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Why is Michael Bloomberg silencing the press? Because it's his plaything | Hamilton Nolan | Opinion | The Guardian
In choosing to launch a presidential campaign for no reasons other than ego and greed, he has subjugated a respected news organization to his whims
Bloomberg  journalism  media 
december 2019 by KMP
Don’t blame the election on fake news. Blame it on the media. - Columbia Journalism Review
Even more striking, the various Clinton-related email scandals—her use of a private email server while secretary of state, as well as the DNC and John Podesta hacks—accounted for more sentences than all of Trump’s scandals combined (65,000 vs. 40,000) and more than twice as many as were devoted to all of her policy positions.
CJR  mainstream  media  Clinton  Trump  scandals  reporting  reportage  journalism  double  standard 
october 2019 by KMP
Opinion | How the Climate Kids Are Short-Circuiting Right-Wing Media - The New York Times
when it comes to climate, the right-wing media, which is skewed toward an aging Republican audience, may simply be obsolete.
climate  kids  Thunberg  social  media 
september 2019 by KMP
Billion dollar fines can't stop Google and Facebook. That's peanuts for them | Siva Vaidhanathan | Opinion | The Guardian
We need radical approaches to these companies. Our responses must be as broad and deep as these companies’ hold on our minds and purses
Facebook  Google  settlement  FTC  monopoly  oligopoly  social  media 
july 2019 by KMP
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