What was the insight that led to it, and how did you arrive at that insight?

KB: Our idea was to celebrate that IKEA exists to improve the everyday; this was really a benefit-led expression of the brand’s core purpose that was attuned to both the needs of consumers and the contemporary cultural dynamics.

How did you bring the idea to life?

KB: Our creative platform was simply an elevation of our strategic idea; Life isn’t about fleeting events or a summer holiday, it’s the little, everyday things that make it what it is: The Wonderful Everyday. To show how wonderful IKEA believes the everyday really is, we created a brand new world of hyperbolic, surreal and cinematic renditions of life at home that demonstrated insight, yet brought more to people’s lives than simply holding up a mirror to everyday life.  
brand_ikea  branding  retail  effie 
15 days ago
Why You Do Your Best Thinking In The Shower: Creativity & the "Incubation Period" | Open Culture
he intuitive revelations we have while showering or performing other mindless tasks are what psychologists call “incubation.” As Mental Floss describes the phenomenon: “Since these routines don’t require much thought, you flip to autopilot. This frees up your unconscious to work on something else. Your mind goes wandering, leaving your brain to quietly play a no-holds-barred game of free association.”


The task of showering—or bathing, in the case of Archimedes (above)—gives the mind a break, lets it mix things up and make the odd, random juxtapositions that are the essential basis of creativity.
psychology  thebrain  creativity 
15 days ago
KFC Looks To Crowdfund Wacky Branded Ideas (Seriously) 03/06/2019
KFC isn’t the first company to use a crowdfunding platform to support and gauge interest in new product or technology ideas, but its inventions are likely the most off-the-wall.

The chicken QSR has launched a “KFC Innovations Lab” on Indiegogo to solicit contributions to “bring more of the company’s craziest and most innovative ideas to life.”
brand_kfc  crowdfunding  crowdsourcing 
15 days ago
Why Are Data Science and Analytics the Most In-Demand Skills at Ad Agencies? - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
Over the past five years, 67% of marketers have significantly increased their focus on data and analysis, according to research by YouAppi and Dimensional Research. However, competition for talent is still the second-leading challenge facing agencies, according to Marketing Land’s poll. (Clients moving services in-house was cited as the top challenge.)
insights_analytics  advertising  data  agencybusiness 
16 days ago
What’s working in magazines | WARC
What's working?

-innovative magazine activations and experiential integrations (snesory ads by Gillette for smooth faces to new dads w/ babies)

-brand content placements: Motrin integration in Parents magazine for fever treatment
16 days ago
How Cosmopolitan engages readers on mobile | WARC
In response to this trend, Pels has a clear objective. “My goal is to bring those two things together, and to bring the magazine to life through the phone as much as possible,” she said.


As an example, the publisher has partnered with YouCam, an augmented-reality (AR) app for cosmetics. This technology allows consumers to use their smartphone camera to virtually apply make-up to their faces.

It also updates, in real time, as the user switches between, say, different shades of lipstick and eye shadow, or moves her head to the left or right.
magazine  warc  augmentedreality  qrcode 
16 days ago
Frequency: How much is too much? Admap summary deck | WARC
A summary of new thinking and best practice on frequency in the age of ad blocking from Admap.

There’s no one size fits all approach to frequency, as too little and the campaign risks having no impact, too much and advertisers risk wasting their money and annoying their target audience.
The widely-adopted frequency of 3+ over a purchase cycle is no longer optimal in a digital environment as research shows that more than 10 exposures can increase purchase intentions, but be aware excessive frequency has a negative impact.
16 days ago
Amazon to Launch New Grocery-Store Business - WSJ
It is unclear whether these new stores will be cashierless, but they will be heavily tilted to customer service and pickup capabilities, according to the people. Amazon is also looking to have some control over the attached parking lot to speed shoppers’ ability to get groceries, the people said.

Some analysts say a strategy where big retailers combine e-commerce with physical stores is the direction the industry is heading.

