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Climate Science Invites Liberal Solutions — or Fascist Ones
All of this underscores the necessity of minimizing temperature rise. But it also suggests that revitalizing faith in liberal, universalist ideals is an indispensable component of “climate readiness.” In 2019, it is banal to say that the environmental movement’s primary challenge is political. By now, advocates are well aware that IPCC reports can’t force governments to mount an aggressive response to the crisis. But there is another, less appreciated dimension of difficulty: Persuading governments to mount an aggressive response to the crisis won’t force them to mount a just response.
right  wing  conservative  climate  change  deniers  liberal  fascist  globalized  global  economic  planet  Syria  migrants 
2 days ago
David Wallace-Wells on climate: ‘People should be scared – I'm scared’ | Environment | The Guardian
I think the book does a fair amount of hope-giving. The most important thing anybody can do is vote. If people are mobilised, we can relatively quickly usher in – perhaps not globally, but in many of the more important nations – a much stronger commitment to a more aggressive climate policy.
climate  change  communication  interview  profile  David  Wallace-Wells  fear 
2 days ago
Content 101: UX Writing
That means UX writers should also be involved in sketching out the problem with a visual way, while also creating tools like content priority maps or hierarchies to help others in the team understand the most effective ways for content to be placed in a piece of interaction design.
content  priority  writing  web  UX  IA  UI  writer  structured  strategy  gathercontent  tools  suggestions 
2 days ago
The 10,000-Year Clock Is a Waste of Time | WIRED
One of the grim realities of climate politics today is that the elites bankrolling climate-denier politicians have made a simple calculation. They aren’t betting that the scientific consensus is wrong. They are betting that the impacts of climate change won’t fall directly on them. They’ll either die before the jackpot begins or their wealth will help shield them from its impacts.
clock  10k  10  000  year  long  now  foundation  art  waste  climate  planet  apocalypse 
2 days ago
Why Climate Change Pundits Aren't Convincing Anyone
Opinion: Why Climate Change Pundits Aren’t Convincing Anyone
Doom and gloom op-eds are more likely to offend than persuade. Cognitive studies suggest there’s a better way.
Left: Polls suggest that even people who are alarmed about climate change aren’t particularly alarmed about the threat to themselves. Visual: Pete Linforth /
climate  change  emotion  arguments  doom  cognition  research  study  media  convincing  crisis  global  threat 
10 days ago
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