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Transcript - Speech: Donald Trump Holds a Political Rally in Wheeling, WV - September 29, 2018 | Factbase
It's not the Democratic Party that doesn't sound it flows nicer. The Democratic Party, but you know, the real name is the Democrat Party. I hate the way it sounds and that's why I use it, but it's still a real name. The Democrat Party -- so when you see Democratic Party, it's wrong. There's no name Democratic Party, that's a great name.
Democratic Party Democrat Party small margins somebody
Donald Trump

They should probably change the name, if you think about it. Then I'd call them The Democratic Party.
democrat  language  partisanship  25th 
november 2018 by LakeHighlandCongress
Bob Woodward’s new book reveals a ‘nervous breakdown’ of Trump’s presidency - The Washington Post
“When you put a snake and a rat and a falcon and a rabbit and a shark and a seal in a zoo without walls, things start getting nasty and bloody
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september 2018 by LakeHighlandCongress
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NSC frozen out--just wingin' it
korea  25th 
june 2018 by LakeHighlandCongress
Trump Aides Worry He Doesn’t Get North Korea Situation
Trump then called South Korean president Moon Jae-in late on Saturday, according to the Washington Post, to get his take on why Pyongyang is taking a public stance so difference from what Kim told Moon during their historic meeting last month (though that’s a common North Korean tactic).
korea  25th 
may 2018 by LakeHighlandCongress
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