“Customers want to be able to shop when it is most convenient for them, which could be in-store, online or a combination of the two," said a spokeswoman from the International Council of Shopping Centers.
retail  brand_amazon  thefuture 
16 days ago
Brands Lose Up To An Estimated $50 Billion Annually From Ad Fraud 03/06/2019
CHEQ, whose scientists continue to build out a military-grade ad-verification service, analyzed 4.1 billion ad requests made in the United States across 1.2 million websites between October 2018 and February 2019 -- up about 20% from the prior year. About 18% of the online ad traffic was fraudulent.
16 days ago
How Ram Trucks Reimagined Its Iconic 'Farmer' Ad Through Documentary and Music | Muse by Clio
"One huge take-away for all of us was how amazing the people in these communities truly are," he says. "The farmers, ranchers and people who work and support the agricultural industry aren't just working jobs—they're living the lifestyle in its purest form. Young, old and everyone in between are absolutely committed to the land, their community and the sacrifices they make and live through on a daily basis so the rest of the country—and parts of the world—can saunter into their grocery store of choice and fill their baskets."
brand_dodge  automotive  america 
18 days ago
New Balance opens pub where runners cash in miles for beer
Runners’ miles are recorded through fitness network Strava, then are tallied and converted to currency using a "Runaway Card" that they add to their Apple and Google Wallet Passes. Runners use these miles – the only currency accepted at the pub -- to pay for pints via their mobile wallet.
brand_newbalance  creative_executions  creative_executions_guerrilla  Sports  dtc 
18 days ago
The Long and Short of It: Measuring campaign effectiveness over time | WARC
With reference to principle number nine – balance brand and activation SOV – the study revealed that there is an average 60/40 split in terms of advertising spend with 60% of the budget spent on brand advertising and 40% on activation strategies.
19 days ago
Top 25 Photos on Flickr in 2018 From Around The World | Flickr Blog
To determine top photos, Flickr staff created an algorithm that took into account a number of social and engagement metrics, like how many times the photo was viewed or faved. We made sure to curate the raw data to avoid the results being a popularity contest; we removed spammers and photos that don’t qualify as high-quality. We also tried to ensure diversity of genre. For photographers whose photos placed in the top list multiple times, we selected their top-scoring photo.
photography  flickr 
20 days ago
Amazon Kills The Physical Dash Button 03/01/2019
“We’ve seen customers increasingly using programs like Alexa Shopping, which provides a hands-free shopping experience, and Subscribe and Save, which lets customers automatically receive items every month,” states the Amazon announcement. “We’ve decided to shift the Dash program focus as of February 28, Dash button devices are no longer available for purchase on Amazon globally. Existing Dash button customers can continue to use their Dash button devices.”
internetofthings  amazon_echo 
20 days ago
Small Business Spotlight: Treasure Valley’s American Ostrich Farms promotes food sustainability, consumer health – Idaho Business Review
McCoy predicts that 2019 will be the company’s “breakout year,” with revenue growth projected “in excess of 100 percent for the foreseeable future.”
20 days ago
COVERGIRL Is On a Mission to Make All Makeup Cruelty-Free
COVERGIRL made history last November by becoming the largest-ever beauty brand to receive the “Leaping Bunny” from Cruelty-Free International (CFI), a nonprofit that campaigns for an end to cosmetic animal testing. CFI worked closely with Coty, COVERGIRL’s parent company, in order to ensure that no ingredient in the 60-year-old brand’s supply chain were tested on animals.
sustainability  animals  brand_covergirl 
20 days ago
Hawaii Tops U.S. in Wellbeing for Record 7th Time
The Well-Being Index score for the nation and for each state comprises metrics affecting overall wellbeing and each of the five essential elements of wellbeing:

Career: liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals
Social: having supportive relationships and love in your life
Financial: managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security
Community: liking where you live, feeling safe and having pride in your community
Physical: having good health and enough energy to get things done daily

Idaho= 22 overall, yet 3 for Community
gallup  well-being  idaho  community 
22 days ago
How I Got Here: Droga5 founder David Droga - Creative Review
The changing nature of the ad world I feel like there’s more need for creativity and genuine relevance than there has ever been, as an industry we have much more of a conscience now than we’ve ever had. I definitely try and put things out which have a positive impact, and hopefully contribute to important debates and conversations. I think what’s changed is now that the biggest budgets don’t have the biggest impact, which is good for creative places. I think the consumers’ reactions to things is now part of the narrative, so things aren’t put out in the universe with just a neat bow and that’s it. I feel like there’s much more of an ecosystem of things. Technology has allowed us to do much more. Some people think it’s a substitute. It’s not, but it’s one of the best amplifiers ever and I love that.


