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Why Are These Professional War Peddlers Still Around? | The American Conservative
Boot is a professional foreign policy expert, a job category that doesn’t exist outside of a select number of cities. Boot has degrees from Berkeley and Yale, and is a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He has written a number of books and countless newspaper columns on foreign affairs and military history. The International Institute for Strategic Studies, an influential British think tank, describes Boot as one of the “world’s leading authorities on armed conflict.”
billKristol  neoCon  neverTrump  maxBoot  war 
2 days ago
The Real Reason They Hate Nuclear Is Because It Means We Don't Need Renewables
It is only nuclear energy, not solar and wind, that has radically and rapidly decarbonized energy supplies while increasing wages and growing societal wealth.
climate  environmentalism  nuclear  greenPower  greenNewDeal 
3 days ago
Lisa Page bombshell: FBI couldn’t prove Trump-Russia collusion before Mueller appointment | TheHill
With that statement, Page acknowledged a momentous fact: After nine months of using some of the most awesome surveillance powers afforded to U.S. intelligence, the FBI still had not made a case connecting Trump or his campaign to Russia’s election meddling.
govtManipulation  russiaGate  govtOverreach  trump  TrumpRussia 
4 days ago
Private Mossad for Hire | The New Yorker
One evening in 2016, a twenty-five-year-old community-college student named Alex Gutiérrez was waiting tables at La Piazza Ristorante Italiano, an upscale restaurant in Tulare, in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Gutiérrez spotted Yorai Benzeevi, a physician who ran the local hospital, sitting at a table with Parmod Kumar, a member of the hospital board. They seemed to be in a celebratory mood, drinking expensive bottles of wine and laughing. This irritated Gutiérrez. The kingpins, he thought with disgust.
mossad  election  spying 
5 days ago
Japan has so many vacant homes it's giving them away - CNN
A free house may sound like a scam. But Japan faces an unusual property problem: it has more homes than people to live in them.
In 2013, there were 61 million houses and 52 million households, according to the Japan Policy Forum. And the situation is poised to get worse.
housing  demographics  japan 
6 days ago
Young People Are Having Less Sex - The Atlantic
Fisher, like many other experts, attributes the sex decline to a decline in couplehood among young people.
porn  happiness  marriage  sex 
6 days ago
Cities: Don't Use Zoning to Exclude Families With Kids - CityLab
Municipalities shouldn’t block or raise the cost of things young parents need, like day-care centers and two-bedroom houses or apartments.
children  demographics  populationControl  family 
6 days ago
DAVIS-MARKS: Evil is banal
Everyone knows a white boy with shiny brown hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions. He could be in Grand Strategy or the Yale Political Union. Maybe he’s the editor-in-chief of the News. He takes his classes. He networks. And, when it comes time for graduation, he wins all the awards.
hate  leftism  racism  university  intersectionality 
6 days ago
As users leave Patreon due to censorship based on political bias, the rabbit hole goes deeper -- Society's Child --
Conservative author Robert Spencer was booted from Patreon last year at the behest of Mastercard. Independent journalist Nick Monroe recently went down the rabbit hole of evidence that Mastercard is engaging in censorship.
patreon  banking  money  censorship  freespeech  creditCards 
8 days ago
How to infiltrate the left-wing as a black liberal!
“Black Lives Matter” should probably be in your social media bio somewhere. Even though it has nothing to do with being black and has everything to do with being a woman or LGBTQ+.
hotepNation  blacks  blackLivesMatter 
8 days ago
The Evils of Equality - Taki's Magazine - Taki's Magazine
People forget, or never learn, why a man such as George Washington or Robert E. Lee merits reverence. They see no one and nothing to revere. So they do not know what reverence is, and they do not revere at all. Quite a price to pay for equality.
feminism  marriage  equality  forcedEquality 
8 days ago
A Digital Iron Curtain Descends Over the Internet | Frontpage Mag
The platforms would be transformed into publishers, and tasked with the obligation, not of serving their free users or even their paid advertisers, but the social good, as defined by the media echo chamber. Their job would be to promote politically good content, such as that of the media, and penalize politically bad content, such as that produced by conservatives. And then the digital curtain falls.
freespeech  Internet  ironCurtain  censorship 
16 days ago
When I can say the following and it can be 100% true we are in the wrong place. The Government can jail you, fine y…
17 days ago
GitHub - c-w/gutenberg: A simple interface to the Project Gutenberg corpus.
This package contains a variety of scripts to make working with the Project Gutenberg body of public domain texts easier.

