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Obama in 2016: Trump Is a Fascist - The Atlantic
More and more convinced that the 2016! tag will never, ever die.
nazis  2016!  25th 
9 weeks ago by LakeHighlandCongress
Nikki Haley Used System for Unclassified Material to Send ‘Confidential’ Information
There was bound to be a point where this ceased being funny and started looking like a serious problem. For most people, that was more than a year ago. But at least I got here eventually.
2016!  cyber 
november 2019 by LakeHighlandCongress
National Archives probes Wilbur Ross’ use of private email - POLITICO
!sliam reh tub

I should start a fake Twitter account pretending to be a swing-state voter who actually voted Trump in '16 because of HRC's sub-standard information hygiene and is beginning to re-think his choice
october 2019 by LakeHighlandCongress
Opinion | But Her Emails … - The New York Times
buh tur eem ails

let's be clear about one thing: the Times bears no responsibility for any decision it makes
bothsides  2016! 
october 2019 by LakeHighlandCongress
Donald Trump's Argument For America - YouTube
nazis tag (b/c of Soros images, Protocols-type language)
2016!  nazis 
october 2018 by LakeHighlandCongress
How Greg Abbott Got Played by the Russians During His Jade Helm Freakout
“At that point, I’m figuring the Russians are saying, ‘We can go big time,’ and at that point I think they said ‘We’re going to play in the electoral process.’”
Russia  conspiracy  socialmedia  Facebook  2016!  trump-russia  partisanship 
may 2018 by LakeHighlandCongress
'Something was weird': Inside the Russian effort to bamboozle Florida
Dr. B and I saw a Hillary-in-a-cage pick-up truck while walking to one of her early rallies in town. It was just driving around pedestrians
to harass/intimidate/troll them. Didn't know the idea came from Russians.
trump-russia  florida  2016! 
february 2018 by LakeHighlandCongress
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