You can have one day where you’re trying to solve a problem for a Fortune 50 company that will have huge ramifications for them, or you can be defining a start-up’s whole platform and what they are going to be standing for, you can be working to draw attention to a really worthy cause, you can be helping try to elect a politician, you can be collaborating with some of the biggest icons of pop culture. There is just such diversity, and such a need for clarity and concise creativity. As automated as the world is becoming, which is making life more efficient and convenient, there is an even greater need for true creativity, inspiration and empathy, and you can’t automate that.
people  droga5  industry  engagement  advertising  creativity 
24 days ago
Disney's marketing playbook for 'Black Panther' | WARC
One powerful result: “We had seen significant engagement and excitement from multicultural consumers, specifically black women, who were engaged at a higher rate than anyone for this film.”
engagement  brand_disney 
25 days ago
Why Have We Raised Our Twitter Forecast? - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
The company has resolved to shift away from this measurement, instead focusing on its monetizable daily active users (mDAU), or its users who log in at least once a day via an ad-supported app or browser. In a letter to shareholders, Twitter said reporting mDAU will allow the company to focus on “delivering value to people on Twitter every day and monetizing that usage.”
25 days ago
The Unbearable Sameness of Cities
A hypothesis: The reason so many of these joints feel harvested from Brooklyn is because they are. Or at least, they all have the same Brooklyn/Silverlake/Lincoln Park aesthetic because that’s what people want. In cities like Pittsburgh or Wenatchee, Washington, children who’ve gone off to seek their fortunes in America’s megalopolises are returning. Some are lured by cheaper costs of living and, in certain cases, more economic opportunity; some are obliged to care for aging parents or other family.
america  cities 
27 days ago
Why? — Idaho at Risk
Over the last four years through some of our initiative work, we have had one-on-one conversations with more than 14,000 high school students state-wide. We’ve learned a lot about trends in teens’ thinking and their overall school experiences. Some disturbing themes have arisen out of this work. There is a growing sense of hopelessness and fear as they think about their futures, and there is an overwhelming lack of engagement in daily school life. Gallup, the largest public polling agency in the world, has identified that hope and engagement are a better predictor of post-secondary success than standardized test scores. Again, while imperfect, the indicators in this report support the reality that the current antiquated education system is coming up short when it comes to preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges and many of our students are disenfranchised.
idaho  education  planning_JKAF 
27 days ago
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on the company's competitors, challenges, and future — Quartz
What has surprised or flummoxed him since becoming CEO

“There’s a lot of things that have flummoxed me. I think the broad contours of what it is that we wanted to get done, in terms of finding that sense of identity, having a worldview of where is technology going and then picking things that we can uniquely do and going after them, we’ve been fairly consistent. But in the details, a lot has changed, and a lot we have had to deal with.
One of the things that I am grounded on—and any company that has had a lot of success will ultimately go through—is that there’s no such thing as a perpetual-motion machine.

Everything has a beginning and an end. And then you have large franchises that have run out of steam. To reinvent yourself is hard work. I like to remind my team, we’re, you know, for all of our quote-unquote ‘transformation,’ we’re very early on. If you think about the number of products that are all about new value prop, new business models, we are one-third of our way through and we have a long way to go. So I think it’s just that difficulty, that’s why I’m always on the lookout.”
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27 days ago
Number of People With Master’s and Ph.D. Degrees Double Since 2000
The educational level of American adults is on the rise as more college graduates go on to earn master’s, professional and doctoral degrees.

Since 2000, the number of people age 25 and over whose highest degree was a master’s has doubled to 21 million. The number of doctoral degree holders has more than doubled to 4.5 million.

Now, about 13.1 percent of U.S. adults have an advanced degree, up from 8.6 percent in 2000.
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28 days ago
(82) Chipotle Mexican Grill - Home
Live look at how Chipotle cuts and preps their stores at 6am.
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29 days ago
AR Will Spark the Next Big Tech Platform—Call It Mirrorworld | WIRED
The mirrorworld doesn’t yet fully exist, but it is coming. Someday soon, every place and thing in the real world—every street, lamppost, building, and room—will have its full-size digital twin in the mirrorworld.


The mirrorworld—a term first popularized by Yale computer scientist David Gelernter—will reflect not just what something looks like but its context, meaning, and function. We will interact with it, manipulate it, and experience it like we do the real world.


These examples are trivial and elementary, equivalent to our earliest, lame guesses of what the internet would be, just after it was born—fledgling Compu­Serve, early AOL. The real value of this work will emerge from the trillion unexpected combinations of all these primitive elements.