The functionality provided by this package includes:

Downloading texts from Project Gutenberg.
Cleaning the texts: removing all the crud, leaving just the text behind.
Making meta-data about the texts easily accessible.
gutenberg  ebooks  api  cli 
18 days ago
The Misbehaving Fundamental Constants: The Trouble with Some Constants is tha...
In the late 1940s the speed of light went up again by about 20 kilometres per second and a new consensus developed around the higher value. In 1972, the embarrassing possibility of variations in c was eliminated when the speed of light was fixed by definition. In addition, in 1983 the unit of distance, the metre, was redefined in terms of light. Therefore if any further changes in the speed of light happen, we will be blind to them because the length of the metre will change with the speed of light. (The metre is now defined as the length of the path travelled by light in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second.) The second is also defined in terms of light: it is the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of vibration of the light given off by cesium 133 atoms in a particular state of excitation (technically defined as the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state)."
brokenScience  fundamentalConstants 
6 weeks ago
scrivomatic/ at master · iandol/scrivomatic · GitHub
Scrivener is a program for all kinds of writers, handling the structural organisation and constructive process of writing like nothing else. You write and mange your text, ideas, figures and reference materials all in one place without having to worry about the final "look". The final "look" is handled by a process called compiling, where you choose the output format and select the contents with great flexibility. Although Scrivener uses rich text internally, it has excellent integration with plain text markdown. Compiling your Scrivener projects via markdown offers numerous advantages over rich text: it creates more structured, beautiful and flexible documents without lots of fussing in a Word processor or layout software.
pandoc  markdown  publishingWorkflow  scrivener  scrivOmatic 
8 weeks ago
Tool for Thought - The New York Times
One often hears from younger writers that they can't imagine how anyone managed to compose an article, much less an entire book, with a typewriter. Kerouac banging away at his Underwood portable?
research  devonthink  ideas 
9 weeks ago
2009 Mac Pro CPU upgrade (single socket) - iFixit Repair Guide
Upgrading the CPU in your 2009-2012 Mac Pro is an excellent way to add both performance and value to your Mac Pro. If you have a 2009 model as I do in the guide, you'll need to make sure you update the firmware first so you can use a wider variety of CPU upgrades, which are not only faster but also more efficient and can allow your RAM to work more quickly as well.
macPro  cpu  mac  upgrade 
11 weeks ago
How to Move the iPhone & iPad iTunes Backup folder to an External Hard Drive | OSXDaily
If you have a Mac with an SSD or otherwise limited disk space (like the MacBook Air 11″ with a 64GB drive), you might consider moving your iPhone backup folder to another drive to save some of that precious SSD space
osX  softLink  symbolicLink 
11 weeks ago
airport – the Little Known Command Line Wireless Utility | OSXDaily
Hidden from the casual Mac user is a spiffy command line utility that allows you to view, configure, and troubleshoot your Mac’s wireless connection, entirely from the Terminal of OS X. This command has a help file but is otherwise but not much documentation, and judging by the obscure location of the command,
osX  cli  airport  wifi 
11 weeks ago
How to Create Symbolic Links at Command Line of Mac OS X | OSXDaily
A symbolic link created at the command line allows a linked object in the file system to point to an original object in a different location. In this way, symbolic links behave much like an alias does in the Mac OS X GUI, except that the linking and reference between files or folders is done at a lower level, and thus can be pointed directly to by various applications or user purposes. This can be useful in many situations for advanced Mac users, from providing easier access to a particular location, to offloading an application folder to another hard drive, and much more.
symbolicLink  osX  hardLink  softLink 
11 weeks ago
Mac Shortcuts: Aliases, Symbolic Links, Hard Links
The Mac's OS X and macOS operating systems support several types of shortcut links to files and folders. Shortcut links make it easy to navigate to objects that are buried deep within the file system. Macs support three types of shortcut links: aliases, symbolic links, and hard links.
osX  softLink  alias  hardLink 
11 weeks ago
The LaTeX fetish (Or: Don’t write in LaTeX! It’s just for typesetting) – Daniel Allington
It’s that time of year when students are signing up for study skills classes. One of the skills that science students are likely to be encouraged to develop is the use of LaTeX. Other people may come to LaTeX for other reasons: people who want to typeset their own books; people who’ve heard that LaTeX may have something to do with Digital Humanities; etc. I’ve written this essay as a sort of pre-introduction to LaTeX. It won’t teach you how to use it (I’m not qualified!), but it will try to give non-users a clear understanding of what LaTeX is really for, which may help them to make their minds up about whether the effort of learning it (not to mention simply getting it to work) is really going to be worthwhile. Why such a long essay? Because many of those who evangelise for the use of LaTeX fetishise it to the extent of spreading misinformation about its true benefits and I want to clear some of that up.
markdown  LaTeX  publishingWorkflow 
11 weeks ago
plexcli/ at master · mayfield/plexcli · GitHub
Installation provides a command line utility (plex) which can be used to interact with Plex services. Commands are subtasks of the plex utility. The full list of subtasks are visible by running 'plex --help'.
plex  mediaServer  cli 
11 weeks ago
Ideologues react hysterically to the Trump administration’s suggested reforms to campus-rape tribunals. | City Journal
The Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings gave the public a crash course in campus-rape ideology. It is about to get another. Last week, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos released a proposed federal rule that corrects the worst procedural abuses of campus-rape tribunals. It hews closely to judicial precedent and is fair to all parties, yet the feminist establishment has reacted with hysteria, characterizing the draft regulation as an assault on sexual-assault “survivors.” Maintenance of the campus-rape myth, it turns out, is incompatible with due process. Whether feminism itself is compatible with Enlightenment values appears increasingly doubtful.
feminism  titleIX  university  dueprocess 
11 weeks ago
Publishing the Dice Word List book
I recently published a small book, the Dice Word List, and I wanted to write down some of the technical details and approaches I took in getting that little thing out the door. Parts of this post assume some familiarity with Pollen and LATEX.
pollen  bookMaking  LaTeX  publishingWorkflow  bookjacket  racket 
11 weeks ago
EFF Dice-Generated Passphrases | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Create strong passphrases with EFF's new random number generators! This page includes information about passwords, different wordlists, and EFF's suggested method for passphrase generation. Use the directions below with EFF's random number generator dice or your own set.
password  security 
11 weeks ago
Welcome to the Booktype demo instance. The instance represents Booktype as it comes "out-of-the-box" without any customization. Please contact us if you have any questions or requests. Notice: this instance is for testing purposes only and should not be used for any productive work to avoid data loss. The instance is reset regularly.
bookType  login  singleSource  publishingWorkflow 
november 2018
/chapter: What-Is-Booktype / Booktype 2.3 for Authors and Publishers
With Booktype you can create books. Real, good-looking paper books you can hold in your hands. You can also use Booktype's output to PDF, EPUB, XML and HTML to export books ready for Amazon, iBooks, or the open web.
publishingWorkflow  bookType  singleSource  markup2ebook  documentation 
november 2018
Installing Booktype on Mac OS X — Booktype 2.4.0 documentation
Installing Booktype on Mac OS X

