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How Fracking Saved Renewable Energy In California
Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Democratic legislative majority embarked on a program to double renewable electric generation to 20 percent while phasing out coal. At the time, American natural gas production had plateaued, and overseas imports were expected to fill the gap with up to eight liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals proposed for the West Coast, bringing fuel in from as far away as Qatar.
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july 2016 by Kirk510620
Uber: Backseat driver -
art from the breach of the passenger transportation law, many essential questions in [business] models like UberPop remain unclear,” says a Hamburg city spokesman. “Will the income be taxed properly? Are the drivers employees of Uber, meaning their employment is subject to social insurance? These questions were never answered satisfactorily by Uber. There is therefore no indication that models such as UberPop can be legitimately established in Germany.” UberPop represents a significant part of its business in Europe. People familiar with the matter said the low-cost ride-sharing service generated “sizeable” revenues and was important as it is often the first Uber product available in a new market. Uber says that the majority of its revenues in Europe comes from its licensed services such as Uber X. As a start-up, you need to partner with governments and find people willing to take on vested interests - Mark McGann, Uber’s head of public policy in Europe Tweet this quote Uber is still hoping politicians and taxi authorities will come around. France’s Constitutional Court is expected to rule on the legality of Uber’s services this month. The European Commission is looking into bans on the company’s services in France and Germany to judge whether their laws violate competition rules. The European Court of Justice is weighing whether Uber should be considered a transport company or a digital service, a move that could upend bans on the company across the continent. But if these authorities rule against Uber, its model may prove untenable. While Mr Kalanick seems to thrive in a permanent state of war, he may find that there are only so many fronts on which he can fight at once.
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september 2015 by Kirk510620
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