The first big technology platform was the web, which digitized information, subjecting knowledge to the power of algorithms; it came to be dominated by Google. The second great platform was social media, running primarily on mobile phones. It digitized people and subjected human behavior and relationships to the power of algorithms, and it is ruled by Facebook and WeChat.

We are now at the dawn of the third platform, which will digitize the rest of the world. On this platform, all things and places will be machine-­readable, subject to the power of algorithms.


Gaming is where technology goes to incubate: “If you can solve a problem for a gamer, you can solve it for everyone else,” Hanke adds.


New technologies bestow new superpowers. We gained super speed with jet planes, super healing powers with antibiotics, super hearing with the radio. The mirrorworld promises super vision. We’ll have a type of x-ray vision able to see into objects via their virtual ghosts, exploding them into constituent parts, able to untangle their circuits visually. Just as past generations gained textual literacy in school, learning how to master the written word, from alphabets to indexes, the next generation will master visual literacy. A properly educated person will be able to create a 3D image inside of a 3D landscape nearly as fast as one can type today.


When a robot is finally able to walk down a busy city street, the view it will have in its silicon eyes and mind will be the mirrorworld version of that street.


History will be a verb. With a swipe of your hand, you will be able to go back in time, at any location, and see what came before. You will be able to lay a reconstructed 19th-century view right over the present reality. To visit an earlier time at a location, you simply revert to a previous version kept in the log. The entire mirror­world will be like a Word or Photo­shop file that you can keep “undoing.”


Eventually this melded world will be the size of our planet. It will be humanity’s greatest achievement, creating new levels of wealth, new social problems, and uncountable opportunities for billions of people. There are no experts yet to make this world; you are not late.
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4 weeks ago
Relevance is the goal: Q+A with Dollar Shave Club VP Gloria Synn
“The real pain point of going to the store to buy overpriced razors was the foundation of this company. That’s resonant to everyone,” she says. “Once they join the club, what filters brand love and loyalty is everything else. It’s beyond that functional need. Our goal is to have our members feel like we’re like the trusty, knowledgeable friend who helps them feel their best.”


We’re looking to do an overhaul to improve that experience even more. Instead of having members take the quiz in one sitting, we’re asking the right questions at the right time. That will really allow us to get a deeper understanding for a broader set of customers. It’s taking that concept of a membership profile from the questionnaire and infusing it across the whole site experience.


CZ: How do you find the right balance between hyper-personalized recommendations and the products Dollar Shave Club wants to highlight?

GS: Everyone’s excited about personalization, but that’s not the goal. Relevance is the goal. If you aspire for all your messages to be hyper-personalized, it will seem very robotic and creepy. We’re definitely not trying to go there.

Say we have a new product that’s launching. We can still make that relevant by leveraging customer intelligence, improving relevance without the use of personalization. If we had a new and improved shampoo formula, we can create a version of that announcement for current purchasers that improves on the version they already love, while also filtering that out for, say, members who are bald.
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4 weeks ago
US Digital Ad Spending Will Surpass Traditional in 2019 - eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics
Total digital ad spending in the US will grow 19% to $129.34 billion this year—54.2% of estimated total US ad spending. And mobile will continue its dominance, accounting for more than two-thirds of digital ad spending, at $87.06 billion this year.

Also for the first time, the combined share of the duopoly (Google and Facebook) will drop, even as their revenues grow. Google’s share will drop to 37.2% from 38.2% last year; Facebook’s share will drop to 22.1% from 21.8% last year.
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4 weeks ago
All Mixed Up: A Look at Cocktail Preferences Across the On-Premise Landscape
From a regional perspective, you might think the Manhattan would be a popular cocktail in New York. But alas, it’s not even in the top five. It does, however, crack the top five in Tampa and Chicago. And given their national popularity, the margarita and martini are the cocktails that are most immune to regional preferences, landing in the top two best-selling spots in three of five major U.S. metropolitan markets.
4 weeks ago
Link reclamation: A practical guide for turning unlinked brand mentions into links Search Engine Watch
In which instance would you say you’re well-deserved of the link?

Scenario one.

