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How to Rebuild the Republican Party - The Atlantic
uld be thinking about how they can work more harmoniously. If nothing else, Donald Trump pulled down the final curtain on the politics of the 1980s. So many Republicans have been yearning for one final hurrah for what worked 35 years ago. But as one of the shrewdest of small-c conservatives warned a century ago: “The commonest error in politics is sticking to the carcass of dead policies.” Policies become dead not only because they have failed, but—maybe even more!—because they have succeeded, and thus eliminated the problem they were adopted to address. The way to inoculate the Republican Party against another Trump is to address the new problems that most Republican leaders ignored
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november 2016 by Kirk510620
Satisfaction v populism —
Angry populists deserve to be heard. But they shouldn’t pretend they are “the people”, or even a majority.
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june 2016 by Kirk510620
Ben Carson admits defeat but won't drop out just yet.
Carson was largely a nonfactor both on the debate stage and in the actual nominating contests. His exit, though, could still impact the race. He fared no better than fourth on Super Tuesday in what were five-man races, but he did win enough of the vote in several states that his absence could have theoretically shifted the outcome one way or the other. In Arkansas, he won nearly 6 percent of the vote—greater than the 2-point gap between first-place Donald Trump and second-place Ted Cruz. In Oklahoma, meanwhile, he won about 6 percent of the vote—roughly equivalent to the gap between winner Cruz and runner-up Trump. Still, it would be a mistake to assume that his supporters will move en masse to a single Republican candidate. The more likely outcome is that they splinter among several of the remaining candidates.
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march 2016 by Kirk510620
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