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Scientists find bug that feasts on toxic plastic | Environment | The Guardian
Bacterium is able to break down polyurethane, which is widely used but rarely recycled
plastic  plastics  bacterium  pollution  recycling 
3 days ago by KMP
Trump ‘turns back the clock’ by luring drilling companies to pristine lands | Environment | The Guardian
Energy companies have leased 9.9m acres from the administration – and the fossil fuels extracted could equal half a year of emissions from China
Trump  pollution  climate  oil  energy  national  parks  federal  lands  leases  fossil  fuels 
7 weeks ago by KMP
It’s a Vast, Invisible Climate Menace. We Made It Visible. - The New York Times
Immense amounts of methane are escaping from oil and gas sites nationwide, worsening global warming, even as the Trump administration weakens restrictions on offenders.
methane  climate  GOP  Republicans  regulation  pollution 
december 2019 by KMP
Opinion | The Great Recycling Con - The New York Times
The greatest trick corporations ever played was making us think we could recycle their products.
recycling  con  plastic  plastics  recycle  pollution  environment  ecology 
december 2019 by KMP
Trump’s Rollback of Auto Pollution Rules Shows Signs of Disarray - The New York Times
Mr. Trump’s proposed rollback would cost consumers $460 billion between vehicle model years 2021 and 2035, an average of $3,300 more per vehicle, in car prices and gasoline purchases.
California  gas  regulations  mileage  Trump  Toyota  GM  rollback  auto  pollution 
august 2019 by KMP
Where does your plastic go? Global investigation reveals America's dirty secret | US news | The Guardian
A Guardian report from 11 countries tracks how US waste makes its way across the world – and overwhelms the poorest nations
plastic  plastics  pollution  environment  recycling  Guardian 
june 2019 by KMP
Industrial methane emissions are 100 times higher than reported, researchers say
the researchers discovered that methane emissions from ammonia fertilizer plants were 100 times higher than the fertilizer industry's self-reported estimate.
methane  Google  pollution  emissions  fertilizer 
june 2019 by KMP
World's rivers 'awash with dangerous levels of antibiotics' | Society | The Guardian
Largest global study finds the drugs in two-thirds of test sites in 72 countries
antibiotics  pollution  antibiotic  rivers  bacteria  evolution 
may 2019 by KMP
Carbon Bubble May Plunge the World into Financial Crisis | Climate Central
Trillions of dollars at risk as stock markets inflate value of fossil fuels that may have to remain buried forever, report warns.
stranded  costs  pollution  climate  change  oil  fossil  fuels  gas  strnaded  assets  risk  financial  crisis  carbon  coal  regulation  economics  carbon  bubble  global  warming  reserves  collapse 
april 2013 by KMP
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