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Accessibility, Usability, and Inclusion
For the web, accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with websites and tools, and that they can contribute equally without barriers.
accessibility  disability  web  design  interaction 
4 weeks ago by LizFlyntz
Content Marketing Personas: An Alternative Approach
As we research our target audiences, listen for those social and contextual aspects. One pattern to listen for is this:

When I am ________  I need   ________ so I can  ________.
audiences  personas  target  marketing  web  design  ux  IA 
november 2018 by LizFlyntz
Design Thinking Comes of Age
But design doesn’t solve all problems. It helps people and organizations cut through complexity. It’s great for innovation. It works extremely well for imagining the future. But it’s not the right set of tools for optimizing, streamlining, or otherwise operating a stable business. Additionally, even if expectations are set appropriately, they must be aligned around a realistic timeline—culture changes slowly in large organizations.
strategy  design  culture  designthinking  organizations  future  intuition  business  experience  emotion  failure  empathy 
july 2018 by LizFlyntz
Introduction to Content Modelling
It is about exploring and defining howcontent can be chunked and linked up toadd value to customers and businesses
content  strategy  modelling  chunks  CTD  definitions  chunked  websites  IA  architecture  design  UX 
june 2018 by LizFlyntz
Content Types: The Building Blocks of Your Content Model
Content Item A is a page of text.<br />Content Item B is an Executive Profile.<br />Content Item C is a Press Release
content  type  CTD  modelling  strategy  websites  design  IA 
june 2018 by LizFlyntz
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