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An Idiot’s Guide to Islam in America | Foreign Policy
wth of homegrown centers of Islamic learning means that tomorrow’s imams may not even need to leave the borders of the United States to get their religious education; institutions such as Zaytuna College and Bayan Claremont in California, AlMaghrib Institute and Bayyinah in Texas, and Chicago’s American Islamic College are providing those same opportunities.

Back in the traditional centers of learning abroad, there is a sometimes grudging acknowledgement that the baton is gradually being passed, even in Shiite Islam, where the Iranian ayatollahs play a role much more akin to that of the Catholic clergy in dictating orthodoxy.

“I speak to scholars there, and they say, ‘It’s up to you to come up with solutions to these things,’” reports Hadi Qazwini, a Shiite Muslim doctoral student at the University of Southern California who spent years studying at Qom’s Islamic seminary. “There is recognition, I think, slowly but surely that Muslims in the United States also have a developing authority to find solutions for the various challenges that they’re facing.”
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december 2016 by Kirk510620
Inside the CIA Red Cell | Foreign Policy
discussions among readers within the [intelligence community]. In addition, we receive a good number of requests for Red Cell products from a diverse set of senior policymakers, suggesting that Red Cell products spark interest and are useful.” Another recent Red Cell member described the unit’s “hit rate” — meaning having an impact on policymakers’ thinking — at “50/50.” The member observed, “If [policymakers] like us too much, we’re failing at our mission.” Providing a similar assessment, Michael Morell, who read hundreds of Red Cell products before he retired in 2013 as the acting CIA director, described the unit as resembling a home-run hitter for whom you learn to live with the strikeouts. “For every seven duds, you get three brilliant pieces. So you have to learn to live with the duds and not try to smother [the Red Cell] with traditional oversight that would kill its creativity.” This batting average far surpasses the impressions that mainline analysis customarily has on senior officials. Of course, whether any Red Cell product compels officials and policymakers to change their minds or policies remains completely up to them. The point of red teams that do alternative analysis, like the Red Cell, is that they provide decision-makers a unique perspective that they would otherwise never receive.
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november 2015 by Kirk510620

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