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U.S. Out of Space -
Obama's space policy was one of his administration's bright spots.
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february 2017 by Kirk510620
Barack Obama and the Powell Doctrine, Reconsidered | Foreign Policy
y, of course, that the United States act alone in such interventions. Nor is it required that the long-term commitment of troops to a country be wholly, primarily, or even partially a U.S. obligation. But an effective stabilizing force needs to be present — particularly in a situation where the intervention is meant to address threats that have emanated from local problems that have a long history or have otherwise been protracted in nature. Even overwhelming application of military force can’t undo history, culture, or structural problems with deep roots. Indeed, there are certain circumstances where stabilization is just not a possible outcome, and we must plan for those accordingly, limiting our objectives. As my colleague Tom Ricks has suggested, in Afghanistan this might have meant focusing on securing the area around greater Kabul and not seeking to venture further to try to secure what few Afghan governments ever could. Another conclusion, and a lesson that must be particularly bitter for the president, is that the long-term stabilizing role can only be undertaken by a truly capable force. The president has frequently argued that a centerpiece of his plans to extricate America from its involvements in Iraq and Afghanistan was turning such responsibilities over to local militaries. But in both cases, even after huge investments in training and equipping local forces, America has failed to adequately cultivate forces to which the baton
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october 2015 by Kirk510620
The White House’s plan to tackle antibiotic resistance doesn’t go far enough - Vox
ased its first-ever plan to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Observers are calling it "the boldest move against antibiotic resistance by any US administration, ever." The plan is a response to growing evidence that drug-resistant — or "superbug" — infections could undo many of the advances of modern medicine and agriculture. Critics of the plan worry it doesn't do enough to tackle the problem of antibiotic overuse in animals, which is where the overwhelming majority of the drugs are used. The plan could have troubled getting funded, since Republicans in Congress need to approve Obama's budget that would pay for it.
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april 2015 by Kirk510620
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