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Opinion | The Warrior at the Mall - The New York Times
Serious discussion of foreign policy and the military’s role within it is often prohibited by this patriotic correctness. Yet, if I have authority to speak about our military policy it’s because I’m a citizen responsible for participating in self-governance, not because I belonged to a warrior caste.
nationalism  nyt  donaldtrump  culture  military 
april 2018 by Kirk510620
The United States is preparing for the wrong war - The Washington Post
Generals are often accused of fighting the last war. Actually, they are more likely to prepare for a future war that never arrives while neglecting a current conflict.
foreignpolicy  cyberwar  Election2016  HybridWarfare  dod  donaldtrump  russia  strategy  military  wapo  COIN  MaxBoot 
april 2018 by Kirk510620
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