Instructions were tested on Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.8. We assume your Python Virtual Environment is called ‘mybooktype’ and your Booktype project is called ‘mybook’. Feel free to change it.

Be careful you have correct access permissions.

You MUST install Homebrew and you MUST install Xcode or Command Line Development Tools.

You MUST figure out for yourself how to start Redis and PostgreSQL server installed with Homebrew. Write ‘brew info redis’ for more information.
publishingWorkflow  bookType  singleSource  install  osx 
november 2018
Docker Compose
Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications. To learn more about Compose refer to the following documentation:

Compose Overview
Install Compose
Getting Started
Get started with Django
Get started with Rails
Get started with WordPress
Get started with Drupal
Frequently asked questions
Command-line reference
Compose file reference
Environment file
docker  documentation 
november 2018
How to Choose the Right Tools to Automate the Mac
Over the last year I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the ways that you can automate a Mac.

I’ve written detailed tutorials about Hazel, Keyboard Maestro and TextExpander, three of the most powerful tools available. Envato Tuts+ has also covered other tools like OS X’s built in Automator and AppleScript before.

Since writing the tutorials I’ve been contacted by a number of people asking how to use App X to do Z. In many cases, the answer was don’t try to use App X and instead use App Y which is expressly designed to do Z.

While many of the tools have overlapping functionality, each has it’s own individual strengths and weaknesses. While TextExpander and KeyboardMaestro can do some of the same things, there are situations where TextExpander is better and vice versa.

In this tutorial I’ll look at the major Mac automation tools and when they’re best employed.
osx  automation  appleScript  automator  hazel  keyboardMaestro  textExpander 
november 2018
ms office - Using Hazel or AppleScript to Convert Word to PDF - Ask Different
I use Hazel to sort and rename files. I would like to use Hazel to automatically convert Word docs to PDF. I think this best way to do this is with AppleScript. I have searched extensively online, but have been unable to find an AppleScript that works for me.

