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Frequent protests by veterans alarm China’s authorities - Friendly fire
r Diamant argues, little will change. China has no state-sanctioned veterans’ club of the type provided for unions, homeowners and other such interest groups. The new minister is not a veteran, either. Mr Diamant thinks the hotch-potch of benefits may suit the authorities, since their priority is to prevent veterans forming a united front. The party could be gambling that half-measures can muffle dissent for a few more years. By then the mo
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3 days ago by Kirk510620
Ukraine’s New Front Is Europe’s Big Challenge – Foreign Policy
calation in economic pressure on Ukraine. Russia has introduced all manner of sanctions on Ukraine before. But now it is not just a question of restricting Ukrainian exports to Russia, but a concerted effort to harm Ukrainian trade with Europe and the Middle East. This is no small matter because Ukraine exports more to Arab countries than to Russia. Effectively sealing the Kerch Strait is like Denm
Ukraine  russia  RussianCrimeaAnnexation  navy  military  sanctions  foreignpolicy  FP  europe  trade  infrastructure  spending  foreignaid 
14 days ago by Kirk510620
Puerto Rico after the storm: an island on the edge
the hurricane, Puerto Rico had a massive and unsustainable debt overhang and was a strong candidate for a 70 or 80 per cent debt write-off,” says Lawrence Summers, former US Treasury secretary. “Public rebuilding after the hurricane will be in the same general range of its indebtedness. If the right thing before was an 80 per cent debt write-off, it’s hard to say that’s not 100 per cent today.”

The storm could force Washington’s hand, with policymakers travelling to San Juan and beyond to see the damage and offer support. The Rosselló administration is expected to leverage that goodwill as it lobbies for an aid package, with one congressional aide saying a first tranche covering the financial costs of all three recent storms, Harvey, Irma and Maria, could add up to $29bn.
PuertoRico  naturaldisasters  ft  spending  debt  Congress115  DonaldTrump 
november 2017 by Kirk510620
Why Neymar is different
ell to acquire Neymar, on August 3rd the team’s supporters discovered that another club was even more desperate to have him than their own. On that day the Brazilian winger signed a contract worth more than €500,000 a week after tax with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), a Qatari-owned French club. His transfer fee came to a whopping €222m, more than double the previous record. For Barcelona, Neymar’s departure represents the most devastating and acrimonious break-up since 2000, when Luís Figo, a former captain, left for the club’s hated rivals, Real Madrid. With just three weeks left in the summer transfer window, they will be hard-pressed to replace hi
TheEconomist  soccer  europe  France  spain  spending  sportsindustry 
august 2017 by Kirk510620
How much is a Facebook partnership worth? – Kaleida – Medium
as a typical day for this publisher and all the other assumptions are in the right ballpark then Facebook referrals probably drive between 3% and 5% of total digital revenues for Publisher X.
It’s true that being present on a platform has value to it far beyond referral traffic. It’s also true that publishers could be wiser about their publishing strategies which would improve that figure.
But to accept the sales pitch from the platforms without also knowing where the tangible value lies and how much is on the table is a mistake nobody should make. Strategic value is really important, but given the internal cost of many publishers’ Facebook initiatives, including Publisher X, it’s likely that much of the strategic value in partnering is being lost. And as digital ad revenue market share moves away from news orgs this trade off feels less and less compelling.
Now that we know sharing and referral traffic have a significant and reliable relationship those discussions should feel different. Negotiating that partnership should start with
facebook  advertising  socialnetwork  spending  weboptimization  Google 
may 2017 by Kirk510620
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