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I Am Addicted To Sleeping Pills (And My Doctor Is Fine With That) | Fast Company | Business Innovation
says the real problem isn’t someone like me who is perfectly happy with my little half a pill—it’s women who have sleeping problems despite taking medication. Probably the biggest complaint about sleeping pills is that groggy morning-after feeling, which a friend of mine in her mid-30s who has been religiously taking Ambien every night for five years, tells me is her biggest problem with it. "It’s horrible. It’s so hard for me to get up in the morning," she says. "Once I get up, I’m fine, but I definitely feel drugged. The nights I don’t use it, it’s easier for me to get started." It’s also why one woman I spoke to wanted to wean herself off medication all together. Sara (not her real name) took sleeping pills on a nightly basis for at least three years for all of the reasons you might expect—she traveled a lot for work, she was flipping back and forth between time zones, she was exhausted. "At first, it let me to catch up on my sleep. But then it just became a habit. I couldn’t sleep without it and then I got nervous that I was going to be on it forever." Weaning herself off it took a couple of months; now she pops an Ambien only if she’s stressed—on an as-needed basis—which is how Shelby Harris, director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Sleep-Wake Disorders Center explains that sleep aids should be used. "We just simply don’t have enough data on long-term usag
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