Does any have an AppleScript that will simple convert the Word file (doc and docx) to PDF? Or is there an alternative way to do it with Hazel?
word2PDF  textconvert 
november 2018
AsciiDoc Syntax Quick Reference | Asciidoctor
AsciiDoc is a lightweight markup language for authoring notes, articles, documentation, books, web pages, slide decks and man pages in plain text. This guide is a quick reference for the common AsciiDoc document and text formatting markup.
asciiDoc  markup  documentation  cheatSheet 
november 2018
Open Broadcaster Software Studio Multiplatform Help Guide [PDF] | Open Broadcaster Software
Open Broadcaster Software Studio (Multiplatform) Help Guide

the Help Guide was designed to getting up quicker with new OBS Studio (Multiplatform)*

OBS Studio Help Guide 2018-08-15.pdf (~7.58 MB)
capture  video  documentation 
november 2018
pCloud - Best Cloud Storage Pricing & Cost Plans
Want to explore pCloud? Go for our monthly plans or Try for Free
If you're looking for a business solution for your team, check pCloud Business
* We have defined a lifetime account as 99 years or the lifetime of the account holder, whichever is shorter.
november 2018
aria2 - The ultra fast download utility — aria2 1.34.0 documentation
aria2 is a utility for downloading files. The supported protocols are HTTP(S), FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink. aria2 can download a file from multiple sources/protocols and tries to utilize your maximum download bandwidth. It supports downloading a file from HTTP(S)/FTP/SFTP and BitTorrent at the same time, while the data downloaded from HTTP(S)/FTP/SFTP is uploaded to the BitTorrent swarm. Using Metalink’s chunk checksums, aria2 automatically validates chunks of data while downloading a file like BitTorrent.
download  cli  torrent 
november 2018
Trump’s ties to an informant and FBI agent reveal his mode of operation - The Washington Post
Donald Trump listened skeptically as his labor consultant bragged in early 1981 about connections to New York’s underworld.

Daniel Sullivan, who dealt with labor problems at Trump’s construction sites, was a 42-year-old giant of a man with great charm and a criminal record. He told Trump he was tight not only with leaders of unions, some of them fronts for the mob, but also with the FBI.

Trump was dubious.

“He was . . . a big storyteller,” Trump recently told The Washington Post. “He portrayed himself to be the closest person on earth to the FBI.”
trump  mob  criminal  fbi 
november 2018
tmux cheatsheet
iTerm2 integration (so you don’t have to learn any commands):
iterm  cli  tMux  cheatSheet 
november 2018
reStructuredText is an easy-to-read, what-you-see-is-what-you-get plaintext markup syntax and parser system. It is useful for in-line program documentation (such as Python docstrings), for quickly creating simple web pages, and for standalone documents. reStructuredText is designed for extensibility for specific application domains. The reStructuredText parser is a component of Docutils. reStructuredText is a revision and reinterpretation of the StructuredText and Setext lightweight markup systems.
documentation  markup  ReST  textconvert 
november 2018
pandoc - Is reStructuredText compatible with the memoir class? - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
While I'm fine with writing "real" documents in full-blown LaTeX, I often switch to reStructuredText as a lightweight markup language for simplish documents (like meeting notes and stuff). I was quite happy with my workflow (file.txt -> -> pdflatex -> file.pdf) until I recently decided that I wanted to use the memoir class, just as I do for my real documents.

