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Obama in 2016: Trump Is a Fascist - The Atlantic
More and more convinced that the 2016! tag will never, ever die.
nazis  2016!  25th 
9 weeks ago by LakeHighlandCongress
CVE for White People: The Trumpist Movement and the Radicalization Process - Lawfare
(note the publication date)
There’s a simple measure for whether our basic theory here is, in a general sense, right: If it is, we will see a significant spike in white supremacist violence over the next few years. The Trump campaign has provided a baseline undemocratic ideation to hundreds of millions of people and also provided a platform through which extremists, both violent and non-violent, can recruit and cultivate. If our collective understanding of the process of violent radicalization is correct, the result will be blood.
august 2019 by LakeHighlandCongress
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