When there’s a clear opportunity to add value with what’s on the other end of the link, there’s no debating that a link should be in place and it’s easy to justify why. The good news is that, in many cases, the link will already be in place when there’s clear value to the user and is an important part of the wider article.
4 weeks ago
Retail content trends for 2019 | WARC
“Black-and-white, pink, neon green: Let your graphic designers know as soon as possible.”
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4 weeks ago
How Airbnb is reimagining the office experience - Creative Review
“We take seriously the idea that people can theoretically work anywhere, that digital tools give them access to information and each other in a way that might call into question the [necessity of the] physical office…. Unfortunately, the trend towards working from home or cafés threatens to disintegrate this important second place. It is my greatest fear that we won’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone. So we design spaces that are compelling, comfortable and high functional. Places people look forward to going to every day, [and] are excited to do their work in,” says Harvey.
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4 weeks ago
Karl Lagerfeld, Designer Who Defined Luxury Fashion, Is Dead
Rather, he created a new kind of designer: the shape-shifter.

That is to say, he was the creative force who lands at the top of a heritage brand and reinvents it by identifying its sartorial semiology and then pulls it into the present with a healthy dose of disrespect and a dollop of pop culture.

Not that he put it that way exactly. What he said was: “Chanel is an institution, and you have to treat an institution like a whore — and then you get something out of her.”

This approach has become almost quotidian in the industry, but before Mr. Lagerfeld was hired at Chanel, when the brand was fading into staid irrelevance, kept aloft on a raft of perfume and cosmetics, it was a new and startling idea.
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4 weeks ago
What It's Like Being Ridley Scott's Editor | Muse by Clio
What I love most when working with the maestro is his references that can come from anywhere, such as a historical work of art or an unexpected piece of music from the 15th century; in fact, his unyielding databank of references helped shape the wood golem. A painting by William Blake called "The Ghost of a Flea," currently hanging in the Tate Britain, was his reference to help visualize this strange woodland entity to the post house.

Ridley also likes to draw everything that he is describing, which is commendable considering we are working on incredibly high-tech themes; and yet the pen is still his go-to tool.


I'll never forget the first time we met; it was on an Orange campaign. Ridley sat down next to me, looked me over, I think to size me up, asked me my age and then stated, "Napoleon Bonaparte was the exact same age when he led his army into battle; so what exactly are your intentions on my film?" No one since has ever thrown down such a gauntlet to test my editing prowess. It's something that still makes me smile.
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4 weeks ago
Wieden+Kennedy just keeps doing it
“We pretty much have two forms of success here,” says Colleen DeCourcy, W+K’s other copresident. “One is if it was a great idea, and the other is whether anyone cared about it. That’s our P&L.”
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4 weeks ago
Strategy’s strategist: An interview with Richard Rumelt | McKinsey
Now, lots of people think the solution to the strategic-planning problem is to inject more strategy into the annual process. But I disagree. I think the annual rolling resource budget should be separate from strategy work. So my basic recommendation is to do two things: avoid the label “strategic plan”—call those budgets “long-term resource plans”—and start a separate, nonannual, opportunity-driven process for strategy work.


Can you predict clearly which positions will pay off? Not easily. If we could actually calculate the financial implications of such choices, we wouldn’t have to think strategically; we would just run spreadsheets. Strategic thinking is essentially a substitute for having clear connections between the positions we take and their economic outcomes.


Innovation: Richard Rumelt: There is no substitute for entrepreneurial insight, but almost all innovation flows from the unexpected combination of two or more things, so companies need access to and, in some cases, control over the right knowledge and skill pools.


The Quarterly: What sort of group can analyze these kinds of things?

Richard Rumelt: A small group of smart people. What else can I say? Doing this kind of work is hard. A strategic insight is essentially the solution to a puzzle. Puzzles are solved by individuals or very tight-knit teams. For that, you need a small group. With big groups and complex processes you can select the better solution to the puzzle, and you can get consensus and buy-in and even commitment.

One other thing. If I had my way, small groups like this would be absolutely prohibited from doing PowerPoint presentations! Using bullet points so much drives out thinking. One of the nice features of PowerPoint is how fast you can create a presentation. But that’s the trouble. People end up with bullet points that contradict one another, and no one notices! It is simply amazing.

If you ask a group to put aside the bullet points and just write three coherent paragraphs about what is changing in an industry and why, the difference is incredible. Having to link your thoughts, giving reasons and qualifications, makes you a more careful thinker—and a better communicator.
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4 weeks ago
Funko not hindered by Toys R Us bankruptcy
Mariotti said that his big push going forward is to better explain Funko's vision to Wall Street. Shares of the company are up more than 154 percent over the last 12 months, and 38 percent since January.
"We are absolutely, positively convinced that we are going to be a $2 billion a year company sometime in the future and we think we have a path to get there," Marrioti said — arguing that Funko doesn't see other major toy brands as rivals.
"We think we are in our own lane, doing our own thing and those guys would kill to have men and women boys and girls buying their products," he added.
4 weeks ago
Account planning - Wikipedia
Having an account planner involved in the account has led to more integration within the agency, which has resulted in better teamwork in trying to combine the needs of the client, the market and the consumer. Account planners stimulate discussions about things that were overlooked before, such as, purchasing decisions, brand-consumer relationship and specific circumstance evaluation.