The documentation for reStructuredText states that this class is supported via the --documentclass=memoir option. However, my document now fails to compile because of some command fragility issue I don't really understand :
memoir  LaTeX  pandoc  ReST 
november 2018
How I made a book with Markdown and Pandoc – Prose Poetry Code
All this together means that I have a complete set of book-making tools without ever touching a word processor, typesetting program, or anything of the sort. It’s not perfect, it’s not fancy, and it certainly isn’t anywhere near professional. But I’m not a professional, am I?
pandoc  markdown  bookLayout  publishingWorkflow  markdown2epub 
november 2018
Pandoc, LaTeX, and Memoir – Prose Poetry Code
I don’t mind writing a bit of code. I’d rather do that than play around in a word processor GUI, clicking at buttons and tweaking margins. Give me the linear word any day of the week. So I decided I’d try to use TeX (actually, the much simpler wrapper LaTeX, and be absolutely sure you capitalize that one right!) with Pandoc to make a printable PDF of one of my books.
pandoc  LaTeX  memoir  bookLayout 
november 2018
Playing with Memoir – Prose Poetry Code
Memoir is a LaTeX class; essentially, it’s a software package that gives you a framework for creating beautiful books with less painstaking effort than you would expect. (Not none, mind you. If you don’t know what you’re doing—I can’t say I do—then it can be…unwieldy.)
pandoc  LaTeX  memoir  bookLayout 
november 2018
Pandoc filter for books – Prose Poetry Code
Pandoc is a great tool, as I’ve already stated, but it can’t do everything. And some of the things it dies aren’t exactly what you’d want when creating a book. This is especially true when working on a print-ready PDF, as I’ve been doing.
pandoc  LaTeX  markdown  lettrine  pandocFilter 
november 2018
latex - Getting chapters to start on a new page in a pandoc-generated PDF - Super User
With the EPUB, each level 1 header is automatically set at the top of a new page (lesser headers aren't). With the PDF, this isn't the case - and I wouldn't expect it to be by default, since that would be contrary to the main goals of markdown. However, I'm having trouble finding a pandoc option to enable this behaviour.
pandoc  pdf  LaTeX  ePub 
november 2018
Plain Text Accounting
In 2003, John Wiegley invented Ledger: a plain text data format and command-line reporting tool for efficient double-entry-style accounting. This idea went viral among software developers and technical folk, and we now have 5+ actively-developed Ledger-likes such as hledger and Beancount, with 40+ add-on tools and an active community. This site was created in 2016 to introduce our tools, documentation, and practices.
accounting  cli  plainText 
november 2018
Managing web bookmarks with Org-mode
For years, I was using delicious for storing, managing, and retrieving web bookmarks. Its Firefox plugin was a perfectly crafted piece of software, where storing, tagging, annotating, and "gardening" was very easily accomplished.

Unfortunately, delicious was sold to Yahoo and later on to AVOS. They decided to transform the perfectly working social bookmark web service to something different. The beloved Firefox plugin stopped working some day. The new delicious did not please me at all, ruining my perfectly functioning work-flows I enjoyed for years.

Therefore, I began to think of an alternative method to manage my bookmarks. Meanwhile, I started to use Org-mode for almost everything. And this is why I wanted to manage bookmarks within Org-mode, losing social bookmark features like RSS-feeds for bookmarks or tags. Once more, the cloud ruined a part of my digital life. Better stay independent.
orgMode  emacs  plainText  bookmarking 
november 2018
Trigger Evernote Web Clipper [Example] - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
Automate the Use of the Evernote Web Clipper (ENC)
The ENC can already be invoked (triggered) by a shortcut key you set in its Options
But if you want to go further, like auto-fill the Title, Set some Tags, Set the Comments, then a macro like this (with some enhancements) is what you need
This macro only selects the Note Title block, so that you can type your own title
I left in some Actions (that are disabled) that would also set the Title block and the Comments block.
keyboardMaestro  evernote  webArchive 
november 2018
Mac - Evernote Developers
The Evernote AppleScript Dictionary provides access to notebooks, tags, notes and a subset of their properties.

For a full description of each command and its syntax, view the Evernote AppleScript dictionary in Apple's Script Editor application. The Script Editor can be found in /Applications/AppleScript/Script/ To open the Evernote dictionary, choose "File > Open Dictionary..." and then select Evernote from the displayed list of applications.
dataExpImp  evernote  appleScript 
november 2018
Keep Everything - Save web content to Dropbox and Keep it forever.
Keep Everything saves web pages to Dropbox so you can read them later, anytime, anywhere. It can save all or just a portion of web page as well as data from other applications, such as Twitter, YouTube, Pocket, and ReadKit and with Dropbox sync between the OS X and iOS version, your data is accessible wherever and whenever you need it.
readability  markdown  webArchive  markdownify  webscraping 
november 2018
GitHub - mozilla/readability: A standalone version of the readability lib
A standalone version of the readability library used for Firefox Reader View. Any changes to Readability.js itself should be reviewed by an appropriate Firefox/toolkit peer, such as @gijsk, since these changes will be automatically merged to mozilla-central.
webParser  webReader  readability  webscraping 
november 2018
Mercury Web Parser by Postlight
Quick Start
Here’s how to pull an article’s content from the Mercury Web Parser:
webService  webscraping  webParser  webArchive  readability 
november 2018
Evernote might be in trouble, so here's how to get your notes out of it completely and safely
We wish the company well —but while there's any chance it's in trouble, we at least want a backup of our information, and we want it accessible in one of the firm's rivals. There's much more to backing up than copying notes, though, so AppleInsider shows you how to be certain you save everything.
dataExpImp  evernote  readability  devonthink 
november 2018
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