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Opinion | The End of Babies - The New York Times
“There is a desire for meaning-making in humans,” Mr. Stone told me. Without religion, one way people seek external validation is through work, which, when it becomes a dominant cultural value, is “inherently fertility reducing.”
children  fertility  babies  capitalism  economics  climate  crisis  USA  endocrine  system  pollution 
11 weeks ago by LizFlyntz
The Chinese import ban and its impact on global plastic waste trade | Science Advances
High Income (HIC) countries have overwhelmingly been the primary exporters of plastic waste since 1988, contributing to 87% of all exports and valued at $71 billion USD (Table 1 and table S1). Imports of plastic waste are almost evenly split between HIC and Upper Middle Income (UMI) countries, which collectively account for 96% of all imports and are valued at $106 billion USD (Table 1 and table S1). All of the top 10 countries exporting plastic waste are HIC, except for Mexico (UMI) ranking fifth. Seven of the top 10 countries importing plastic waste are HIC as well, except for China (first), India (ninth), and other Asia not elsewhere specified (see note # in Table 1). If taken collectively, then the EU-28 would be the top exporter.
plastic  waste  economics  circulation  recycling  import  export  Mexico  USA  China  garbage  oceans  carbon 
november 2019 by LizFlyntz
About EcoEquity – EcoEquity

c/o Earth Island Institute
2150 Allston Way, Suite 460
Berkeley, CA 94704-1302 USA
eco  equity  economics  fairness  activist  think  tank  Berkeley  policy  climate  change 
october 2019 by LizFlyntz
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