The main change inflicted on advertising by account planning is, to approach every marketing challenge, starting with the consumer.


There are seven goals that have been achieved in the UK thanks to account planning:

1 Having a planner on the account has led to more integration within the agency and better teamwork in trying to combine the needs of the client, the demands of the market, and the expectations of the consumer.

2 The planner has brought an added dimension of understanding to the process of developing ads, by stimulating discussion about: purchasing decisions, the brand consumer relationship, and how the advertising is working in specific conditions.

3 Helping to win new business: by instilling confidence in the prospective client as a result of a comprehensive and disciplined approach.

4 Defining more tightly-focused strategies: the result of an enhanced understanding of the consumer.

5 Stimulating creative development: the result of more productive contrast between the creative department and the consumer.

6 Helping to sell ads: by explaining the way they work.

7 The quality and creativity of advertising in the UK has grown in line with account planning, thus proving that the function has helped, rather than hinder this trend.
4 weeks ago
How the Lee Clow Talent Tree Spreads Far and Wide in Advertising and Creativity – Adweek
Lee loved the art of the big orchestrated brand act.

CD: as a young creative, I would draw huge paper maps of the way a brand could impact the world and then have and place ideas across it for each of those moments. Lee didn’t look down on that—he called it Media Arts. Brand Belief + Brand Behavior. He still informs my creativity, every day.
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4 weeks ago
We didn’t see this coming | Bill Gates
I think her point is a powerful one. What we choose to measure is a reflection of what society values.
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4 weeks ago
Tropicana: Facebook ads case study | Facebook Business
The first was a short, "snackable" video lasting 6 seconds. Incorporating Facebook best practices to create the clip, the team used a 1:1 format and featured the product prominently through the entire ad. It also included text overlays to communicate even in Facebook's sound-off autoplay in News Feed.

The longer videos were 15–30 seconds and varied in format. For example, one was in a square 1:1 format, repurposed from a TV commercial. Another was the original TV commercial in a 16:9 format with no text overlays. These longer videos did not follow Facebook best practices and instead of using short and snappy attention-grabbing shots, they featured traditional TV story arcs.
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4 weeks ago
Absolut Vodka: Facebook ads case study | Facebook Business
Absolut continues testing its campaigns to deliver even stronger mobile ads. In its campaign to introduce Absolut Lime in conjunction with the Grammy Awards, Absolut used its best practices to develop a series of ads featuring drink recipes that starred the new flavor. The brand created 3 versions of 3 different ad formats (video, carousel and link ad) and conducted a MetrixLab pre-test to determine whether it should run all 9 ads or only the most optimized ad in each format.

The brand then conducted another test consisting of 2 campaigns and 2 separate Facebook brand lift studies to determine which campaign—the one with all 9 ads or the one with 3—performed better. Absolut saw higher brand awareness with the campaign that delivered a smaller number of optimized ads, and has since adopted a more data-driven approach for ongoing and future campaigns.
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4 weeks ago
DairyPure: Facebook ads case study | Facebook Business
To make DairyPure’s marketing dollars stretch even farther, media agency Horizon Media suggested the automatic placements feature. That option automatically runs the ads in Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed or in Instagram Stories, depending on which placement would be more cost effective for the budget at any given time.

Next, DairyPure and its creative agency F&B crafted a variety of snack-sized, 6-second video ads built with a 4:5 aspect ratio, which is ideal for both the feed and Stories environments. Forsman & Bodenfors New York ensured that the campaign followed Facebook mobile-first best practices, such as displaying the product and the brand logo prominently throughout.
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4 weeks ago
Lego Wear’s new shop looks empty – but it’s got a secret
It’s only once shoppers scan the Snapcode, helpfully located on a white plinth, that the augmented reality store is revealed. As well as the chance to buy clothes, browsers can interact with a DJ booth and a minifig bouncer. Sweaters and T-shirts are shown in cubic form, and the floor of the shop is covered in the trademark dots of Lego bricks.
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5 weeks ago
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