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Google’s anti-worker actions evoke IBM’s racist past | Clyde W Ford | Opinion | The Guardian
The companies are linked by their records of discrimination, silencing dissent and undermining human rights
Google  IBM  racism  discrimination  dissent  human  rights 
december 2019 by KMP
Sacha Baron Cohen: The ‘Silicon Six’ spread propaganda. It’s time to regulate social media sites. - The Washington Post
Zuckerberg at Facebook; Sundar Pichai at Google; Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Google’s parent company, Alphabet; Brin’s ex-sister-in-law, Susan Wojcicki, at YouTube; and Jack Dorsey at Twitter. These super-rich “Silicon Six” care more about boosting their share price than about protecting democracy.
Facebook  Google  Twitter  Zuckerberg  Brin  Page  Dorsey  Wojcicki  YouTube  Silicon  Six  Sacha  Baron  Cohen 
november 2019 by KMP
Wondering Who Did That Painting? There’s an App (or Two) for That - The New York Times
the simple act of raising my phone to take a picture transformed a vibrant physical painting into a flattened reproduction. The extra information wasn’t worth mediating my museum experience through a screen.
Magnus  art  painting  app  apps  identification  paintings  Shazam  Smartify  Google  Lens 
september 2019 by KMP
Billion dollar fines can't stop Google and Facebook. That's peanuts for them | Siva Vaidhanathan | Opinion | The Guardian
We need radical approaches to these companies. Our responses must be as broad and deep as these companies’ hold on our minds and purses
Facebook  Google  settlement  FTC  monopoly  oligopoly  social  media 
july 2019 by KMP
Industrial methane emissions are 100 times higher than reported, researchers say
the researchers discovered that methane emissions from ammonia fertilizer plants were 100 times higher than the fertilizer industry's self-reported estimate.
methane  Google  pollution  emissions  fertilizer 
june 2019 by KMP
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