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Book review of Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations by Amy Chua - The Washington Post
We have forged a national identity that transcends tribal politics — an identity that does not belong to any subgroup, that is strong and capacious enough to hold together an incredibly diverse population, making us all Americans. This status was hard-won; it is precious.”
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27 days ago by Kirk510620
How experts can regain our trust
of fashion. Populists dismiss them as doofus elitists without common sense. But Steven Sloman, cognitive scientist at Brown University, says we’ll always need experts. That’s because most of us are ignorant about almost everything. It couldn’t be otherwise, argues Sloman: the workings of a fridge are complex, let alone the economy or the climate. Common sense usually isn’t enough because complex systems are rarely intuitive. Nor can everyone acquire all-purpose expertise: the brain has only about one-16th the memory storage space of a low-end thumb drive. So a “cognitive divi
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october 2017 by Kirk510620
US senator Bernie Sanders on socialism and Donald Trump
dies a photo of the large ancestral house in Slopnice, Poland, and a picture of the SS Lapland, the ship in which his father Eli sailed from Belgium to the US in 1921. The genealogist recites the fate of the relatives who stayed in Slopnice: “The Nazis came and your father’s half-brother was shot in the town square, in 1941.”

“Yep,” says Sanders.

The genealogist continues: “And his 11-year-old daughter Elena was killed as well.” He trails off awkwardly: “So every family has its story to tell.”

Sanders tells us that he and his brother went to meet the mayor of Slopnice, whose father remembered being at school with Elena. “The father said, ‘She was a beautiful little girl and she didn’t look Jewish. But they took her anyway.’ ”

Sanders rejects the A
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june 2017 by Kirk510620
Reddit Is Tearing Itself Apart
dit banned r/pizzagate, a community with close ties to The_Donald which existed to investigate the ludicrous and debunked notion that Comet Ping Pong, a Washington, DC pizzeria, was a Clinton- and Podesta-run front for child-trafficking. The site’s statement claims r/pizzagate was banned due to “repeated violations of the terms of our content policy.” A now-deleted post suggests the only reason pizzagate was given the axe while The_Donald remains alive and well is moderator cooperation. (Like other banned communities, Pizzagate has found a new home on Voat.)

Following the ban, displaced pizzagaters caused a stir on The_Donald that merited a post by a moderator. “I want to gently remind everyone that The_Donald is a sub about Donald Trump,” IFIFIFOKIEDOKE wrote, “too often, discussions about topics such as pizzagate will completely dominate the sub and drown out any thoughtful discussion or Trump related content.“ The irony, it seems, was lost on them.

Impotent Leadership
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december 2016 by Kirk510620
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